Modmic wireless vs modmic 5 [first impressions]. The device comes with unidirectional and omnidirectional recording. Like the ModMic 4, Antlion doesn’t include any specialized software or drivers to go with the ModMic 5, which is a pleasant change of pace compared to many gaming peripherals. I have spent days in researching in order to find a mic that could work with my Dt990 pro headphones. Includes both a 1- and 2-meter long cable, along with a separate mute module. Modmic: Omni vs Uni: Modmic 4.0 noise near computer Sure, it sounds great connected to your PC, but I had great luck using it plugged directly into an audio recorder as well as my DSLR. The ModMic 5 will run you $70 at full price, which may not fit into everyone’s budget. Overall, the modularity is handy, but once the mic is set up with the right length of cable (and with or without mute switch), it is likely to not be used again. ModMic 5's all new studio quality, omni-directional mic mode lets you upgrade the audio on your broadcast, so you can create content that you're proud of. It’s designed for a range of applications including gaming, VoIP, streaming and audio-visual production. Copyright © 2020 GamersNexus, LLC. Included below: ModMic 5 vs. ModMic 4 & Samson Meteor. This is a requirement simply due to the ModMic being an addition to headphones and not an integral part of them. We previously reviewed the ModMic 4 and found it to be a reliable product, with some minor issues that were largely overlooked at its price tag. As far as the modmic goes, (I have the 5.0 version) it's been an absolute mess. The ModMic USB uses an ADC chip from C-media. And the two recording modes, unidirectional and omnidirectional, mean that you can get relatively clean recordings even when you’re in a louder room. Here’s my mic-test playlist on Soundcloud, so you can hear for yourself how the ModMic compares to the competition: The biggest improvement Antlion made with the ModMic 5 over previous models comes in how it is managing the cables. That’s because it’s small and convenient (especially with the included carrying case), and the recordings sound professional. The ModMic 5 With redesigned components and new materials, there’s never been a stronger ModMic. The one caveat is that if the mic is going to be taken off, often these can’t be as effectively used. Most significantly, the ModMic 5 is much less flat sounding than the previous version, but we still find it falls slightly short of our Samson Meteor ($66). We’ve covered ModMics for a while now, and have seen the product change over time. AntLion Audio ModMic 5 uni+omni-directional (met mute-knop) Uitvoering: AntLion Audio ModMic 5 uni+omni-directional (met mute-knop) EAN: 0784682975121: SKU: … Best practices for designing and managing your subscription strategy. Next. Antlion also includes a pop filter to help soften plosives like P sounds in words such as “pop” “potato” and “picture.” This pop filter works well and is also easily removable, great for cleaning or replacing it. Like the ModMic 4, the ModMic 5 allows users to keep their own headphones while adding an adjustable and removable boom mic with good audio quality. $79.95. Trusted by podcasters, streamers, and online personalities around the world! Audio-Technica ATGM2 Detachable Boom Microphone The ATGM2 boom microphone lets you convert your favorite pair of headphones into a full-fledged headset for gaming, streaming and VoIP use. This slight hissing isn’t the fault of the ModMic 5 and is actually the result of poor grounding/isolation on many motherboards, but this is unfortunately a problem that non-USB mics can have when used on motherboards with poor grounding/isolation (which is sometimes present in even mid-range motherboards). Oftentimes, text wheels and typing are decent, but in the heat of the moment nothing beats using a mic to communicate. ModMic 5 Making Random Noises(video) I have these DT 990 Pro's, ModMic 4.0, Fiio E10k amp how do I set it up for Xbox? The booms small base mounts permanently to the headphone housing, allowing you to install and remove the boom mic as you like. The ModMic 5 also has a modular cable system that allows for use of differing length wires (included) and a removable mute switch. Superlux 668b + ModMic Uni, the perfect starter set for low as $99! Ideal for gaming, streaming, VOIP and home recording, the ATGM2 delivers studio level audio quality thanks to its condenser microphone and high-quality metal components. It comes with a case, multiple extra extension cables, and all of the required pieces to quickly affix the mic to at least three different headsets. The ModMic 5 solves a lot of problems for audiophiles. Modmic vs Blue Yeti Features and Function of the Modmic. Audio-Technica ATGM2 … Everything we recommend this holiday season. Disclaimer: The Antlion Audio ModMic 5 sent to us for the purposes of this review is a sample and does not have to be returned. Run audio simultaneously through optical and analog outputs for headphones with modmic? Both are largely similar, with the most notable differences being a modular cable design (and mute switch), both omni and unidirectional mics, and higher sound quality. But Antlion’s add-on is only $70, and I prefer it over anything you’re going to find on Turtle Beach, Razer, Astro, Logitech, or Sennheiser gaming headset. is Owned, Operated, & Maintained by GamersNexus, LLC. That can get frustrating, and it’s never fun to deal with tangles in the middle of gameplay. For most folks, you probably just want to end up in unidirectional mode almost exclusively. HyperX Cloud II with ModMic: HD598se + modmic -> how does this work with an Xbox one? whether you want to have full headphones on or not) and whether you absolutely need the directional pattern, despite a narrower frequency response. Unfortunately, many users may not have much desk space for a desk mic or might have a lot of background noise, making it less than ideal to grab a broadcast mic. For anyone looking for something less cumbersome and better for recording ambient/room-level sounds a desk mounted mic like the the Blue Snowball or Samson Meteor, would be a solid choice. is the Audio-Technica ATGM2 better? 4 года назад. Fallout 4 - Part 13 (AntLion ModMic 4.0). Most of the time i have seen microphone over 3.5 mm jack has issues. Overall, the ModMic 5 is a solid improvement on the ModMic 4, although none of its improvements are revolutionary. The ModMic Uni and Modmic 5 were recorded via our USB Sound Card, which uses a different ADC configuration, but also is a C-media chip. I bought myself a modmic and I tested it today and I'm really disappointed in the sound quality. Because the omni-directional mic is unchanged from the ModMic 5 we've left it off from the test to keep things simple. I bought it alone and tried it with the on board 3.5mm jack and it sounded horrible and I almost had to eat the microphone to get people to hear me. There is still another cable to deal with, which can be a mild annoyance, but Antlion includes even more cable management accessories with the ModMic 5 so this is even more of a minor issue than it was with the ModMic 4. Cables/Accessories. To get everything setup, it takes a lot of time. We reviewed the ModMic 4.0 some time ago and it has been working great ever since. Michael Kerns first found us when GN's Editor-in-Chief was tirelessly answering questions on reddit pertaining to a new product launch, likely after the Editor had stayed up all night writing the news post. In stock on January 13, 2021. They are fairly sturdy so this isn’t a large worry, anyway. Today marks some new arrivals into the product stack at Antlion Audio with the ModMic USB and ModMic Uni, as it attempts to simplify its product range, and at the same time fixes some of the last few drawbacks to the mics.. £146.90. ModMic 4 (top) and ModMic 5 (bottom) If you’ve shopped around for gaming headsets in the last three years, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with the ModMic already. Overall the ModMic 5 is a noticeable improvement over the ModMic 4. Here are our thoughts on the new Modmic for 2019 and 2020. The cable management improves … Audio-Technica ATGM2 Detachable Gaming Boom Microphone 4.0 out of 5 stars 81. And while the gaming-headset business is competitive and lucrative for many of the players in that space, Antlion is breaking out from that crowd by catering to the most dedicated audiophiles. Totally Dubbed totallydubbed. I'm coming from a Sennheiser Game Zero and the mic quality was exceptional on it and I'm looking for something equally. The build quality of Modmic is impressive and it comes with adjustable arms to control the positioning. Next. That being said, having both available – and easily changeable at the flick of a switch on the mic itself – is fairly convenient and useful for users with multiple use cases. When you're not in the quiet atmosphere of your home or studio, the uni-directional mic mode has you covered. ModMic is great if you have the hardware to drive this. Despite having dropped and knocked my headphones around a fair bit, the mic itself has never gotten bent out of shape, nor do I have any worries about it breaking even considering my somewhat abusive nature to mics/headphones. Further, for folks who already own high-end headphones that they don’t want to replace with a headset (which oftentimes have mediocre mics and speakers), it’d be nice to keep using those headphones just with a mic attachment. The flexible neck is thicker and the foam pop filter on the microphone is better quality. The V5 introduces a premiere experience in an attachable boom microphone. But if you want something to use with gaming, you may also find yourself shopping for a headset so that you can communicate with your friends in Overwatch or Counter-Strike. This leaves few options except for clip-on mics (which are easy to hit, annoying to use, and sometimes require amps) or something like the Antlion ModMic. Just add a $70 ModMic 5, and you’ll have a high-quality recording solution worthy of your expensive, awesome-sounding headset. The ATGM2 boom microphone lets you convert your favorite pair of headphones into a full-fledged headset for gaming, streaming and VoIP use. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . But the Modmic is actually a lot more capable than that. Antlion's ModMic 5 is the audiophile's alternative to a headset, by allowing you to add a studio-quality mic to your high-end headphones. Compared to the Antlion ModMic 4, the ModMic 5 mic has noticeable improvements. So Antlion included a lengthy coil cable that can house multiple wires in a singular tube. The ModMic 5 is currently priced at $70 on Amazon, making it somewhat expensive, but there is also a lack of comparable products for it to compete against. The Modmic 5 uses a 3.5mm connection, which means you can use it with a lot more devices. Twisting and pulling the mic away from the clasp separates the magnets and allows the mic to be easily taken off with little effort (and only one hand). If you care about audio, you probably already have headphones that you love. If you already spent $300 on a nice pair of AudioTechnica earphones, you don’t have to go buy another pair that has a mic. Compared to its predecessor, the ModMic 5 has substantially improved build quality. The modular cable system allows for cables to be replaced if they break. One of the primary differences between version 4 and 5 though is that the boom mic construction on the 5 is much harder to bend. The mute switch is somewhat large, but that’s necessary for it to be removable while still using a standard 3.5mm jack. These days, Michael can be found pulling his mechanical keyboard collection apart and building Frankenstein's Monster-like monsters of keyboards. For most users, the $20 is probably worth it to spring for the ModMic 5, but for those on a more strict budget, the ModMic 4 is still plenty sufficient. Fallout 4 PC Gameplay My PC Specifications / Gaming Setup The ULTIMATE VR Mic Comparison | Vive vs SmartLav+ vs ATGM2 vs ModMic 5 vs NT1 These are the high end AMD and Intel CPUs are typically those found in newer computers. The interlocking teeth and adhesive pads are identical. The ModMic 5 solves a lot of problems for audiophiles. We just received Antlion’s new version of the ModMic for review: the ModMic 5. Antlion has upgraded the sound quality for the fifth iteration of its microphone, and it is wonderful for gaming or talking with friends over Google Hangouts or Skype. The ModMic 5’s largest competition is actually the ModMic 4 at $50 (without mute switch, $55 for mute). If you already spent $300 on a nice pair of AudioTechnica earphones, you don’t have to go buy another pair that has a mic. Antlion’s ModMic 5 fulfils our wish by providing a detachable boom microphone that can be added to any set of headphones. Our Antlion Audio ModMic review is here, accompanied by an ultimate USB vs Uni vs Wireless showdown. ModMic 5.0 Review. The adhesive clasp secures easily to the side of a pair of headphones and the ModMic boom snaps onto it tightly with the built-in magnets. But the Modmic from Antlion wants to ensure you never have to give up your awesome headphones even during online gaming sessions. It is priced at $69.95. Versatility & Portability. Michael wrote the vast majority of our mechanical keyboard dictionary and is an expert in keyboards. The attachment mechanism for the ModMic 5 is exactly the same as the ModMic 4, and that’s a good thing. This new version features more robust build quality, omni- and uni-directional mics, and a removable mute switch, but it also has a higher price tag of $70. I had recently reviewed the ModMic 4.0 finding it to be an excellent device for capturing audio and now Antlion has just released their latest model, the ModMic 5.0. Because you’re attaching the mic to headsets that you already own, you’re going to end up with more than one wire hanging from your head. Setup is an even bigger problem if you want to use the mic with multiple headphones. Michael offered a tired Editor reprieve, taking over the role of questions-answerer-extraordinaire when it was most needed. ModMic is a microphone that attaches to any headphones for the ultimate custom headset. Customers who bought this item also bought. ModMic 5 in cardioid setting in much more absorbent room Conclusions Both the ModMic 5 ( Amazon link ) and the RØDE HS2 ( Amazon link — B&H link ) are impressively good, and should be chosen depending upon budget, style (i.e. Antlion provided GamesBeat with a sample ModMic 5 for the purposes of this review. We found that there’s a slight hiss in the background of the ModMic, but you’ve really got to listen for it; thus far, no one we’ve played with has said anything about it (even when questioned about how the mic’s quality is). This cleans up the mess as long as you’re planning to primarily use the microphone with only one set of earphones. The inclusion of both omni and unidirectional mics (which are changed via a switch on the mic) is decently useful depending on the user’s needs. But most important, Modmic 5 sounds great in every situation. This microphone is designed to attach itself externally and turn your headphones into a headset! It sounds noticeably less flat while maintaining the clear sound that ModMic 4 had. The Antlion ModMic 5 is a nifty little 3.5mm attachable gaming mic designed specifically for headphone gaming users. Are there any alternatives? This pop filter works well and is also easily removable, great for cleaning or replacing it. The ATGM2 also comes with a Y-type stereo adapter that converts the separate mic and headphone connectors to a single 3.5 mm(1/8") 4-pole connector for Windows PC and PS4 gaming.
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