Timo Muller. Leave a Comment / Redmine … Changelog. Redmine Helpdesk. Redmine af Easy giver en kompleks HelpDesk løsninger til din professionelle kundepleje. All with a light yet robust CRM Plugin. Hide Sidebar CRM A luxury buttons ERPmine Lightbox Plugin 2 Usability. See Mailchimp Integration; Get this plugin. New Plugins . Administration >> Helpdesk >> All Mailboxes >> Add Mailbox. Easy Redmine allows you to track time spent on tasks and projects in several ways, including stopwatches and manual input of time on tasks. Environment: Redmine version 3.2.0.stable Ruby version 2.1.5-p273 (2014-11-13) [x86_64-linux-gnu] Rails version 4.2.5 Environment production Database adapter Mysql2 helpdesk-send-to-owner-default is set to "Yes", "owner-email" is checked. You can create a helpdesk for each Redmine … Answers can be send to the supportclient by checking the support checkbox on a journal. Main features: Fetching emails via POP3/IMAP … In each of your Redmine … By Kevin Porras (0) Redmine … 0.33.1 (2019-09-24) Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x. 0.31.4 (2019-06-11) Compatible with Redmine 3.4.x. … Redmine Slack . It's heavily inspired by Redmine Messenger but supporting only Slack. Redmine tasks are automatically converted into tickets using this plugin. invoices. The Helpdesk plugin integrates with Redmine tasks and with the CRM Contacts plugin (free version; pro version is not required). Helpdesk executes one-on-one customer service with reply templates, SLA … Adds automation features that save time and makes processing request faster. Adds the email sender-address of an anonymous supportclient to the custom field 'owner-email' of a ticket which was created by a support email. Activate Cashflows on your Global Gantt and easily display planned and actual cashflows right in your project … Now we can start with the actual setup of Helpdesk components. Explore plugin now! Adds the email sender-address of an anonymous supportclient to the custom field 'owner-email' of a ticket which was created by a support email. Greetings, Greg Enjoy administration simplicity, adaptivity, … Redmine can be used to manage a customer support or internal ticketing system (employees, collaborators, among others). Here you can browse and search Redmine plugins. Admin . Get an instant overview of cash flowing in and out of your projects. Prozkoumat plugin teď! Redmine ticket update reminder plugin that sends email reminder to the assignee and a globally defined cc'd user when the task has not been updated within the desired duration. Allows managing subscribers from CRM contacts and companies. Plugins Directory. helpdesk. Lightweight helpdesk plugin for redmine. This is a bundle of Easy Redmine plugins that streamlines all customer processes. Redmine by Easy provides a complex HelpDesk solutions for your professional customer care. You can use one or several projects as helpdesk projects. Contacts, accounts and deals management inside projects. Help Desk Try integrated Help desk solution by Easy Redmine for improved customer care and smoother processing. Lightweight helpdesk plugin for redmine. Helpdesk is fully integrated with the Redmine Issues module and Redmine CRM plugin from RedmineUP. To do this, you can implement the Redmine Help Desk plugin, which stands out for adding the following functions to the platform: Tasks become tickets . To have Easy Redmine process mailboxes, they need to be connected in the following way. The Helpdesk plugin allows you to convert Redmine into an application for users support such as Zendesk, Freshdesk or Help-Scout. πελατών. helpdesk. Udforsk plugin nu! This is demo of Redmine Helpdesk plugin http://redminecrm.com/projects/helpdesk Browse... Register a new plugin. Redmine Helpdesk Plugin. Atom. Plugin also allows to auto-renew the certificates and custom issuing/re-issuing and revoking/deleting. Redmnine Help Desk in Easy Redmine 10 – all you need for professional support is here. Level up your Redmine with RedmineUP plugins and themes. This way, we can take advantage of a lot of rich features included on Slack. Set your SLAs and provide your clients with a top quality support and increase their satisfaction using Easy Redmine Help Desk. Simple, yet powerful checklists for issues. Full-responsive theme. Redmine Helpdesk plugin demo. This plugin allows to send notifications from your Redmine installation to Slack. Managing … Installation notes 1. Contribute to ionics/redmine_helpdesk development by creating an account on GitHub. Features. Plugin … Management of Support tickets inside Issues. Content. agile. With a Redmine 4 individual email notifications and Helpdesk plugin alone, you will be able to provide effective customer service. Lightweight helpdesk plugin for redmine. Easy customization. With Helpdesk plugin we can give support through Redmine … Drag & drop Scrum et Kanban tableau avec des graphiques Agile. crm. No need to … 2.2. Gantt Plugin; Mindmaps Plugin; Redmine Outlook Add-in; Blog; Discounts >> BEST REDMINE PLUGINS DISCOUNTS HERE ; 5 free Redmine plugins you should always install . Helpdesk plugin by RedmineUP. User-friendly interface. Be effective and stylish. 0.30.1 (2019-06-10) Compatible with Redmine … Main functions: Listing, sorting, searching and filtering of the certificates; List rows … Overview; Activity; Roadmap; Issues; Spent time; Contacts; Settings; Helpdesk reports First response time Busiest time of day Customer satisfaction Helpdesk tickets. This plugin is being the protagonist in my last works of implementation of Redmine in companies and organizations. Supported Premium plugins: Agile, Helpdesk, CRM; Other supported plugins: People, Resources, Finance; Every plugin will look great! The theme is designed to style the most popular Redmine plugins from RedmineUP company in particular. Redmine Helpdesk Plugin: service desk for Redmine.¶ Helpdesk turns e-mails and Redmine issues into customer support tickets. Create and manage workflows and sales funnel. Simplify settings of plugin; Fixed: send notifications by HelpDesk mail; Fixed: permissions for view stats; Fixed: request timers (execution, serve, etc) stop\start triggers; Fixed: approve delegate ; Fixed: bugs for Chrome >= 63; Added: create discuss from enroll; Added: send request to departments without service; Added: … Redmine Helpdesk. Redmine Equipment and Helpdesk plugin integration; Redmine Storehouse plugin integration; Russian language support; Access rules and roles integration; Developed by Soft Story - a@global-story.ru. RTL Radio utilise Easy Redmine afin de gérer le helpdesk, les ressources, la présence et bien sûr tous les projets informatiques et logiciels. Enter valid credentials of your mailbox - click Test to make sure Easy Redmine can reach the … More than 300.000 Redmine users are supported via this Help desk solution by … Redmine Help desk plugin. Contacts With the CRM plugin… No need to … Plugins. Helpdesk Plugin; Drive Plugin; CRM Contacts Plugin; RedmineUP Plugins FAQ; Easy Redmine; Easy Redmine Plugins Menu Toggle. Redmine Easy poskytuje komplexní HelpDesk řeÅ¡ení pro vaÅ¡e profesionální péči o zákazníka. General information about Redmine plugins and how to install them into your Redmine can be found at Plugins. Features. agile. Redmine VPN plugin is for Web UI OpenSSL certificates accounting and administrating in combining with OpenVPN and Iptables. 2 ticket(s) 2 customer(s) Overview. We also care about admins. Cashflows . Editable drag & drop Scrum and Kanban boards and Agile charts. Mario Viña: 2017-12-05 10:09: 7: Added by Andriy Lesyuk almost 3 years ago RE: Is there a plugin that allows you to create types of ... Plugin … Subject Author Created Replies Last message; Best plugin for GitHub integration: James Leighs: 2018-01-12 13:50 : 0: Is there a plugin that allows you to create types of projects? Gérez un service à la clientèle complet avec des tickets d'assistance. Looking at an issue, you see all customer information with tags, contact information, and previous customer tickets. Directeur des systèmes d'information , RTL Radio Deutschland GmbH … Redmine Helpdesk Plugin: transforms your Redmine into a featured online support system Manage contacts and deals, store files and track your tasks. On the task page, you can see the history of messages between the client and the Helpdesk, which has generated that task, and also access their previous tickets. Try integrated Help desk solution by Easy Redmine for improved customer care and smoother processing. It is increasingly used both to provide external support and, above all, to provide internal support, when we do not need our internal customers to be Redmine users as well. Εξερευνήστε το plugin τώρα! Announcements or discussions about Redmine plugins. Nous aimons la complexité – avoir recours à une solution tout-en-un est tout simplement merveilleux. The ultimate tool for customer support. Plugins . Best Regards Peter checklists . Home; Product; Features; Easy Redmine; Trial . Integrated with Helpdesk plugin [Helpdesk - developer's site] [Helpdesk at Redmine.org] Integrated with Invoices plugin [Invoices - developer's site] [Invoices at Redmine.org] Integrated with MailChimp, via an additional plugin. REDMINE-EVOLUTION theme. … The revolutionary design. The GLPi Plugin Directory : All the plugins made for GLPi, by the GLPi open-source community Answers can be send to the supportclient by checking the support checkbox on a journal. Keep full control with reports and filters. All related contacts can be used to generate a CC list so you can send messages to them as well. Using both plugins you will be able to provide a complex solution to manage your customer support. 2.1. Premium Professional Redmine Plugins conçus pour gérer tous les aspects de votre entreprise - Projets Agiles, assistance clientèle, clients, finances et plus encore.
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