Participates in partial hospitalization program by facilitating individual or group therapy sessions and monitor client's progress. Assessed for risk factors for mental illness and broader wellness evaluations. Share . Admitted patients on all units formulating nursing diagnoses and developing individualized plan of care. The typical duties that are listed on the Psychiatric Nurse Resume include – assessing and planning nursing needs, organizing workloads, combating stigma, administering medications, reviewing care plans and monitoring progress, building a trust relationship with patients, helping patients manage their emotions, updating patient record and providing individual therapy. Presented case history material to review and discussion with other staff members. Psychiatric Nurse Resume Examples & Samples. Functions as an interdisciplinary team member within a residential care facility, involved in planning, implementing, teaching and assessing the efficacy of health care interventions, while promoting a sense of dignity and addressing individual needs. 12 years experience working with diverse populations of people with dual-diagnosis and special needs. Educates patients and their families on a variety of mental health illnesses. Administers safe family centered patient care that promotes health and healing. Maintain critical thinking skills essential to providing competent care. Conducted or participated in individual, group or family counseling sessions For patients on medications, monitored their use and documented treatment results. Responsible for contacting managing physician to inform of patient status and work closely to keep patient in their home. Administer oral and intramuscular antipsychotic medications following prescription by psychiatrists. with emphasis on the overall effectiveness of the methods. Medication ordered and administered to patients. Produced care plans and risk assessments, ensuring all legal requirements were observed. Ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently and proactively. Provided community based psychiatric rehabilitation nursing services to adults diagnosed with a major mental illness. Supervised up to 10 staff on a 35-bed adult unit of a psychiatric facility, specializing in rapid stabilizing and crisis interventions. Complete administrative duties, maintain patient records, conduct shift-to-shift report with accurate turnover information. An associate's degree in nursing may be adequate as an educational background for applicants interested in becoming Psychiatric Nurses, though may be more beneficial if they can show a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science in Nursing, with a specialty in psychiatric and mental health nursing, on their resumes. Record and maintain patient information, such as vital signs, eating habits, behavior, progress notes, treatments, and discharge plans. Without significant or applicable work experience, your resume will rely heavily on your new grad Nursing skills list to land the open position. Accomplished with over one year in public relations, employee training & development and psychiatric counseling. Close monitoring patient and making recommendations for changes when advisable. Manage a caseload of medication- only consumers, monitor and review individual treatment plans to stabilize health and safety. Admissions and Discharges from the program. As a nurse, you have a range of options to choose from. Monitored medication, correct usage, side effects, effectiveness, compliance and availability. Objective : Dedicated RN with nearly 5 years of experience within various environments including long-term care/rehabilitation, psychiatric, home care, hospice, and correctional health. Implemented and assured policies and procedures completed as written. Maintain patients' restrictions to assigned areas. Example resumes of Psychiatric Nurses reflect such skills as performing admission assessments and discharges on psychiatric patients, administering medications and treatments, and participating in crisis interventions. Worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team working with vulnerable people with varying degrees of mental illness and substance-alcohol dependency. Supervise and managed the care of patients on the Children's Unit, Male Adolescent Unit, Civil Admissions Units, Geriatric Unit and Forensics' Units. Identified variances and made adjustments in the plan of care based on evaluation of the plan and effectiveness of nursing interventions. Also worked one year full time on Transitional Care Rehab Unit Direct care included nursing assessment, med administration, pain management, wound care, patient and family education, documentation, etc. Coordinates clozaril clinic, monitor laboratory test results, and interface with both REM clozapine registry and individual pharmacies. Managed over 25 incidents of patient violence via use of deescalation techniques, psychotropic medications, and physical restraints. Provided psychosocial and medical care to an average of 70 mentally ill patients per shift within a 210 bed long term care facility. Administered medications as ordered by the physician. Implemented a plan of care for each patient (utilizing clinical pathways where applicable) and individualized to meet the age specific needs of patients/significant others. Complete behavioral health assessments on patients referred for services regarding addiction, Alzheimers, Dementia, PTDS and other mental health conditions in home environment. Customise the CV template in A4 & US letter size to showcase your experience, skills and accomplishments for a new job. Skills include both hard skills and soft skills. To continue practicing as a Psychiatrist, rendering my time and skills in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders at one of the country’s best medical and mental health establishments. Conduct mental health status assessments and suicide risk assessments. Performed basic assessments of the patients nursing care needs. Monitors therapeutic restrictive orders and assures proper documentation and notification are complete. Provide support and education to other team members in nursing/medical treatment and healthcare. Licenses and Certifications. Possess excellent team working skills, along with the ability to work efficiently to provide one on one care. Demonstrate a working knowledge of DSM IV diagnosis as evidenced by individual, group and milieu therapeutic interventions. Provide care based on established standards of practice, policies, and protocols. Communicated patient progress to treatment team through verbal report, case notes and weekly summaries. How to write Experience Section in Nurse Resume, How to present Skills Section in Nurse Resume, How to write Education Section in Nurse Resume. Kept abreast of new and developing information in the mental health field by regularly attending professional. Students enrolled in the bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) program in the Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing are prepared to use knowledge, critical thinking skills, and practice skills learned from both nursing and liberal arts to provide professional nursing care in a variety of clinical settings. Share It. Ensure the provision of safe quality emergency medical care to patients requiring emergency treatment in accordance with physician orders, hospital policy, and standard nursing practice. Consulted with and trained highly skilled mental health and medical staff. Headline : To secure a challenging position with a company that gives me the opportunity to grow professionally and personally. When the HR manager is going through your resume, they’re looking to see if you have the right skills for the job. Therapeutic communication and environment throughout the course of treatment. Nursing Care to psychiatric patients of all ages 4-17 in the hospital. Clinical nursing skills include the ability to adhere to hygiene standards, properly make a hospital bed, take a patient’s blood pressure, and give an injection. Applied 'de-escalation' techniques to assist patients with behavioral management. A Psychiatric Nurse is someone patients and co-workers rely on for support. Use this Community Psychiatric Nurse Resume as the starting point for your new job. Charge Nurse of Psychiatric Inpatient Unit. Scheduling patient's appointments for medical doctor visits, labs, x-ray and special procedures. Assesses the physical and mental status of patients and works to establish a treatment plan, Conducts nursing admission assessments and discharge planning. Assesses, plans, implements, and evaluates each patient's care from admission to discharge; is included on various committees; promotes communication with other departments; offers 1:1 therapeutic counseling as needed; and is a co-leader in group counseling. Worked closely with all medical staff maintaining a proper communication. Participated in both group and individual therapy sessions, individually and in conjunction with health professionals. Evaluate patients for psychiatric and medical needs upon arrival to the unit. Training and Supervision of nursing staff and mental health program specialists. Psychiatric Nurses monitor the medication and treatment of patients diagnosed with mental illnesses, distresses, or disabilities. Advanced Search This List . Assist with appointment lines, medication reviews, and responding to psychiatric emergencies. Clinical Nurse/RN, 2017 to Present City Hospital – New York, NY Provides patient-centered care in busy medical/surgical setting using the nursing process, listening skills, and critical thinking. Make sure that the resume format you use highlights your strengths, whether it’s robust nursing skills or significant achievements. Skills Used Perform nursing skills daily--including but not limited to performing general health assessments, collecting labs, wound care, maintaining NG tubes, PICC lines, catheters and Wound Vacs. to ensure continuity of care and best practice treatment, Acts in accordance with facility policy and appropriate nursing standards of care, Member of emergency services team, providing on-call services to the community, Facilitated Partial Hospitalization Program for SPMI population, Provided medication management for psychiatric outpatients, Work with clinical and case management staff to coordinate care and assist in treatment plans for patients, Conducts intake assessments through interviews with patients and relatives to gather case history, Make nursing diagnosis of the medical and emotional status of patients and recommends treatment options, Administers and notes reactions to psychotropic drugs and other medications and assists in maintaining a safe and secure environment for patients. Skilled at clarifying issues and situations. Provided individual, group and family therapy, Provide professional nursing care to emotionally disturbed and/or mentally ill patients for Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Serve as a psychiatric nurse caring for clients with medical & psychiatric illness. Performed phlebotomy services, urine sampling, blood glucose testing and diabetes management. Provide coping skills for patients and their caregivers dealing with grief, diagnosis of chronic or terminal illness. Performs nursing assessments to gather data and identify the patient's needs. Able to manage patient caseload and coordinate with other disciplines involved in treatment team. Seeking a position that enables me to utilize my clinical, management, and analytical skills. Assessed patients, through discussion and examination of history, to determine the appropriate treatment. Educated nursing staff in monitoring of patients in withdrawal, Developed policy and procedures for program, Participated in out-reach to community and school in education of substance abuse, Documented observations of patient's behavior and status to the administered. Create an individualized plan of care for new patients. Handling all pharmacy refills and calling in new Rx for patients, guaranteeing accuracy. Provided education to patients, their families and staff members. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Psychiatric Nurse. Complete physical checks and monitor patients to detect unusual or harmful behavior and report observations to physicians. Documented observations of patient behavior and status to the administered plan. Responsible for custody, storage, administration of narcotics and medication; trained in prevention/management of aggressive behavior. Prioritized tests and appointments with other health agencies including dentist, x-ray, laboratories and others. Provided assistance, suggestions and conduct clinical supervision of patient care during specific shifts. Resourceful, efficient, well organized. Skills and personality Extensive knowledge o... Read More . Consulted with treatment teams and families on optimal inpatient and home care for persons with dementia. Hard skills are the technical know-how you need to complete a job, such as data analysis or HTML. Assess and treat individuals suffering from a myriad of psychiatric disorders including thought disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, and ADHD, In-depth knowledge of psychiatric as well as medical medications; provide medication education to clients, Perform comprehensive psychiatric evaluations for new patients to determine diagnosis and course of treatment, Thorough charting and documentation of client care and both written and e-prescribing of medications, Close collaboration with therapists and other providers involved in the treatment of patients, Perform intake during patient's admission and daily assessments, Create and implement nursing groups with staff, Assist and document crisis interventions for at risk patients, Oversee direct care staff who work on the therapeutic milieu, Counsel families and patients whom are suffering from mental health illnesses, Fill in as nursing supervisor on a regular basis. Maintain interpersonal relationship with staff, patients, families and community. Education experience including core and interdisciplinary focus. Providing medical help for patients that suffer from serious mental illnesses. Observed and monitored client behavior and responses to treatment. View All Nursing … Monitored suicidal patients and act swiftly to protect the patient from doing harm to themselves or others. Skills : Trauma Room Nurse, Dialysis Nurse. Working with numerous Psychiatrists to ensure patients are receiving quality care. Screened patients for physical illness and analyzed explanations for psychiatric illness, such as developmental issues, family dysfunction, genetics factors,and neurological trauma. Floated as RN on the Emergency Psychiatric Unit, screening patients' mental health status quickly and efficiently for rapid stabilization and treatment. Responsible for supervising and managing the inpatient Admission Unit and Office on a 24-hour basis. Top 30 Skills for a Nurse Resume. A Bachelor’s Degree in nursing is seen on eligible Psychiatric Registered Nurse resumes. These sessions feature topics focusing on special skills for psychiatric mental health nurses that will help transform you from novice to expert. Provided direct care and collaborated with psychiatrist and pediatrician. To get qualified for this role, candidates have to complete a four-year degree course in nursing and as well get training that focuses on mental health or the relevant. Use our examples to craft a resume that fits the job you want. Worked in each of three units: Adolescent Acute, Residential Boys, and Residential Girls. Meet daily in treatment teams to coordinate total care for best patient outcomes. Patient diagnoses included MI, orthopedic surgery, stroke, pneumonia, diabetes, and other illness or injury requiring rehabilitation. Determined the need for the attention of a physician; prioritized and scheduled visits with the physician. A psychiatric nursing assistant someone who performs a series of rehabilitative health care activities by administering personal care to mentally challenged patients … Evaluate episodic and acute responses to broad classifications of physical and or psychosocial issues. Headline : Committed and hardworking nurse. Provides care for patients experiencing acute mental distress on a 23-bed adult behavioral health unit. Perform patient assessment and nursing diagnosis. Precepted new employees. Collaborates with other members of the healthcare team including psychiatrists, physicians, case managers, occupational therapists, etc. Crisis Intervention during a time of crises. All rights reserved. for compliance. _____ _____ Signature Date . Perform a nursing assessment and initial plan of care within 8 hours of patient's admission. Administered medications and treatments ordered by a physician. Perform admissions, discharges, full assessments in 28-bed inpatient psychiatric unit, focusing on patients with acute symptoms of mental illness, polysubstance abuse. Involved clients' family members in planning social service programs. Provided patient psychiatric assessments and reported directly to doctors and clinical staff. Applied both psychiatric and medical nursing skills to effectively multi-task and stay organized, Collaborated with staff to form a plan of care based off clinical information and patient observations, Explained details of mental illness and psychotropic medications to patients and family members, Exercised effective judgment and medical training when handling psychiatric and medical emergencies, Facilitated nursing education groups with patients, Administered and educated patients about their medications, Frequently lead the treatment team as the charge nurse, Collaborated with the treatment team about the progress of each patient's treatment goals, Assessed the condition and implemented nursing care plans of assigned patients. Monitored client census by using the Daily Movement Report and recording admissions, discharges, doctor appointments and site visit data. Assisted physician with physical examinations. Documented and evaluated medical background and condition of new inmates including physicals, administration of TB skin tests, and other testing. Extensive background within hospital, mental health, addiction, business, and correctional facilities, combined with college-level teaching experience. Collaborated with physicians, psychologists, social workers and … Performs administrative assignments such as filing, answering phones, typing, and completing progress notes in the computer system. A good psychiatric nurse invokes confidence by demonstrating solid mental health skills. Requested appropriate consults to determine whether given board rate is appropriate for the child's specific needs. Coordinated care with the Little Colorado team and affiliates to ensure best possible services. Perform behavioral health teaching in conjunction with skilled medical care and assessment at each home visit. A local community hospital Registered Nurse (Per diem) Psychiatric Nurse on acute adult inpatient psychiatric unit. Psychiatric RN Skills Checklist _____ _____ First Name Last Name ... authorize Professional Nursing, Inc. to release this Psychiatric RN Skills Checklist to Client facilities of Professional Nursing, Inc. in consideration of my assignment to work at those facilities. Ability to assess patients needs and recommended care plans. Ensured the correct administration of medication including injections; monitored the results of all treatments. Experienced psychiatric nurses looking for a change and recent graduates should ensure their resumes are in order, since hospital human resource managers need clear, accurate data to identify job matches and schedule interviews. Key skills expected from Psychiatric Nurse include – good health and fitness, the ability to empathize, a strong understanding of theories of mental health and illness, resilience and stamina. Administered medications, evaluate response to medications and recorded in patients chart. Looking for cover letter ideas? Comprehensive assessments on new patients, compiling and evaluating both the medical and mental health history. Responded to numerous volatile situations and violent outbreaks, earning the respect of physicians and coworkers for calm, levelheaded and quick thinking to restore the safety and security of patients and staff. Planned and tutored basic health teaching to assist patients' in meeting their needs. Headline : Supports and respects patient rights; strives to understand a patient's needs and concerns. Assessed, planned, implemented, documented, organized, prioritized, delegated, supervised and coordinated the care of adolescent, adult, geriatric patients as prescribed within the parameters of the NC Nurse Practice Act and hospital complex. Work in a collaborative effort with Physicans, Social Worker, Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists as part of patient treatment team. Monitored vital signs, nutritional intake, signs and symptoms of complications and reported to the supervisor any deviations. Provided information to infection control Dept. Postpartum Nurses care for expectant and new mothers throughout the process of childbirth. Completed an admission database and ongoing assessment to include collaboration with patients, significant others and other health care providers. Developed and implemented treatment plans and modified when needed. Communicate therapeutically with patients diagnosed with a variety of psychiatric disorders. Chart on patients each visit and transmit data in a timely manner using approved documentation system. Assists medical provider on daily rounds for the purpose of medical management of the client and information sharing with attending medical provider. Performed the vital role of team leader in the stabilization unit, performing routine daily assessments and overseeing the duties of assigned LVN and MHA staff. Provides long term residential care nursing for up to thirty-two individuals with cognitive, psychiatric, and physical disabilities. Skilled professional offering a solid foundation in assessment, evaluation, and treatment planning skills while being a valuable contributor of the interdisciplinary team. Managed, organized and provided direct care incorporating clinical decision making and prioritization of activities. Nursing: Successfully provide psychiatric nursing services for nationally known hospital system in outpatient psychiatry. Provided therapeutic interactions with patient to assist them in identifying sources of anxiety. Diagnose/Treat patients with memory difficulties and dementia in a specialized long term setting and in an outpatient clinic using multimodal diagnostic tools and treatments. Start. Which skills are the best to list on a psychiatric nurse resume? Participates on committee to oversee unusual incident reports and recommends corrective action strategies. BUT, you still get rejected, because you didn’t mention that you know the exact procedures or techniques that the health centre needs. Comfortable working … Monitored medication records for accuracy's and completed monthly renewals. RNs who practice psychiatric nursing may assist a patient with self-care activities, administer medications or teach the patient skills, such as relaxation techniques. Perform the medication administration both by oral drugs and intramuscular injections. A list of skills for a nursing resume should be specifically tailored to the job position that the nurse is seeking. Provided direct management of clinic staff of four and provide clinical supervision for employees and graduate students. Working high acuity rapid stabilization unit, caring for patients in psychiatric crisis or detoxing from drugs/alcohol. Resume Samples » Resume Objective » Nursing Resume Objective » Psychiatric Nurse Resume Objective Job Description: Checking admitted patients in daily basis. Respiratory ... $58,670/year /> 2012-2016 +7.9% . Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Resume samples for this job focus on skills like nursing expertise, knowledge of mental disorders, medical teamwork, bedside manners, being able to restrain patients, and recordkeeping. Coordinate patient referrals, transfers and discharge planning activities. Check out real resumes from actual people. Ensure the quality of emergency medical nursing care to patients. Developed trust relationships with patients to compile accurate information for care procedures. Summary : Registered Nurse with 28 years experience in clinical settings providing nursing care to diverse populations. Assisted physicians and other medical professionals engaged in providing health care services to inmates. Provided Medical and Psychiatric care on a 33 bed Acute Detox unit. Psychiatric ... $28,730/year 2012-2016 -3.8% . Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical telemetry nurse skills: Solid clinical, documentation and assessment skills; Prior experience working on a Telemetry or Step-down Unit; Strong medical skill and … There are plenty of opportunities to land a Psychiatric Nurse job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. Followed the Nursing Process to Develop a plan of care with initial assessment and continuation of treatment through managing patient progress toward goals. Search by Date Range. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Psychiatric Nurse resumes they appeared on. Developed and Implemented Continuing Education Programs for Nursing Personnel. If your skills (such as knowledge of EMR/EHR or IV monitoring) outweigh your work experience, use the functional format , which puts the spotlight on categorized skills (medical skills, practical skills and soft skills). Responded to patients for medical emergencies and determined appropriate follow-up. Nominations: Hidden Lake Behavioral Health Unsung Hero Award and the Summit Award 2006 Nomination, Offered support and active listening, teaching, and counseling to adolescents in crisis along with the parents and guardians caring for them, Administered medications to patients and watched for any possible side effects, Managed and worked with other staff including other RNs, LPNs, and Mental Health Associates to create a positive environment promoting wellness, Worked as a member of a team with physicians, social workers, activity therapists and nutritionists to create and implement plans of care. Skills : MS Word, Power Point, Excel, Computerized Medical Charting CPR/First Aide Certified, EKG, IV & Phlebotomy Skills. May exercise supervision over lower level staff. Psychiatric nurses are found in psychiatric hospitals, psychiatrists' offices, prisons, mental health clinics and home health agencies. Contributed to quarterly Hospital Newsletter by writing original articles. Ensured that doctors' orders were effectively carried out, including testing, medical procedures, consultations and stat orders for restraint. Create and carry out care plans to help patients achieve desired objectives, Work as charge or medication nurse on all hospital psychiatric units including adult acute, adult detox, adolescent, child and geriatric, Perform daily nursing assessments on assigned patients including assessment of mood, suicide risk, safety risk, and narrative of patient's daily activities, Commendation from unit managers for consistently providing thorough, objective documentation, Selected as a "go live" specialist for my computer proficiency and teaching ability to assist with the transition from Powerchart to Epic EMR systems, Frequent placement in charge nurse role for my ability to confidently manage a unit, Maintained therapeutic milieu using acceptable standards, Performed basic assessments of patients' nursing care needs, Provided therapeutic interaction with patients to assist them in identifying sources of anxiety, Looked after patients with severe and end enduring mental illness, Extensive knowledge in crisis management, mental illness, substance abuse and medical plan of care, Direct emergency psychiatric and medical care to the adult, elderly, child and adolescent population, Provide intervention, medication and support to patients with acute, chronic and drug induced mental illness, Collaborate with psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, social workers, patients and their families to establish the best method of treatment, Work in conjunction with Main Emergency Room Charge Nurse to address the medical needs of patients. Objective : Ability to communicate effectively with patients, management and staff. Mental and physical health education, community skill training and supportive counseling in the home and other environment. Provided care for adults and children in an acute setting, administered medications, treatments, and provided groups: anger management, coping skills, substance abuse, and STD prevention and medication education. Monitoring monthly vital signs and medication reconciliation, ensuring accuracy. Organize, supervise, and encourage patient participation in social, educational, or recreational activities. Try Now! Document changes in health status and report as needed. Search by Keyword. Coordinates and communicates patient care needs for discharge planning. Identified behavioral problems to make suitable recommendations. Maintained the therapeutic milieu using acceptable standards. Involved in the orientation and mentoring of newly hired nurses. Stay tuned for new releases in this section throughout the upcoming months. Provide direct psychiatric care to inmates. Experience in pediatrics medical surgical nursing and as a home health nurse. Obtained blood and other specimens and packaging and transportation of specimens. Assisted the DON with reviewing the "Policies and Procedures of Pyxis Medication Administration" and creating a tip sheet for quick reference in the medication room. As such, it is clear that a successful Psychiatric Nurse needs to be an extremely reliable person. Duties include performing telephone triage for interdisciplinary outpatient psychiatric department including assessing emergency situations, providing patient referrals and scheduling patient visits. Performed basic assessment of the patient's nursing care needs. Provided in-services to all clinical staff on differing topics including: regulatory compliance, psychopharmacology, physical restraint, and psychopathology. Notified MD as needed, received orders, acknowledges and caries out orders. Proven ability to build positive relationships with patients, family members, physicians and other medical professionals. Applied leadership skills to implement quality nursing care to 30 - 60 psychiatric and substance abuse patients. Psychiatric Nursing Assistant. Implemented and evaluated the patient's response to plan of care through assessment and reassessment. Collaborate with crisis-team upon admission of new patients. Hardworking and reliable; flexible and accountable; adapts easily to change of environment and work schedule. Provided treatment and coverage of clients on adult, adolescent and substance abuse units. Administered medications and treatments as ordered by a physician. The best examples from thousands of real-world resumes, Handpicked by resume experts based on rigorous standards, Tailored for various backgrounds and experience levels. Summary : BSN with over 8 years versatile healthcare and public relations experience. Patient monitoring to know whether there is any improvement to medical or psychological. Experience with patient screening, transfers, admissions, daily assessments, and discharges as well as medication administration in both routine and emergency situations. Participated in many health campaigns and committees and education of the people regarding health care. Implements, evaluates and documents patient care interventions including medication administration and stabilization and documents patient responses to all treatments. Directed group and individual therapy sessions involving symptom awareness, medication education and life skills. Objective : Compassionate Psychiatric MR Nurse dedicated to providing exceptional care and devising creative treatment plans for adults dealing with mental illnesses and/or substance abuse issues for over 6 years. Treatment plan to facilitate patients' stabilization, recovery and discharge. Include the Skills section after experience. Psychiatric / Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Provided clinical therapy to children, adults, couples and families in the South Shore area, Assessed and admitted psychiatric clients, Thorough knowledge of Mental Health Nursing. For example, 13.6% of Psychiatric Nurse resumes contained RN as a skill. Delivered therapeutic acute care for on average 8-10 adult patients in the Crisis Recovery Unit, the facility's inpatient unit. Advanced psychiatric nurses also serve as researchers in creating and testing methods of nursing in the area of specialization (psychiatric mental health, pediatrics, maternal and child health, adult health, community (public) health, gerontology, etc.) Manage the planning, implementation and evaluation of interventions. Skills : IV Therapy, Wound Care, Supervising, Medication Administration. Performed physical assessments, triage and diagnosed urgent care needs for all residents. Updated July 05, 2017. The most effective way to do this is to incorporate a section of your resume dedicated to nursing expertise and key skills. Educating patients on various health awareness and health prevention groups related to, patients age group. Present the most important skills in your resume, there's a list of typical psychiatric nurse skills: Displays effective communication skills and maintain therapeutic relationships with patients, families, physicians and staff Prior experience working with Mental Health, Psychiatry and/or Behavioral Health patients Skills : ACLS Certified, BLS Certified, Stroke Certified.
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