~Author unknown, c. 1990s The one thing I would guess about the Lord of Judgment is that He probably won't blame your parents. FUNDAMENTAL DUTIES The Constitution of India Article 51A Jt shall be the duty of every citizen of India by the Constitution and respect -itsideal on titutions, the National Flag and the National Anthem to cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our national: struggle for freedom ; Discover and share Quotes About Duty And Responsibility. Taking responsibility for our thoughts, actions, beliefs (yes - those too!) No way around it: It’s on you. Jocko Willink. ... Make no mistake about it, responsibilities toward other human beings are the greatest blessings God can send us. One-liners, short responsibility quotes, sayings, thoughts and captions for your bio, social status, self-talk, motto, mantra, signs, posters, wallpapers, backgrounds. Short Responsibility Quotes. Maxime Lagacé. The following is a list of handpicked quotes that will motivate you to take more responsibility for your life and move forward on the path to happiness and growth. Take ownership. The quotes have been split into the following categories: Quotes on the power of taking responsibility; Quotes on freedom and taking responsibility More famous quotes. While it is vital that one learn to accept responsibility for ones own behavior and efforts and learn the meaning of self reliance when it comes to achieving life goals, it is equally important to keep in mind that no one lives in isolation or has sole control over the circumstances in which he lives. Discover and share On Duty And Responsibility Quotes. You have the right to voice your opinion. • You have the right to use school books, materials, and equipment. Blessing God. Taking responsibility for things and truly owning them helps us get stronger. Thomas Jefferson. ~Robert Brault, rbrault.blogspot.com Only aim to do your duty, and mankind will give you credit where you fail. Do the duty which lies nearest to you, the second duty will then become clearer. RESPONSIBILITIES You have the right to a safe environment. and choices keeps us out of the victim / self-pity mindset and aligns us with one of the immutable laws of success - cause and effect. The two most empowering words in the English language are: I choose. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. 2. Ellen Sturgis Hooper, American poet, "I Slept, and Dreamed that Life was Beauty," published in The Dial, 1840. – Dorothy Dix. Quotes regarding the assumption of personal responsibility give me pause. You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. Duty & Responsibility I slept, and dreamed that life was Beauty; I woke, and found that life was Duty. Go to table of contents. – Dan Millman There are two primary choices in life – To accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them. You have the responsibility to respect the opinions of others. To that end each of us must work for his own improvement, and at the same time share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful. This is your life. Responsibility Quotes and Sayings. It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities You have the responsibility to follow safety rules. 19 Quotes to Help You Accept and Take Responsibility Responsibility is a grace you give yourself not an obligation. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences. 50 Quotes on taking responsibility. Thomas Carlyle. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us to the end dare to do our duty … Quotations about Responsibility Related Quotes Excuses Integrity Parenting Teenagers . Copy.
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