There are lots of details, down to some smaller ones, though the finest details are left out. Is the cable looped or knotted inside the cups? They look the same, I actually like the glossy black plastic of these more. I am definitely considering these very seriously, now. Hey there! Everything below 1000Hz will be about as clear as though you weren't wearing them at all, so the middle range of frequencies down to the low end will interrupt your … The earcups are made of plastic, with the frame being matte and the external part (what we might call the faceplate) being shiny. I Can't Decide Between This & Audio Technica ath-ad700 & Sennheiser HD518. My boy Metal571 in hisCreative Aurvana Live Review described it as something “you get used to” and that isn’t too far off. At the price range they sell for I would go for a different brand, like Beads for example... Creative, definitely not worth your money. It consists of a single dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers. Creative is not as on the forefront of personal and PC audio as it was a couple decades ago, but … More. piano, male voices) and in the upper range (e.g. They’re well separated, too, and even in complex tracks they’re identifiable individually. If it is not too late: I also ad700s. 2 back in March for the music lovers. This pair of headphones is the successor to the award winning Creative Aurvana Live pair of headphones. The Good The Creative Aurvana Live 2 is a very comfortable and affordable over-the-ear headphone that sounds great for the money. The price varies in the different regions: in the EU it’s €59.99, in the UK it’s £55.99, in the US it’s $84.99. The overall design is really simple and essential, almost utilitarian, but it’s also elegant. Sound quality is very good with a pronounced low-end, and Creative includes useful extras such as … Review. Bass is more emphasised and impactful, but also less controlled and detailed; midrange is a bit more recessed and less bright, so it appears less vivid and more distant; treble is more emphasised on the Aurvana SE and appears more detailed there, with the HD681 also having less extension. After reading reviews here and learning about the Denon drivers, i went for a pair of these for the office. It’s also peculiar that both headphones offer the same amount of isolation – that is to say, almost none. headphones are towards the top of this range which provide a good solution for all-purpose listening at a relatively affordable cost. Let' say adele and florence + the machine? Don't get me started on Creative's service. Creative Aurvana Live! Its latest flagship Platinum model brings changes to its predecessor – the Aurvana Gold model (£180) – that go beyond bigger 50mm drivers and a new tan and silver finish. Last thing. Balachandar Radhakrishnan Audiophile Notes, Reviews April 6, 2012 February 12, 2014 4 Minutes. I sense that -though I am no expert-, these are not technically most proficient headphones even in their price range. So so good headphones for the price, same as Denon D1001 which was 2/3 times more expensive. All rights reserved. Either way, they’re remarkable by any standard. Triple.Fi's are great but I realized I wanted a pair of cans at work. Short cord length makes them portable - I quite often wash the car wearing these cans, and the short cord means no snagging etc. Even the RP-HTX7 has better weatherproof cable. 2 Headphones. for 50$ (i payed so much for it) this pair of haidphones is uitstanding , amazing sound quality that sounds like it is really played life . The sibilance in the AKG's were too fatiguing and the AKG 44, though incredibly inexpensive with the Guitar Center deal under $20, lacked body. I happy to say that my curiosity is satisfied now and the CAL 2 did not disappoint. The ‘phones sound good too, with clear highs and warm mids. Overall, the sound signature is quite fun for most genres, the only problem I had with them is the extra messy and fast metal pieces. is an offering from the, The Creative Aurvana Live! Creative’s Aurvana Live! The cable is reasonably sized (1.2 m) and made of two different cores running parallel and joined on one side. is the fact that the former are certified for Creative’s SX-Fi tech. At $129.99, the Aurvana Live!2 delivers laudable audio quality with a focus on the midrange. Treble often comes out on top, clearly audible in the mix. They’re in fact not ideal to use in loud environments as they offer just basic isolation. I live near a commercial and bar district in Center City, Philadelphia and I'm not interested in attracting attention with my headphones. headphones are actually a re-branded OEM headphone that’s been around for a long time.. Both have good soundstage width with spacious presentations, a necessity with all that bass in order to … I would go for Bose for noise cancelling capabilities, or Beads if you are interested in sound quality. At the price these headphones are sold one should expect a significantly better quality! Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the Aurvana Live! Next. As comfort is strictly personal, though, take these comments just as a general indication, rather than an objective measurement. Comfort is above average! is perfect for listening to music on the move or for your home entertainment use. The Creative Aurvana SE is the company’s special edition headphones under their Aurvana Live! I think many people hyping these uninspiring products are new to the hobby, coming from Bose, Skull-Candy etc. Imaging is better on the Aurvana SE, and so is instrument separation. The DJ-100's were good, albeit a bit dark. It is custom-tuned and Super X-Fi certified for complementing Creative’s SX-Fi Amp for a more enhanced Super X-Fi experience. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous. Headphones - Reviews. The housing of the 3.5 mm jack is made of plastic and has some rubbery strain relief, just as the junction with the earcups. These are hard to review especially at the 50 dollar price point. trumpets, violins) to stand out from the rest. It is tuned to a V shape, with more emphasis on the lower and upper parts than on the middle one. after reading your review, just picked up a Superlux HD661 for a friend who loves bass and the 661 is pretty neutral so guess the CAL would be a good deal, especially at that price! Our do-it-all smartphones seem to be almost everyone’s go-to media player these days, just look around on the train in the mornings and you’ll see majority of the crowd plugged in to videos, music or gaming on their phones. The Aurvana Live! Detail is not extreme, but it conveys the necessary elements to get a hold of what’s going on. Soundphile Review: headphones reviews, earphones reviews, IEMs reviews, speakers reviews, Bluetooth speakers reviews - and more. It’s also fast, with rapid transients that help convey the aforementioned physicality. Yup, cheap cable again. i thought its not ... @turgid, poor isolation and minimal leak of sound. Disclaimer: The Creative Aurvana Trio sent to us for the purposes of this review is a sample and does not have to be returned. They compromise on things like materials, which are not premium, but they sound really well. The cups are a bit small and sometimes hurt me since I use ear piercings, but this if you don't I doubt you'll have problems. It has some depth though, which is positive. Review: Creative Aurvana Live! By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Enter the CALs. I've owned quite a few cans and ended up really digging the sound of Denon headphones. The ANC system sometimes goes rogue though, providing distracting static beeps that persist until you turn the system off and on again. BUT NOW I see this has the insides of a D1001. If you'd like a more fun headphone without sacrificng too much the CAL! They also leak a lot of sound and may distract the people around you at high volumes. The M50's, though excellent at their price point, weren't as detailed as I liked. The Creative Aurvana Live! So many mediocre stuffs got hyped, especially in the "budget-fi" segment. Creative's Aurvana Live!2 is a no-frills pair of over-ear headphones that offers rich bass response and a comfortable fit. The Aurvana Live! Headphones. Superlux HD681 EVO: the HD681 EVO are more L-shaped than V-shaped, so they appear darker than the Aurvana SE. i like the rich sound...but isolation is not great. Presentation is adequate for closed headphones. Alas Creative does not publish any technical specification other than frequency response. I wouldn’t define soundstage as very wide or deep; on the contrary, it’s somewhat intimate. Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus. That means that one can use the Creative SXFi AMP or another SX-Fi-enabled source device with custom presets that take the frequency response into account and therefore offer a better effect. Creative's Aurvana Live!2 is a no-frills pair of over-ear headphones that offers rich bass response and a comfortable fit. They are easy to pair wirelessly and offer decent isolation but drastically skew the audio profile by overamplifying the bass. Soundstage is wider on the HD681 EVO, though that’s expected as they are semi-open. Midrange is a bit recessed and appears behind the rest, but not dramatically so. Quad microphones replace the dual arrangement so, logically, more sound should be blocked out. Feel free to leave a comment. the isolation are great on them? it would take more clamping force... All the goodness of these headphones is lost with the quality of the plastic. Do not buy the Creative headphones. Noise reduction is claimed to have improved from 85 per cent to 90 per cent, with sensitivity increased from 17dB t… Subbass; build quality; isolation; cord length, amazingly comfy, really good sound quality and strong bass, gets easily dirty, pretty cheap plastic and build, Great detail, V-shaped sound works for much of popular music. Between the three of them, they’ve got all … All in all they’re quite good anyway and I have no issues wearing them for four straight hours. Out of the box: Shanling UP2 & xDuoo XD-10 Poke, Best earphones, headphones, DACs, amplifiers, DAPs. cans don't isolate well, meaning they let in a lot of ambient noise. The Creative Aurvana Live headphones are the real deal. They s tarted life as the Fostex/Foster 443701, which is either the coolest or most generic headphone name in the world. There are plenty of decent closed-back headphones hovering around the $100 mark. is perfect for listening to music on the move or for your home entertainment use. The Creative Aurvana Trio is a brand new hybrid driver IEM priced at $149.99. which is certified for SX-Fi – no other differences between the two exist. Creative Aurvana Live! Creative is not as on the forefront of personal and PC audio as it was a couple decades ago, but they still have an interesting line-up of products which includes various earphones and headphones. The headband is made of plastic, with a metal band adding rigidity to it. And that’s why they will be included in Soundphile Review’s Best Headphones page. The Creative Aurvana Live! strong bass with amazing lows, the only problem i had with the bass is that it took over the mid tones a little bit, but with a equalizer you're fine . Inexpensive and rather low-key in a good way. Thanks to the driver there’s a good physicality and speed is especially remarkable. Amazing price-quality ratio, Lack of Imaging, Lack of Highs, Build Quality is Missing, Comfortable, not a sound slips out, gorgeous, great sound quality, affordable, durable. The Aurvana Trio also features up to 98% noise-isolation, a detachable MMCX braided cable, and an inline mic with playback controls. Learn how your comment data is processed. Creative Aurvana Live! They’re not too fuzzy on amplification. is a closed headphone that I recently had the opportunity to try and I believe that it is definitely one of the best ” value for money” purchase as well as an excellent headphone at the sub 100 cost.The Creative Aurvana Live! solved a major problem for me—how to listen to good audio while walking the dog at night. They’re undoubtedly fun, thanks to well-executed added emphasis to bass and treble, and they pair that with more-than-decent technical ability. headphones are towards the top of this range which provide a good solution for all-purpose listening at a relatively affordable cost. i can only compare these to my sony mdr cd 770 and my dad's beyerdynamic dt 990 premium as well as some koss porta pros. I have reported on technology for major Italian publications since 2011. These are wonderful hidden gems of headphone world. The Creative Aurvana SE are actually more than decently comfortable to me, which means that they should be really comfortable to anyone else. There need to be more de-hyped reviews like this on Head-fi. The headband is decently comfortable, though it’s the weaker link in the chain to me: my sensitive scalp would have liked it to be a bit larger and more padded. Great comfort. The Creative Aurvana Live headphones slot into the range alongside the Aurvana DJs and the Aurvana X-Fi. I currently don’t have many headphones that I can compare the Aurvana SE to, mainly due to price constraints. Creative is not as on the forefront of personal and PC audio as it was a couple decades ago, but they still have an interesting line-up of products which includes various earphones and headphones. At … is a closed headphone that I recently had the opportunity to try and I believe that it is definitely one of the best ” value for money” purchase as well as an excellent headphone at the sub 100 cost.The Creative Aurvana Live! 3.75 out of 5 2009-09-01 But I haven't heard anything that hits … They have the same sound with the Denon D1100s and also having the same problem of the curling of cables on cold temperature. None of the screeching, piercing treble that came with my first two attempts, both of which had good reviews. Take Two for Creative's Aurvana Live! They have plenty of deep bass, even midrange and clear highs. The Aurvana SE comes in a plain black cardboard box without anything else – just the headphones. Great sound isolation from outside. What I like the most about bass is that it’s punchy, lively and fun, hitting with enough strength and speed to make you feel it. The sound signature is V-shaped, but gently enough so that midrange is not too much recessed. As you probably know by now, these have the same driver as the now deceased DENON ADH1001, created by Foster. Accessories (17) Blog (36) Deals (9) … In that regard, they are very comfortable but perhaps not as isolating as something like aSennheiser HD 280 Proor a headphone in a similar vein. Copyright © 2016 - 2020 Soundphile Review OVERVIEW. I find the clamp force to be very good, as I’m not wanting to really take them off of my ears. Really interested in the CAL! Overall: Best sounding headphones that you can currently get on amazon for $39.99 if you don't care for isolation. Creative had introduced the Aurvana Live! Despite it being relatively quiet, I could hear everything around me, from the sounds of the train moving to the people talking. review. The Creatives are made by the company that makes Denon headphones, sharing the same electronics in some models. Detail is more than enough and it actually delivers a lot of fine details that make treble come alive. Not worth it. Creative, Creative Aurvana, Creative Aurvana Live!, Creative Aurvana SE. Please note that you should write in English, and comments in other languages will be deleted. Noise-cancelling circuitry has had a revamp. The Creative Aurvana SE use a single 40 mm dynamic driver with neodymium magnets. The Aurvana Live! Midrange is also well-done, male vocals especially. Unfortunately, audio reproduction is unbalanced and exceedingly bass heavy. products that sport high-definition audio. How good are they in vocals. is being touted as a more stylish, higher-performance complement to either the ubiquitous iPod or Creative's own ZEN, which is what I used for most of my portable testing for this review. This causes the cable to be a bit stiff as it won’t bend sideways, but it’s otherwise decently soft and lightweight. Very very V-shaped, feels like a part of the spectrum is missing, literally the cheapest most breakable plastic. Treble is nice and has the occasional spark when needed. review. I've got both the CAL! I mostly tried the Creative Aurvana SE while away from home, so I used a Shanling M2X as the main source and my laptop with a Creative SXFi AMP connected to it. The large dynamic driver is good at adding some kick to the bass: it feels physical and powerful, more than the small size of the headphones as a whole would make one think. I demo'd a Koss Dj100 new out of box... it sounded pretty bad. Great Music that Lasts. Find out more. The Creative Aurvana SE are among them and they’re closely related to the well-known E-MU Purplehearts and to the Aurvana Live!. Riccardo Robecchi October 2, 2019 September 30, 2019 Headphones, Reviews. Lows are deep enough, though they’re concentrated in the middle. With a pair of AHD-2000's at home, I wanted something just as fun at work. Categories. They are surprisingly comfortable to wear, the soft pleather pads perfectly covering the ears, with the only discomfort issue being that your ears warm up a bit after a while. Music files were mainly FLACs in standard resolution (16 bit, 44.1 kHz). Creative Aurvana SE (Aurvana Live!)   Post navigation. I've auditioned the Audio-Technica M50, Koss DJ-100, AKG 240S, AKG 44, and Triple.Fi Pro's connected to a uDAC for work. Stories that cover everything from consumer models to solutions for live production, recording and more. Creative's Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus is a no-nonsense pair of in-canal earphones intended for those seeking an unexaggerated, flat response sound signature. headphones. overall good sound quality, lightweight, sit good on the head, deepest bass, not super comfortable but ok, sound isolation, Genuinely impressive sound quality for under $100, Cozy comfy, Lightweight & secure fit, Nice looks, Includes accessories, Earpads would benefit from being more spacious, Build quality could be improved, Isolation is similar to Denon D2000. All in all it’s a fun-orientated tuning which is especially god for modern music genres (I especially like it with electronic music). It’s a slight disco… Although they are on-ear headphones, they encircle my ears completely, with the pinnae touching the back of the pads. Nothing about them says "hey, here's $300 on this guy's head." Designed for exceptional clarity, the Aurvana Trio houses a triple driver array with two precision balanced armature drivers for clear mids and highs, and one bio-cellulose driver for accurate and powerful bass. Creative Aurvana Live! Overview Vivid performance for music connoisseurs. This makes for a signature that has instruments operating in the lower range (e.g. CAL it is. Everything is coloured in black. Being made by Foster/Fostex, the Creative Aurvana SE (and the Aurvana Live!, too) share many design cues with headphones from that manufacturer: in fact they appear as a smaller version of headphones such as the TH-900 or the Denon AH-A100. Disclaimer: I got this unit for free from Creative. It has an inline … Clean sound with decent bass and a good soundstage. and haven't heard any decent sounding cans before - hence over-estimating their new toys. The Aurvana Trio Wireless uses an 11mm dynamic driver size made with bio-cellulose, which makes the dome of the Trio Wireless dynamic driver have a paper-like texture similar to a speaker paper cone. Using the same guts as the renowned D1001k they produce a bass driven warm sound without any bass bleed to midrange. The main (and probably only) difference between the Aurvana SE and the Aurvana Live! ), the Creative Aurvana SE are just incredible. The problem lies in the headband; after awhile you’ll start to feel it digging into the top of your skull piece. And yet, that's what they feel like, and that's what they sound like. Even in relatively crowded tracks the different elements are easy to distinguish, though a bit of detail is lost in the most complicated tracks. headphones review For the price the headphones offer a good mellow and well-balanced sound. It definitely does not come off as cheap, but neither as premium. When I’ve heard that Creative released the Aurvana Live 2, I was very curious and enthusiast as I think that the Aurvana Live 1 is absolutely excellent for it’s price and it’s my first recommendation I give my friends to enter this hobby. I had the chance of trying the Aurvana SE on a train. probably has a bit more packaging and accessories, though I have no first-hand experience of that. But maybe one day, I'll try grado's, The Creative Aurvana Live! Second from the top in their "Aurvana" line of premium eargear are the new Aurvana Live! The Aurvana SE are unremarkable to say the least in terms of isolation. This round we are focusing on their Aurvana SE over-ear headphones. When you do hours of research and actually go and spend your money on something that cost more than you wanted to spend, you aren't exactly "thrilled" about taking it everywhere with you on daily commutes. It’s mostly concentrated in the lower part, with some presence extending to the middle and the roll-off taking most of the upper range away. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly. The reason is that bass is not well controlled. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s still somewhat airy, though not exactly sparkling. Isolation is less than most closed headphones, but you trade that for a large soundstage. The Aurvana Live! Aurvana Live! Build quality is generally good, with plastic feeling strong enough to resist daily use. Lightweight and comfortable. The Aurvana SE is in fact just a black-coloured Aurvana Live! If you want fun-orientated, light and comfortable headphones you can enjoy while at home and on the go, the Creative Aurvana SE are surely an option to consider. The Creative Aurvana Live headphones slot into the range alongside the Aurvana DJs and the Aurvana X-Fi.Between the three of them, they’ve got all bases covered. The Creative Aurvana Live! My set broke within 3-4 months of purchase. and the Superlux 661 and I am inclined to agree with "tailand". Now, we take a moment to observe another model coming from Creative, the company behind the Super X-Fi amp that took Best of CES last month. Bass is strong and punchy, while treble is definitely crisp. Thanks for this review. Bring out the vibrancy in all your music playback with the Creative Aurvana Live! Creative’s Aurvana ANC headphones really work, offering a noticeable reduction in background noise when engaged. The Creative Aurvana Platinum Wireless are sturdy headphones with capable noise isolation. Creative’s premium range of headphones Communication headsets. The Aurvana SE are fairly easy to drive though, and any source I could plug them in would drive them well. Creative Aurvana SE Review. Living in Glasgow, Scotland but born and raised near Milan, Italy, I got the the passion for music listening as a legacy from my father and my grandfather. sound quality, comfort, lightweight, price, Nicely detailed, laid back, broad and even frequency bandwidth, Deep bass is slightly unprecise, some classic orchestra can be a bit squishy, Warm, bassy sound, but with plenty of detail. Bio-cellulose is actually attributed for the success of Sony's legendary (and much sought-after) MDR-CD3000, which was released in the 1990's. AD700 has more detail, they are more resolving, but they are a bit boring.CAL! JavaScript is disabled. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. See full story here: Although the sound is really good, the quality of the actual head band is SO bad that it broke within a few months. At that price it's probably going to be one of the best headphones you can get in terms of pure sound detail. As we always remember the last words the longest, let's begin with the complaints: © 2001-2020 The Good The Aurvana Live headphones offer a comfortable design with little to no sound leakage. The ear pads are decently sized and they never press too much on the ears, while being decently soft (but not too much). Which is why after dishing out $100+ on a pair of Shure Headphones I decided to search for a pair of headphones that sounded great, and I didn't mind taking everywhere. good clean sound, balanced presentation with warmth. Also these are super comfy, i can sit with them for like hours without any headache. The Creative Aurvana Gold Wireless are solidly built but uncomfortable headphones, and have a focus on features rather than on audio reproduction. Closed back vs open, portable vs not, warm vs cold(ish). Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the Aurvana Live! What do you think causes the wire issues people talk about? A happy compromise between those two would be hm5's (99 bucks on sale now): they have the detail of ad700 (maybe even more), they are neutral (unlike ad700s with colored mids), closed back and they can go deep like CAL!s (but they won't rumble like them). However at loud volumes, watch out for those high notes. Aurvana. I wouldn’t call them a “flagship killer”, given how little that means, but they’re headphones that sound much much better than one would legitimately expect from a product priced at less then $100. Constructed with revolutionary driver technology and in-depth acoustic tuning, it delivers a natural and faithful audio presentation akin to a live performance. Headsets for both mobile calls and music ... Aurvana Live!2 delivers audio so authentic, it’s as if you’re in a live performance! Modeled after its award-winning predecessor, the Creative Aurvana Live!2 is designed to deliver true-to-life acoustic performance with tighter bass. I am no expert, though. The headset is powered by 40mm Bio-Cellulose drivers for impeccable audio while the earcups' premium protein faux leather cushions with memory-foam provide excellent seal against external noise. Thank you! Creative is one such manufacturer, bringing to market an impressive line-up of headphones to complement its Zen range of multimedia players. 2 is clearer and also has a little more treble energy than the vTrue, as a result sounding more balanced and refined overall compared to the Velodyne. is a great budget option. The pads itself are very soft. So here’s a couple of headphones I have that I can compare these to: At the price point they’re sold at (especially in Europe! Depends on what you are going to listen and where. The padding of the earcups is covered with the same faux leather. is quite a fun hp with deep bass. Ultimately I wanted a fun, detailed pair of headphones under $100. SOme amplification does clean up the bass control a little bit but that's just me. They sell the headphones on their website. Creative Aurvana SE (Aurvana Live!) They arrived on December 29th meaning I have had about 2 1/2 weeks with them and so far I have do not have many negative things to say about these headphones. The top of the headband is covered in faux leather and has a bit of padding. OK, they are not as good as a. The instruments are placed on the whole stage, with each having a more-or-less well defined place.
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