Please click on the link to view our refund policy. Like on of the other reviews said, "Look into this before you agree to anything. But with the Ashworth community other students gave me helpful tips and we helped each other with the classes. My biggest disappointment was that my old credits wouldn't transfer and I had to start over from scratch. I am active duty military, single dad and a volunteer firefighter, my life is tought as it is, AU have made it convenient for me to work toward my degree, the staff and teachers are nothing less than outstanding and the course is well worth my time and money. is not affiliated with Ashworth College in any way. I hope you google ALL sites for reviews and BBB complaints among others. They indeed, are associated with the BBB, and if you feel that you have faced mistreatment, or are on the receiving end of some sort of malicious procedure from Ashworth, then contact the proper organizations and file a complaint. I have two children and work full-time so it was very difficult for me to get to classes after working a full day. Thus far at Ashworth, I have been satisfied with almost everything. Overall I really liked the college. Go Knights. I am happy and proud to be part of it because it shows how much of a person you are to take on education, pursue what you want in your life and make it your main priority all on your own. This school is accreditated by the DETC and this is a legal agency. The payment plan was great. This was a good course to keep me growing. My course materials sometimes did take awhile to get to me but when you "study" at your own pace I guess this is a trade off. I am proud of the school and the accomplishments that they have done to improve the school. Which dropped me back to an associates. When I brought this up in an email all I was told was sorry we can't help you and you should have done your research. 15 of 15 people found the following review helpful. They recently opened up the Bachelor's ...I wanted to enroll ,the staff whom I dealt with were okay...for quite a few lied about the office hours as he did not want to entertain any calls after 4pm. So I handed over my money and got to work. Their student services are now very quick and polite. You have to pay for what you've done." My biggest problem was with student services, some of them are unprofessional & don't seem to know what they're doing. M03 – Organizational Behavior Journal Article Review March 11, My daughter had to go back to public school after I had already spent well over $2500 on this waste, she had to go back with very little credit from our time working on this program. Here's my story: Take a look into the mainstream business or corporation, read articles from top executives and HR, talk to recruiters, and take a pronounced effort into your workforce. From my time with Ashworth they came out to be a greedy company looking to make a quick buck on mostly lower income students who know no better!! The following three REGIONAL ACCREDITED schools are DEFINITELY ACCEPT your Ashworth credits. Therefore the inept treatment received based on my dismay did not hinder my personal accomplishments. & BTW, my former school was the (A.I. Follow your dreams people! Your concern is very important to us. I have seen schools with over 14,000 a quarter, and my program will end up costing a little over 4,000 for an Associates. Since I had not kept a portfolio they told me he had to take an entrance exam at a cost of $50 per attempt. © 2020 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Ashworth, you have been amazing. I will recommend Ashworth College to any one. I will complete my AA degree in Psychology in January 2009 after 9 months. 41 of 51 people found the following review helpful. I did learn alot, it was not too hard, but it was challenging at times. Now I can say at that time I had no problems receiving any materials and my assignments were graded properly, etc. Before dropping out of school I was a 4.0 student and through this program I was able to salvage a 3.6. I am currently enrolled for BBA programme ...Reading the above comments ....I would like to tell about my experience with Ashworth...I already do hold a Diploma in Basic accounting from Ashworth...The books were really informative and not that bad...I took my exams online results were quick...when I completed my payments I did receive my Diploma without any hastle.I did get bookkeeper job addign up that in my resume. thats my two cents worth. (applied science). VERY shady business practices. Only good thing is the price bit I guess you get what you pay for. Without a doubt I felt like I was in a Brick and Morter school. I went to a "brick and mortar" school for my associate degree and to take some credits toward my bachelor's degree. Well, I've graduate from five programs from this school It's a common issue - read other reviews. In the policy, it states that if you cancel within the first 5 days, you will receive a 100% refund. • I contacted the Chief Operating Officer (COO), via email on LinkedIn and attempt to recount to him my predicament (in 60 words or less). 12 of 16 people found the following review helpful, I am the mother of a 16 year old son on the autism spectrum. I am enrolled my Bachelors in Business Administration. So this course is booksmart but not streetsmart . If I felt I was right I would explain why and to my surprise they listened and ended up siding with me. One email was always enough to prompt delivery. Useless! The more I researched, spoke to students and enrollment staff the more I wanted to be a part of the Ashworth family. That's why we advise students to review their answers after completing exams." However, I did NOT enjoy the Social Psychology professor or one of the Healthcare Management Medical Terminology professors. He is 2 classes in and so far it has been challenging and very affordable compared to most college credits. After two years and tremendous additional debt, I learned the majority of positions in my field had been outsourced, and the availability of positions in the US was at an all-time low. My employer has no problem with the DETC accreditation. You take 1-2 courses at a time and then wait 7-10 business days to get the book. Give Ashworth a try if you have the discipline to work on your own, because that is what it take to be successful in this learning environment. Finally after she completed 6 of 8 lessons they told her they updated the workbook/testbook and would send her a new one. Overall, I am amazed with this school and I hope it continues to be as amazing as it is if not phenomenal. 23 of 25 people found the following review helpful. (Oh, I would like to mention that you get a LOVELY class ring when you graduate from Ashworth!! They accepted a lot of my credits from another school that I attended so its not taking me long to earn my Bachelors in Early Childhood. If you want A's then you must do the work to get them. ASHWORTH COLLEGE ONLINE STUDENT PORTAL Our 2020 Thanksgiving Holiday Hours. I know I would be coming back. I took the course and passed the NHA exam and now I can put the credential on my resume to get a better job. Also I've met several people who are embarrassed by their career diplomas in Medical Office Assisting from Ashworth. Well, it turns out that the New Hampshire education department WILL NOT ACCEPT NATIONALLY ACCREDITED COURSES. Absolutely amazing college with money very well spent! Colleges' response to this very frequent predicament? 18 of 25 people found the following review helpful. Then they never sent the rest of the text books that were already paid for. I encourage anyone that needs a second, third, or 24th chance at completing their education to consider Ashworth. So, as you can see. They arrive as soon as I complete a book and I get an email that another is on the way. Then all of a sudden things changed and Everything became virtual text books. I signed up for the landscaping design course in two months I got my first book delivered and after about five months waiting for the material to use to do the drawings that I needed to do I decided to drop the course. I am very happy that i learned this great school Ashworth College and got accepted into MSW program for Walden university. Either you get your books on time or you have billing issues. I told him my experience has been that most adm. dept. I would also include all the above information so they could make an educated decision that best meets their needs. they promise a 40% discount and reneged on their promise and then charged an exorbitant cancellation fee. . I wait almost 3 months for a semester exam because I forgot there was a required written report to send in. JP Morgan Chase recognized this school as accredited and paid my tuition. 29 of 29 people found the following review helpful. I COMPLETED A DEGREE COURSE IN PSYCHOLOGY AT ASHWORTH AND I HAVE NOTHING BUT GOOD TO SAY ABOUT THE SCHOOL. Then when they added BA, I enrolled in 2008 for BA Business Administration. He left high school and our district had James Madison High School as an approved on-line school. I fell a little disopointted that the state will not aaccept your degree , but you can start your own childcare center and still do good. The name change did not disturb my studies. Each university has the right to except or not except credit whether the college is regionally accredited or nationally accredited. For instance, the information in the text book for the "Introduction to Psychology" course, is not consistent with the information on the test. View Homework Help - Alison Anius M03 Assignment 05 Journal Article Review.docx from ORGANIZATI BU350 at Ashworth College. Tests are super easy as long as you actually study and whatnot. I have ever had to deal with. Not so. Wow! My minimum payments are $80 per month where my student loans were gonna be about $ good. And, have decided to continue to paralegal degree program after this. I was enrolled in this school for a while, and finally cancelled. Trying to get ahold of someone to talk to was a pain. Like the title: it worked for me so hopefully it will for you. I just want to say that I don't like the Customer Service/Rep in this school. Most of the time it's not the school that's the problem. Review of Ashworth College. 16 of 26 people found the following review helpful, the Landscape Design course is the worst course i have ever took in my life its so out of date and boring. I did enjoy taking the Pharmacy Technician Course with them. And they don't care who they hurt to do it. I spent around 10 -15 hrs a week on each class. Ashworth is accredited. Our offices will be closed from 1:30 p.m. EST on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, through Sunday, November 29, 2020, to celebrate Thanksgiving. If I wasn't waiting for a paper to be graded, I never waited longer than a week for courses or semester final exams. They'd happily take my money, but my post-educational success is none of their concern. If you check job boards in psychology and counseling, jobs are dying in the field, and those that arrive to replace them are very low wage, but require significant certification--requiring, in turn, practica hours in a training facility. My last child will be starting high school in 2015. Figuring that maybe I rushed the school to much originally, I allowed 90 days this time to hear a response from someone, again nothing but silence. It's hard to find much value in a degree that isn't current. Once I finish my associates degree, I will be entrolling in the bachelors in business administration. I am very thankful and happy I chose this school, It has been a truly great experience and I think others who have the same motivation and career passion as I do, would feel the same way. If I had issues, I contacted the school and although wait times could be insane, customer service was always polite and understanding. A few months later they started slacking on everything. I am a 2012 graduate of Ashworth College. I haven't had any problems so far and I only have 3 1/2 semesters left until Iam done. 3.6. ashworthcol I enjoyed the work at your own pace courses and not having to go to a brick and mortar school. • I call AGAIN the following day to find the supervisor is again not available and to call back in the afternoon, at which time they were still not available. I emailed Ashworth and received a response that my account is still active... so someone clearly didn’t do their job. - Actual Employee quote. Many police agencies are becoming more strict when it comes to educational requirements. Ask around, do RESEARCH!!! My mother has been ill and due to having to work and take care her it's sometimes hard to get the work done, Ashworth College makes it much easier for me. Luckly I saved all of my graded assignments and have faxed and emailed copies of these supposed never received assignments to the school with no result. Every other distant learning institute I have been associated with sends out Diplomas/Certificates without delay. Overall, I had a good experience with this school. I did enjoy the study when you can aspect to Ashworth. I completed the Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing in Jan 2016. The office XP class was for office 2000!?!? I really have enjoyed the human resources degree program, I am looking forward to seeing where I land in my career with my degree, of course I am hoping to advance but we will see in due time. Or else you will have to call again and wait another 24 hrs. I can't even get into my student portal to do anything or even take a test without paying the $75.00, but hesays I can finish up in a couple of weeks. What did Ashworth's representatives have to reply to all of this when I shared the news? They were able to make contact and put me in touch with the Business Services Manager of Ashworth. I sent all "unopened" material back to them because I was going to lose too many hours because few would transfer. I am currently in my second semester of A.S in Accounting. By the way, do you have any response as to WHY Ashworth just closes "Support Tickets" without responding to them or trying to resolve them? Although most FPC hire instructors that are well paid in the private sector for leading application/standardization to provide excellent workforce application. As a student who left Ashworth for lack of transferability let me provide some advice when looking for college help. I consider myself a lone wolf and and independent learner, have been since I was a child. The support staff is incompetent and they are very dismissive. It doesn’t take a PhD in economics to understand a major implication is that far better credentialed psychologists would be competing eventually for practica to acquire additional credentials for better employment options, and an Ashworth online student with no affiliation with a practicum organization is unlikely to win the coveted practicum. This is not an easy road, but one that will help you learn how to organize yourself, learn time management and become committed. They got their money, so they are like a brick and mortar school. I have previously enrolled with Ashworth's Hotel and Restaurant Management diploma and I've found the books to be relitively challenging. THEY HIRE PEOPLE THAT SPEAKS AS IF THEY HAVE NO EDUCATION. when waiting to speak with anyone in the registrars office and if you leave a message, you will probably not get called back. If you make the sacrifice of not going to a real college be prepared to do more work. If you are only interested in your local B&M, they may not accept Ashworth. Well now im back in the states and had to provide my diploma to get into college. Having to deal with the school can be a little stressful sometimes but dealing with anything like that via phone and email can be a little daunting to get your away. This school is a farce and I do NOT recommend it to anyone! This is a bottom teir school. They will back down and put your account to 0.00. • My email response is pretty close to my above noted retort and I admit may be a little cynical but I’ve been through allot by this point and as if being threatened to sign the very contract I have been disputing for almost 8 months hasn’t pushed me over the top, this “BUSINESS SERVICE MANAGER response is about to. After repeated phone calls and emails, they basically scrugged their shoulders and had no reason as to why this was not done for me. The registrars are pretty helpful and if you call enough, you can get answers. I had already gotten a degree before this in something else from a different college. I have to say I really love this school. You take the classes instead of having to prep for a dumb test which takes the same amount of time. Said my online course was "Out of service" with no estimate of when I could get online to take the course; been 6 weeks now. Basically I have to spend more time waiting for course work to ship and receive than it takes me most of the time to complete the work. Bottom line is that if you are discipline and dedicated you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. 6 of 9 people found the following review helpful. Value, you can't get any better than the $1200.00 by semester, i pay up front with my Navy TA so i can't talk much about the payment plane, but for what i seen in the website, it's a good deal. BOOKS TO NOT CORRELATE WITH THE COURSES AND GRADING IS SO SLOW AND BEHIND. The rest of the companies want you to have atleast 1-5 yrs of office or hospital setting experience. A side note, For Profit colleges are just that, they want money and will drive a degree plan to make the greater income for the college. Dont sign up up to this school unless you dont mind reading boring textbooks online. This is the worst school after you pay your money they don't give . Bad move! I have just begun the Vet Assistant far so good, but my only issue with them so far is a inconsistency with info they gave me when i signed up.. All you can pretty much do is keep kids in your home with a BA in Early Childhood. I am also finishing my first semester of my A.Sc in Security Management and its going very well so far. I can even get through) They told me I was missing 4 assignments. All I said was I was at a diff school, & it I completed the AS in Criminal Justice in two years with them. Use the payment plan. If the teachers and the staff don't communicate with you at the time you set,contact them again,They will communicate with you and all will be well. It was an amazing school, and had great customer service. My course materials were sent to me in a timely fashion and honestly I found my classwork easy enough to follow and was able to find time around my student teaching time. Awful. I have absolutely no complaints. Hi. Shame, 11 of 19 people found the following review helpful. Ashworth can work for you in the unique situation you may find yourself in. I also could not access the orientation that was recommended that I watch. I just mailed in the first 4 exams because I can't get online (said that I don't exist) and if I do not get the next set of materials in a timely fashion I will request a refund and if not immediately forthcoming, will file against them. I get a message that I need to pay another $75.00 for a 6 month extentsion to continue. Teachers respond via email to my questions and they are very helpful in the courses I been taking. No matter what number I call, I am told to call yet another number and this goes on forever until you end up back at the first number which never picks up. Out of 12 different online programs only 2 would transfer in and then I compared the programs and course material. You have no access to an instructor, nothing. The writing assignments were tough, particularly in the Introduction to Terrorism and Criminal Behavior courses. At that time, I was told that my program was OBSOLETE, even though I was working on a course at that time! I never face any issues, but f youre looking for a college where the teacher will teach you everything step by step this is not or you. My question to those who call Ashworth a scam is this: "would the military fund a scam?". 58 reviews from Ashworth College employees about Ashworth College culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. I am trying to obtain A.A degree and I'm not quite sure if I should pursue my career at this school. Two of my colleagues have also taking career diploma courses here. Ashworth worked well for me because I did have to work fulltime while in school. You receive the grade within 3 weeks definitely. I also worked full time 40 plus hrs a week. I have 2 classes (out of 20) left until I am finished with Ashworth's Associates in Psychology. My issue with Ashworth is the timeliness and the customer service. NOPE. I asked would you rather have actual students enrolled who are happy there & have all the info up front to make the right decsion, or turn them away because you cannot answer their questions? I decided to write this review not so much because the last Ashworth agent I spoke with, who refused to give me the contact information for a supervisor, was condescending and factually uninformed on the very programs she's supposed to be advising people like me considering laying down a chunk of cash for Ashworth, but because as a multi-degree holding student who's an example of a mushrooming national community of "underemployed" college graduates who're still responsible for back-breaking college loans, I'm fed up with colleges and universities profiting off students' fears and hopes surrounding employment and financial survival. If you plan on going to a university, that is both regionally/nationally accredited, I highly recommend researching Ashworth. I had looked at jobs online to make sure there was a market for them. I'm working on Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice I only have 12 courses left. "Self Paced" seems to mean, do your own research. I signed up, but was unable to take any classes due to a health issue. Ashworth College Reviews on Trustpilot. When I first started off it was great. In my 3rd semester and I could not get any help from the tutors or instructors regarding why my assignment was returned unacceptable. I would recommend Ashworth College to anyone interested in continuing there education in an alternative institution. I feel as though all materials I have received are top of the line, excellent quality materials that is identical to today's curriculum. 6 of 6 people found the following review helpful. The cost per credit is better than any other school that I've researched and when considering the the books are included; its a very good deal. Every time I attempted phone contact I gave up after waiting more than 10 minutes each time. I enrolled into the Business Administration/Management program with a focus in marketing and its great, I think the only tough part I actually had with it was choosing the electives because they have excellent ones to pick from!
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