Like the woodlice they were capable of rolling themselves up into a ball, many specimens having been found fossilized in this state, with the pygidium pressed tightly against the head-shield. It is typically made of tightly woven cotton, with two yellow bands near its frayed edges. Gather hair at the crown and pull back tightly, securing with a hair elastic. No matter how tightly coded, tested and re-tested a game is, there's always room for finding glitches and secrets. wild mushroom ravioli is a tightly packed pasta parcel, its earthy filling pleasantly matched with a frothy borlotti bean cappuccino. Between his half-closed lids he observed her, silent and white, looking down at the hand which, Danton looked stupidly at him and at the maid, who was wiping the water from her face with one hand, and holding, The odds were against me, but I grasped my load desperately, drew it, She sank into a chair, holding Ralph, who was willing, for once, to be held, He threw Foy's sixshooter aside; he pulled Foy's wrists behind him and tied them, The other hand was thrust into the breast of his, But Griffiths gritted his teeth and drew his thin lips, But as they went through the darkening hall, Anne clung, Pale, and shaking like an aspen, Aunt Lizzie clung, Tightly in a sentence | Short example sentence for tightly[Class 1-5], Romped in a sentence | Short example sentence for romped[Class 1-5], So Few in a sentence | Short example sentence for so few[Class 1-5], Maximum in a sentence | Short example sentence for maximum[Class 1-5], Stirred in a sentence | Short example sentence for stirred[Class 1-5], Lavish in a sentence | Short example sentence for lavish[Class 1-5], Primeval in a sentence | Short example sentence for primeval[Class 1-5], Dusk in a sentence | Short example sentence for dusk[Class 1-5], Chameleon in a sentence | Short example sentence for chameleon[Class 1-5], Quietly in a sentence | Short example sentence for quietly[Class 1-5], Painstakingly in a sentence | Short example sentence for painstakingly[Class 1-5], Thoroughly in a sentence | Short example sentence for thoroughly[Class 1-5], Artfully in a sentence | Short example sentence for artfully[Class 1-5], Strategically in a sentence | Short example sentence for strategically[Class 1-5], Meticulously in a sentence | Short example sentence for meticulously[Class 1-5], Beautifully in a sentence | Short example sentence for beautifully[Class 1-5], Thoughtfully in a sentence | Short example sentence for thoughtfully[Class 1-5], Sterile in a sentence | Short example sentence for sterile[Class 1-5], Instructions in a sentence | Short example sentence for instructions[Class 1-5], Words to describe Tightly | Tightly Adjectives. Scrap weak words. The wider and more tightly woven the brim, the more protection you can get. With so many choices, it is easy to find a small dog collar that fits snugly but not too tightly, and is the appropriate width for the dog's size, personality, and coat. To use progressive muscle relaxation, you must tense a group of muscles in your body and hold them as tightly contracted as possible for several seconds. cover the wok tightly and leave on the hob for 8 minutes. Make sure you seal your envelope tightly so that your check doesn't fall out in transit. When she neither rejected nor attacked him, he lay down beside her and wrapped an arm around her, holding her tightly against him. Boy: (Closing eyes tightly) Big red yummy lollipop, big red yummy lollipop, big red yummy lollipop. Back in the day, if a woman had a skin tag, she removed it by tying thread around the base of the tag so tightly, the tag's blood supply was cut off. Strangulated hernia-A hernia that is so tightly incarcerated outside the abdominal wall that the intestine is blocked and the blood supply to that part of the intestine is cut off. Yesterday we even had the blind blowing out behind a tightly shut window due to the draft! forearm on the desk, and don't grip the mouse too tightly. 1 The child clasped the doll tightly. est 1. Some materials are meant to be body hugging and will cling to your form tightly. Let the cakes cool completely, and then wrap them tightly in a double layer of plastic wrap. These are enclosed in canvas, and around the surface of each stout hempen cord is tightly and closely coiled. 3. Religion is oppressive and omnipresent, and in the oddest variation from our universe, every human being has a 'familiar' called a daemon, an animal-shaped being that is always with them and to which they are tightly bonded. The result is a tightly knit argument in which theoretical critique and anthropological observation play a mutually supporting role. However, the rest of the sentence is not correct. Hold tightly to packages and to your purse in crowds. One year after the release of the first Harry Potter film, the second, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets opened to tightly packed theaters all over world. Check the meaning of tightly. However, the padding should not fit tightly. Invisible Settings: These pave designs use stones that fit tightly together so no hint of metal is visible. Then I went down and untied the rope, holding it tightly to ensure a slow descent of the bricks. Having been burned in the past, most Florida mortgage lenders now hold quite tightly to their available funds. Wild mushroom ravioli is a tightly packed pasta parcel, its earthy filling pleasantly matched with a frothy borlotti bean cappuccino. A mask that is adjusted too tightly can be very uncomfortable and can irritate the face. She smiled tightly up at him, squeezing his hand. The sari would be tucked into an underskirt, tied tightly around the waist, as can be seen here. Once the twists are unraveled, the hair will have a very wavy and tightly coiled texture that looks great for several days. He looked down at the sturdy face with its steady eyes, Lloyd stepped towards her, to give assistance and Brook embraced her, But, with millions in slavery and others as, We saw him suddenly spring aside, stumble over a clod of earth, and fall, still holding the flowers. The drill should wrap the wire together tightly. The sentence She closed up the house tight suggests preparation for an impending blizzard. The PC is now gently whirring beneath the desk, with the graphics card tightly wrapped in a hot metal sandwich ! Similar words: closely knit, knightly, tightly, tight-knit, rightly, lightly, nightly, sightly. For the 2 percent of the population who are extremely nearsighted, an inherently weak sclera, whose fibers are not held together tightly, causes the eye to stretch. 5 A baby monkey clasps its mother's fur tightly. 6 The girl held her father's hand tightly. Purse lips tightly together and leave multiple zealous kisses. These boats are either plain dug-outs, with or without outriggers, or regularly built by planks tightly laced and well caulked to an excavated keel. Some women can experience sexual stimulation simply by crossing their legs tightly. If the necklace or charm has prongs, be sure the prongs hold the gemstones tightly. The final plug or clot involves tightly woven fibers of a material called fibrin. His voice has a pleasing lilt merging tightly with a resonant guitar. clinging tightly to the ledge, we tried to figure out where we were. Stephen Hopper was the soloist in a tightly controlled Haydn Trumpet Concerto, with a lovely cadenza at the end of the Allegro. There is a prejudice against the use of the binder in reaping barley, as it is impossible to secure uniformity of colour in the grain when the stalks are tightly tied in the sheaf, and the sun has not free access to those on the inside. His hand, hidden deep in his right coat pocket, closed more tightly around the cut-throat razor. Does the lid of your jar not seal tightly? Children need building materials they can rely on, so we build our Hollow Blocks of solid maple and screw them tightly together. These farms are monitored and undergo a tightly controlled and extensive evaluation process. Lydia pressed her body against him so tightly he could feel her quiver with each tiny step. Beginning at the bottom of the wrap, roll the tortilla up tightly, jelly-roll style. Store the kerosene in a tightly closed, metal container and mark the container "kerosene" so it is not mistaken for gasoline. Also look for special features that allow the glasses to grip your face more tightly when you sweat rather than slipping off just when you're getting warmed up. If you are serious about your work, you will already have more convenient carrying containers for the various pieces of equipment and so all you really need is a good bag that will accommodate everything and zip up tightly. Fold the plate exactly in half, creasing it tightly. Choose luggage with exterior pockets for small items such as swimwear, ties, or socks, and pack clothing tightly - several pairs of socks can fit inside a packed pair of shoes, for example. Isn't too tight: The band, straps and cups shouldn't cut into the body or fit tightly at all. Yesterday we even had the blind blowing out behind a tightly shut window due to the draft ! Learn as many decorative ways to lace your shoes while keeping them on tightly and preferably shortening the laces as you go. In the 18th century, corsets were worn to cinch women's waists tightly. As the matriarch of the Forrester family, Flannery has delivered a nuanced role of the powerful woman who clings too tightly to her children and battles other women for the love of Forrester patriarch Eric. Sally aimed to curl her hair so tightly so that it would bounce as she walked. 2 However, it is not in reality a homogeneous, tightly knit electronic world community. Katie pulled free and grabbed Deidre just as the earth beneath her collapsed. They still use it in their schools as well as socially, mostly within families or tightly knit small groups. The tightly coiled spring was released, the clock began to whirr and the chimes to play. 1 Harold is part of a tightly knit team. Place the ponytail intact with the band in a zipper-lock bag and seal it tightly. Impaction-A condition in which earwax has become tightly packed in the outer ear to the point that the external ear canal is blocked. Love this look for its temple details of tightly woven metal. Cross the two pieces of hair over each other and pull tightly. 1) Eliminate unnecessary articles . The metropolitan boro of St Helens is a tightly knit urban area surrounded by rural zones midway between Manchester and Liverpool. Although people like tighter braid hair styles because they say that the style lasts longer than normal, don't risk hair loss by having your hair braided too tightly. She dropped the hair she'd been holding up and wrapped the towel around her tightly. The workers in question remain within the nest, suspended by their feet, and serve as living honey-pots for the colony, becoming so distended by the supplies of honey poured into their mouths by their foraging comrades that their abdomens become sub-globular, the pale intersegmental membrane being tightly stretched between the widely-separated dark sclerites. Fastenings: Clips are usually used to keep the skate secure, but you can still sometimes find laces, which can be fastened more tightly and evenly, good for speed and aggressive rollerbladers. glans ring which fits tightly around the head of the penis. Experience shows that, although spherical pebbles are to be avoided, Portland cement adheres tightly to smooth flint surfaces, and that rough stones often give a less compact concrete than smooth ones on account of the difficulty of bedding them into the matrix when laying the concrete. How to use tighten in a sentence. In the friction-clutch, a pulley loose on a shaft has a hoop or gland made to embrace it more or less tightly by means of a screw; this hoop has short projecting arms or ears. For others, purchasing a uniform that fits too tightly or too loosely may just be another way to circumvent the system and protest the requirements without actually breaking the dress code. How to connect 'tightly' with other words to make correct English sentences.tightly (adv): firmly or closelyUse 'tightly' in a sentence The luggage was secured tightly to the top of the car. use tightly wrapped in a sentence, and tightly wrapped example sentences 1. Join now. Usually, the synthesis of alpha and beta globins is very tightly coordinated to produce almost equal numbers of each. She ached to touch him but refused, hugging herself more tightly instead. A Gorton woman named THOMAS was found dead on the stairs with a piece of window cord tightly fastened round her neck. Diabetic shoes should never fit tightly as to cause ingrown toenails or pressure on the toes. Make sure the lid fits tightly but not too tightly so that your child can open it with ease at lunch time. The screw-on legs make this cot easy to travel with, and you can level it on nearly any surface by adjusting how tightly you screw each leg on. The car seat should be held tightly against the car's back seat. A variation on the mullet is to take the long hair in the back and tightly weave or braid it in into a rat tail. Fill them with candy corn and cover tightly with cellophane. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Likewise, if you have your straps adjusted too tightly, this can also lead to the problem. Use zip-ties to keep branches tightly packed. Her body began to relax as he held her tightly. There's nothing worse than ending up with a piece that hugs your figure a bit too tightly or reveals a bit too much. Wrap your fondant tightly in plastic wrap and secure it in an airtight container. What they do is make tight fairways and high rough and tight greens. The folds are so disposed that the thick skin shall be capable of bending in grasping, while at the same time it requires to be tightly bound down to the skeleton of the hand, else the slipping of the skin would lead to insecurity of prehension, as the quilting or buttoning down of the covers of furniture by upholsterers keeps them from slipping. Join now. Pack in a tightly lidded plastic container to transport. On the floor tom do the legs grip tightly in their brackets? Tightly rolled at the ankle, they were fun to wear with jelly shoes and a bright, baggy top during summer. tied tightly around the waist, as can be seen here. The neckline plunges past your belly button, but laces provide more or less coverage, depending on how tightly you tie them. Hair is thin, tightly curled, and easily pulled out. 4. a. They are not done with stretch and fit more tightly than classic style jeans. When the lips are not tightly closed the sound produced is not a stop, but a spirant like the English w. The demon lord gripped her more tightly and wrapped her in his arms. The coupling is effected by firmly clamping the ends of the beams upon the top and bottom respectively of a loop of watch - spring, which is tightly stretched round the casting carrying the pan, as is shown in the end view in fig. Strang, and meant that which is strongly or tightly twisted; it is related to " strong," and is to be referred to the root seen also in Lat. Sentence Examples for tightly. The sturdy shock cord compression lacing allows you to reduce the pack volume so it still carries the load tightly for shorter trips. Most of the leaves have now fallen from the Hazel bushes and the small, tightly furled catkins are already visible on the branches. This suspension is then run through a conical mill in order td remove all grit, the cones of the mill fitting so tightly that water cannot pass through unless the mill is running; the speed of the mill when working is about 3000 revolutions per minute. This consists of a heavy cast iron ring, known as a wedging crib, or curb, also fitted together in segments, which is lodged in a square-edged groove cut for its reception, tightly caulked with moss, and wedged into position. Don't wrap your cut so tightly that the binding is painful. Leggings are tightly fitted pants made from spandex. With the toe of the baby sock toward you, roll it tightly toward the heel. Once you open a bottle of white wine, it can last three to five days in the refrigerator with the cork tightly in place. You'll find that some babydoll tops aren't as tightly cinched below the bust - these "flow" less but are still cut loose and airy. Some people knit very tightly, while others have stitches that are loose. yhummylhed yhummylhed 1 hour ago English Elementary School Use tightly in a sentence 2 See answers yhummylhed is waiting for your help. 2. Tight definition is - having elements close together. Sweaters should be a tightly woven knit so they keep you warm even if it is windy. Try turquoise or coral with chocolate brown, or combine either with yellow in a complex, tightly woven fall bouquet with plenty of forest green leaves. Genes such as tumor suppressor genes tightly regulate this growth cycle. Evelyn smiled tightly from her position a couple of feet away, her attention riveted to the situation before her. transition state analogs of the postulated b -keto acid intermediate bind tightly to the enzyme and inhibit its activity. Try to pack them in as much as you can so that they don't simply float to the top, but don't pack them so tightly that there's no water around them. It is lightweight, breathes well, and can be woven tightly enough so as not to let in sun rays, but still won't promote an excess of sweat. The lid is light weight enough for you to push off and pull back into place as you access the attic and it fits tightly enough to seal out energy loss. Usually, the tent canopy is pulled very tightly across the poles which are staked into the ground. In circumcision of infant boys, the foreskin is pulled tightly into a specially designed clamp. The examples below have on average 9 words per sentence, making them easy to read. closely and firmly integrated. She was clutching Dean's arm with both hands so tightly he was numb to his fingertips. Justice Department officials told us that committees with responsibility for the FBI tightly restricted appropriations for improvements in information technology, in part because of concerns about the FBI's ability to manage such projects. How to use tight in a sentence. Toby hauled Katie up and tugged her forward. green assimilating cortical branches, which are the ends of branches from the medulla and fit tightly together, forming the continuous surface of the plant. This fabric is tightly woven to produce a very luxurious, plush feeling. Clasping it tightly to her breast she started quickly down the trail. Styled similar to a toboggan, but with lighter-weight material, stocking hats fit tightly on the head. Word, phrase, or sentence: New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. The room, obligatorily draped in fishnet and seashells, was packed to the gun­nels with as many standing as occupying the tightly clustered seats jammed into the smoky room. The material is tightly woven, which makes it sturdy. was carefully scheduled. The hills and farmlands gradually turned to inner suburbia and then to the harshness of urban streets, choked tightly with the crush, smells and sounds of the city. There also products available that loosen the texture of tightly curled, kinky hair, producing smooth, loose curls that can also be brushed down into waves. To keep it fresh longer after opening, empty the flour into a large zip-top bag, and seal the bag tightly. Air-core differs from foam in that it is a tightly woven system of air pockets, which eliminates many of the common allergies associated with mattresses. Tie up the bags tightly and put them aside for seven to ten days. Make your readers feel something. Wrap all of the stems together tightly with floral tape. Synonyms for hold tightly include clench, clutch, grip, clamp, clasp, grasp, grab, hold, press and seize. Keep to tightly grained granites, rather than variegated designs, and consider soapstone, slate and quartzite as well. Laser fire chased them across the sky, and he gripped the edge of the open bay tightly, not wanting another fall from the sky. Carmen sat with her hands clutched together tightly as the plane taxied out to the runway. Now, instead of the corset being tightly closed, think of it laced but still open. Private enterprise had provided " mere hovels - jerry built, insanitary, tightly crammed rows of houses " . He revived Cynthia and wrapped her tightly in a bright red blanket, stark contrast to her blanched pallor. Put them in the jar, pressing them as tightly as possible. Be concise. The Berber tribe constructed their fabrics, usually made out of camel hair or wool, with tightly woven loops. Be sure to stretch the material tightly across the base of the chair when attaching it. Cover tightly and allow to mellow in a cool, dark cupboard for one month. Roll each sock tightly, then tape with floral tape. long by IIwide tied tightly round the waist so as to fall in folds over the legs. amylose content of starch the greater its resistance to digestion due to these tightly packed granules. By the early part of the 1980s, many of the original characters had either been recast or left the show; this allowed the show to focus more tightly on upcoming core families: the Abbotts, the Newmans, and the Williams. Cover the plastic container with a clear lid or tightly fitting plastic wrap. Realization broke over Katie and with it, joy. "You will not kill me here, Taran, but I will kill you if you do not go," she whispered tightly. Examples of how to use the word 'tightly' in a sentence. If you are buying picture frames that will be mounted on your wall, be sure the frame's glass fits tightly and securely to the inside of the frame. The Three-Point fit keeps them balanced, and the Unobtainium stem sleeves hold even more tightly when you perspire. Hair could be crimped or worn straight and pulled tightly to one side in a ponytail. Tie it tightly, or the threads will unravel. 1. Jackson closed his eyes tightly in an attempt to summon courage. And the easy listening experience is enhanced by a detailed, expressive midrange and tightly controlled low frequencies. Here are a few tips on what you should be doing to avoid “loose sentences” and make your sentences look as fit and “tight” as they can be. A sock that's not made with a larger calf in mind may squeeze too tightly and even cut the circulation. The outer ear lies in a recess which can be closed tightly by a dorsal flap of skin. Frank's Park fireworks, Callender's Band tightly packed in the small bandstand. Under natural circumstances wheat is selffertilized: that is to say, the pollen of any given flower impregnates the stigma and ovule of the same flower; the glumes and coverings of the flower being tightly pressed round the stamens and stigmas in such a way as to prevent the access of insects and to ensure the deposit of the pollen upon the stigmas of the same flower. Shape: Wrap styles are best because they hug your face tightly and therefore block out more sunlight. While the fabric should be light enough to keep you cool during the hot weather, it should also be tightly woven so the sun's rays don't break through. No matter how tightly you cinch it, belts can twist and slip. The mask is applied tightly to the infant's face. They can be form fitting, such as the yoga pant, which is a tightly fitted, stretchy spandex material. He stowed his recorder and descended to street level in an elevator packed tightly with exiting employees. Integrates tightly with Microsoft Office but is not compatible with non-Microsoft word processors and spreadsheets. The fusee, made of stiff hog bristle, prevented the spring from being wound too tightly. The center became well organized with convective bands tightly wrapped into it. If it clings together closely it is too heavy and requires amelioration by the admixture of gritty material; if it has little or no cohesion when squeezed tightly in the hand, it is] too light, and needs to be improved by the addition of heavier or clayey material. He wrapped his hands around hers and held on. If your dog likes to chew, make sure to tightly sew all the seams in the dog bed. Because of the variety of curvy body types, it is hard to find styles that do not creep up around the thigh area, hug your derrière too tightly or fit uncomfortably around the waist. Before using gift-wrap paper, test it by folding it tightly, unfolding it, and manipulating the folds to assure that it does not tear too easily. You control the amount of coverage this way, so if you want to show more skin, just tie the straps tightly. The tool is worked all around the edge of the rivet head, to drive the edge tightly onto the inner firebox. The women's dress is a smock with sleeves loose to the wrist, where they fit tightly. She gripped the steering wheel more tightly. Medical laboratories can test the tick for Borrelia burgdorferi if the tick is alive; parents should place the tick in a tightly sealed plastic bag or small bottle with a moistened cotton ball and take it to the doctor. If each portion of the bar has an independent magnetizing coil wound tightly upon it, we have further to take into account the force due to, the mutual action of the two magnetizing coils, which assists. Your relating hexagram is 30, fire, which holds tightly to the fuel that creates light in you. clasped together tightly beneath her rounded chin, she surveyed download free need for speed full game him with intense interest. Braiding hair tightly and using hair gel also raise the risk. The other hand was thrust into the breast of his tightly buttoned frock coat. Tight denotes the state resulting from the process, whereas tightly denotes the manner of its application. It goes without saying that fashion and beauty are tightly linked, and if there is one aspect of hygiene the beauty industry will never permit it is an excess of unwanted hair. Cynthia held her young charge tightly about the shoulders. The cerebellum sends out electrical signals to modify movements as they progress, "sculpting" the barrage of voluntary commands into a tightly controlled, constantly evolving pattern. One of the biggest questions we get is which fabric is best to use for these homemade face masks. She gripped the handle of the axe more tightly, hands clammy. On Grice's picture, what is said is tightly constrained by linguistic meaning. Recommended storage for copper sulfate crystals includes keeping it in a cool, dry place and when it's not in use, in a tightly closed container. He held her tightly and stroked her hair. Keep the USB cable in good condition and avoid wrapping it tightly. You want to hold the sarong tightly against your back where you want it to rest. She fastened her belt tightly.Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English” fancy goldfish whose abdominal cavity is tightly packed. The bridesmaids gathered in the preparation room with the bride, sweat streaming down our sides, tickling under our tightly laced undergarments. It's so weird that whenever you say "sleep tight" to me then that night I surely have nightmares. Hold the stencil tightly against the wall with one hand and then dab the brush over the pattern with the other. He closed the distance between them, his own tightly controlled god-power unfurling. Ask your question. You will use the word tightly (an adverb) when an action is causing tightness or tension, (as in a rope, string, or spring), or when objects are in close contact. The individual petals of the blooms are packed so tightly that they look like little teacups. Then place carefully and tightly into a sturdy cardboard box. A diaper should fit snuggly, but not tightly enough that it cuts off circulation. In a 2001 study of youths ages 15 to 21, researchers found 33 to 50 percent of youth said it was important for the condom to fit tightly, leaving no air space at the tip, and that petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, is a good lubricant. The face is made from NexTi Titanium, which is a layered yet tightly compressed titanium. Make sure the section of fabric around the neck drapes down slightly rather than hugging too tightly against the skin. He wrapped his arms around her tightly again. Screws should be tightly in place before you begin dancing, as this will prevent a tap from flying off halfway through a lesson! I saw it, with its two round sacks tied tightly and men standing nearby with their hats off. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and put all the ingredients into a roasting pan and cover the pan tightly with foil. The tick in his jaw belied how tightly his teeth were clamped. Upon completion of the sifting, the tea is again fired, and while warm it is packed tightly into lead-lined chests, and the lead covers completely soldered over it, so that it may be kept perfectly air-tight until required for use. Tightly woven, reinforced straw is used, and many other materials can be incorporated into the designs. He'll be making sure his shoelaces are tied tightly. The layers of tightly packed petals make the half inch flowers splay out to resemble tiny ballerinas ' tutus. Tightly wind the wire near the bead with jewelry pliers. His shirt stretched tightly over his shoulders and across his back while his biceps flexed and the roped muscles of his forearms rippled with his tinkering. Integrating tightly with all other dataflow modules, the result is the instant availability of essential management information throughout your company. Granted the 30 x 5 mile sliver of a valley is tightly packed with vineyards and wineries, but there also has many quaint towns, plenty of attractions, activities and places to visit that have nothing to do with wine. People can get headaches from wearing the headset too tightly, so use care when putting it on. Some people prefer tiny delicate watches that fit tightly around the wrist, others prefer the bold bangle watches that are very popular at the moment. It's essential your wet suit fits snugly in all the right places, but not so tightly it cuts off your circulation. As with the previous two measurements, you'll be holding the measuring tape tightly. Top with sauce and fold up ends of foil to form loose, but tightly sealed packet. At their middles the beams are similarly clamped upon the top and bottom of a loop of watch-spring which is tightly stretched round a casting which is bolted upon the bed-plate. Pack food tightly and as soon as you arrive at your destination, place it in a refrigerator or on ice. Most people who have seen this apparition believe that she was one of the mistreated residents who was likely bound or restrained too tightly by her wrists and ankles during the time the building was used as a geriatric facility. Wrapping the cakes tightly in plastic wrap and freezing them for 20-30 minutes lets them firm and makes it easier to slice through the cakes, helps them in holding their shapes, and makes it easier to brush off crumbs. The man bent down on the floor and lifted up Daniel's foot to wrap the bandage tightly around it. There, at the top, in tightly bundled robe and, yes, a Mother Goose stocking cap, stood Claire Quincy! Loosen Up Sheets: If you like to sleep tightly wrapped in a blanket, this could be cutting off some of the circulation in your legs, leading to cramping. Hands still clasped together tightly beneath her rounded chin, she surveyed download free need for speed full game him with intense interest. Changes in that tightly structured daily routine can cause anxiety, often expressed by repetitive behaviors or verbalizations or, in some cases, even as violent outbursts. Make your content more dramatic with action sentences. Hold on tightly to the railing. Transform a paper circle into a 3D flower by cutting it into a spiral shape and rolling tightly towards the center. Choose a sporty one-piece or a two-piece suit that has a drawstring bottom that you can tie tightly around your hips and a top with a sports-bra styling. You'll want to select lightweight gear that packs tightly and transports easily. To make the process easier, wrap the cooled cakes tightly in plastic wrap before cutting and freeze them for 20 to 30 minutes or just until they begin to firm. encircled by a plastic band, which is tightly wrapped around and cut to make neat easy-to-handle bundles of cartons. A coupling collar, tapped in the same manner, is screwed on, and causes the conical edge to impress itself tightly on the flat end, giving a sound and lasting joint. From this point, discussions of the origin of the SXRB became tightly linked to models of the local ism. They do not represent the opinions of If the item cannot be removed, secure it as tightly as possible. When she opened her eyes, he held her tightly against him. 2. The sample has the form of a thin rod, one end of which is faced true; it is slipped into the magnetizing coil from above, and when the current is turned on its smooth end adheres tightly to the surface of the yoke. While you don't want the elastic to fit too tightly, it should be snug enough to be comfortable. was immediately scheduled. The anterior part of the palate is composed of mucous membrane tightly stretched over the flat or slightly concave bony layer which separates the mouth from the nasal passages, and is generally raised into a series of transverse ridges, which sometimes, as in ruminants, attain a considerable development. Don't wear shirts that will hug too tightly and outline any lace or detailing on the bustiers. The prisoner gripped her more tightly, and she stilled. He gathered his power and sent it toward her, wrapping it around her tightly. Dean remembered them from the dime stores of his youth, tightly rolled little balls of cotton in every color of the rainbow, all stuffed in long plastic tubes. Katie slammed to the ground, holding Deidre as tightly as she could. Boy: (Closing eyes tightly) big red yummy lollipop, big red yummy lollipop, big red yummy lollipop, big red yummy lollipop. Glossy Finish - A smear of borrowed lipstick penetrates a spectator's tightly clenched fist. The cylinder is first dressed with a fine and thin calico drawn tightly over and fastened securely, which serves as a base on which to fasten sheets. Pack the frozen herbs tightly into freezer containers. Alternatively, you can place the top, looped end of your bracelet into the edge of a dresser drawer and close the drawer tightly to hold your bracelet in place while you work on it. The most common type of candle wick is braided, combining three or more strands tightly braided together to increase burn time. If long hair is desired, an "up-do" may be a solution, but a tightly twisted bun may invoke memories of your strict third-grade teacher. Meaning: adj. The tube is tightly corked to prevent evaporation, and allowed to stand for some hours. Ischemia usually occurs when an artery is compressed as it passes through a tightly flexed joint. It is all about tying us even more tightly to the neo-liberal agenda. Press the two fingers together, but not too tightly, and the dog will become uncomfortable and he should release you. So she stayed put and hugged herself more tightly. With exaggerated care Cynthia mounted the wooden catwalk atop the penstock, holding Dean's hand tightly. However, even if you live in a state where subject matter is tightly controlled, you still have a choice in how to present those subjects to your child. Jerry built, insanitary, tightly crammed rows of houses " . 2. Clogging is similar to tap dancing, only the shoes contain two loosely screwed taps on the ball and heel, rather than a single, tightly screwed version found in mainstream tap. The unwaxed floss should be held between the fingers tightly with no more than 1/2 inch between them. But most tightly reasoned logical arguments so far developed. The sheriffs were kept very tightly in hand, and under incessant supervision; once in 1170 nearly the whole body of them were dismissed for misuse of their office. Sleeping with the arms above the head or sitting with the legs tightly crossed frequently cause numbness and tingling. He'll be making sure his shoelaces are tied tightly. Translations of the phrase TIGHTLY ORGANISED from english to indonesian and examples of the use of "TIGHTLY ORGANISED" in a sentence with their translations: It's so tightly … Diamond ring guards should fit securely but not too tightly around the rings they are meant to protect. Medication lids need to be tightly closed with child-resistant caps. Tightly wrap the meat in plastic wrap to make the duxelles adhere to the pâté and refrigerate for thirty minutes. Instead, add emotion or paint a picture. use "tightly-restricted " in a sentence Freedom of speech was tightly restricted. RELATED ( 4 ) was tightly structured. Wrap leftover fondant tightly in plastic wrap and place it in an airtight container. swaddled tightly and then laid on her side facing away from you. If the bra contains underwire, it should not fit so tightly as to leave angry, red welts on your skin. A single stem rose or calla lily or a tightly bundled bouquet of roses is most appropriate for the casual look. The kach is a sort of knickerbockers reaching to just below the knee, which they encircle tightly. Spices do not last forever, even if they are kept out of sunlight and in a tightly sealed jar. Store truffles, tightly sealed, in the refrigerator. Corsets worn too tightly can be harmful to a person's health. tightly in a sentence - Use "tightly" in a sentence 1. ‘He made sure to keep a tight grip on it so he wouldn't leave it behind.’ ‘His grip was tight and firm but it felt loving and soft.’ ‘Kathy quickly grabbed a hold of my arm and held a firm, tight grip, leading me into the limousine that awaited us.’ Secondly, loose sentences make a writing piece boring. Keep in mind that braids can stress your hair; if they are put in too tightly, the hair is constantly pulled at the roots and this can result in breakage. He had just finished dressing for his ride, and wore a blue uniform, opening in front over a white waistcoat so long that it covered his rotund stomach, white leather breeches tightly fitting the fat thighs of his short legs, and Hessian boots. The final nail in the already quite tightly shut lid of SOF II's coffin is the bad level designs. Tight definition, firmly or closely fixed in place; not easily moved; secure: a tight knot. This new feature should be tightly integrated with the existing service. We see a black crow tightly holding a human mask which he is in the act of incubating. Very fresh and tightly wound, with a superb core of primary black fruit flavor. I hugged him tightly, and he purred as loudly as I had heard him do so. Dean could now see Cynthia Byrne was unconscious though her arms remained tightly about his neck. Lye should be stored in a tightly sealed container that is properly labeled and out of reach of children or pets. Seal the bag tightly, and give it to the vet immediately. Avoid blouses, dresses or jackets that fit tightly around the middle. The other night when I went to bed, I found Helen sound asleep with a big book clasped tightly in her arms. Add rose petals so they are entirely covered with the oil, but not too tightly crammed. Live animal research is more tightly regulated in Britain than anywhere else in the world. She held the bag tightly, even her arm hurt badly. The extract is a brown powder, wrapped in one gram individual plastic sachets, tightly closed, each with two gel caps. The drama is tightly scripted and focused, Alicia must find faith in herself in order to succeed. Apply a ligature above, not on the top of, the situation of the bite, twist the string tightly with a stick. She hugged him tightly and spoke into his chest. Look for materials that are lightweight, can move and drape softly, and have a slight give or elasticity rather than crispness or tightly woven structure. If you use bamboo fabrics, you may able to pull more tightly because the fabric will stretch and move with your baby. Holding is a verb, so an adverb should be describing it. Hold the blender top on tightly and turn the switch to puree. Asked By deedee7 @ 20/05/2020 12:57 AM. rivet head, to drive the edge tightly onto the inner firebox. Like other mops the absorbent area is made of tightly wound cotton, but unlike traditional mops this area is flat and rectangular. gmpdalisay gmpdalisay Answer: she tightly held my hand, she was scared. They are designed to fit snugly around your chest, compress your breasts against your body and hold them there tightly. She can be held easily in the palm of your hand, and her eyes will be tightly closed. If you're uploading your own photo, it's recommended you take a high resolution digital image of you facing forward with your hair pulled tightly back to get the most realistic effect. tightly in a sentence - Use "tightly" in a sentence 1. A watch band holds the watch face tightly in place. Their naming and structure are bound by set conventions and they are often tightly regulated, unlike a bulletin board. Tighten definition is - to make tight or tighter. Gabriel hugged her more tightly out of instinct. In the past, all lingerie, including bra straps, were kept tightly under wraps, and if these pieces of lingerie were seen, many women felt embarrassed or ashamed. Allow chutney to cool slightly, then cover tightly and refrigerate. Stretched or drawn out fully: a tight wire; a tight drumhead. Not only does the hemoglobin prefer CO, it holds on to the CO much more tightly, forming a complex called carboxyhemoglobin (COHb). These watch bands are ideal for people with dexterity challenges as the watch straps do not require precise skills to ensure that they are fastened tightly. Cross the two ends of the sash, and pull tightly. Some people like to clean the corn completely and wrap it tightly in aluminum foil to prevent the corn kernels from burning. Related Questions in Biology. Fill small plastic juice bottles with rocks, sand, bells, or beads, then close the lid tightly. Lenin had called for a small tightly knit elite who would lead the revolution on behalf of the people. So learning and memory are so tightly intertwined with motivation and affect. High quality example sentences with “work tightly together” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Ashley flinched as the Other gripped her arm more tightly. Toby gasped. Use tightly in a sentence - 7442669 1. My gaze follows down to her hands, fingers entwined together, tightly holding a small photograph encased in a delicate silver frame. During the first three or four months of life, many babies feel comforted if they are held tightly in a way the reminds them of the womb. Finally, roll up the nori sheet tightly, pressing the ends together at the top. If the question put is tightly circumscribed, the adjudicator, as first happened here, would be right to debar new arguments. Be careful to allow a little bit of movement so that your watch doesn't fit too tightly. micay02 micay02 He held her tightly and stroked … It is best to try on leather in person, especially when it is going to fit this tightly. Most ski pants are made from a tightly woven nylon or polyester, which makes them water resistant and durable. Skinny jeans, often seen back in the '80s or created when the legs were tightly rolled up, are now a mainstay in women's wardrobes all over the world. When the young fronds first appear they are quite tightly coiled. Log in. She held the veil that she wore over her head and shoulders, I sank down on the porch in the shade, with the precious little form clasped, She turned as if about to speak, but shut her lips, Then he sat down, and bowed his head on his knees, clasping his hands, Jonah touched its mouth, and its teeth, like tiny pegs, closed, She stirred, and slowly opened her eyes; she did not seem surprised that he should be there clasping, He raised a bruised arm to wipe his eyes, but a rough hand caught it and drew a thong, As it was she closed her eyes again, but during the rest of the operation great tears rolled down her face upon her, Banfi passed his arm around her slender waist, pressed her, At that time she seemed to live either in her riding habit or in that wrapper folded, Boyce then quickly stood up while still holding Orren's head, He saw that he had fastened the wallet of money round his shoulders, and was half lying upon it with one arm. All Rights Reserved. The CDC recommends we wear multiple layers of fabric that can be laundered and machined dried, but … Even with modern garments, women who lace their corsets tightly to achieve a small waist have an increased risk for compression symptoms. The tightly woven plot elements fuel each week's episodes, building the mysteries and leaving viewers hanging for what will happen next. Made of an extremely strong and tightly woven fabric, this suit is hardy enough for all of your swim needs. Add your answer and earn points. analogueyload contains sophisticated RF, digital and analog circuitry tightly packaged into a tube only 125mm in diameter and 1 meter long. Store in a tightly lidded jar, away from heat and sunlight. make tight in a sentence - Use "make tight" in a sentence 1. the substance expands until it completely fills the bottle what state is the substance in. Deidre gripped Selyn's arm more tightly, fear spiraling through her. These socks offer thicker cushioning for the feet and do not hold your calf too tightly. Of such close construction as to be impermeable: cloth tight enough to hold water; warm in our tight little cabin. Pull the yarn tightly on the first stitch on each needle so that the round will be tight, making the stitches of your knitting sock uniform. Examples of tight spot in a sentence, how to use it. The test tube is tightly corked to prevent evaporation, and allowed to stand for some hours. The factors combined to make tight ends coach Robert Ford reminisce. One pleasant morning after a cold night, February 24th, 1850, having gone to Flint's Pond to spend the day, I noticed with surprise, that when I struck the ice with the head of my axe, it resounded like a … Learn more. Stretch tightly as you do so to avoid wrinkles. Press out the air and seal the bag tightly, then turn the bag several times to distribute the marinade. The band should fit closely, but not tightly, to avoid riding up. Finally, wrap each piece of foil tightly in a neat package, and place it on the grill. Random good picture Not show. The LLCC consolidated while convective banding became well defined and tightly wrapped. 3. Toss them into a briefcase, a tightly packed carryover, or a Hawaiian shirt pocket and you are ready to go! The hames fit tightly round the collar and are fastened at the top and bottom by hame straps. Cornrows pull the hair tightly and this can stress the hair and lead to hair loss. Form the fondant into a ball and wrap tightly in plastic wrap. For a cuppa that's good to the last drop, just remember to keep your loose tea or teabags in a container with a tightly fitting lid. His back was to her, his arms crossed, and his t-shirt stretched tightly across his thick back and shoulders. Once the entire bill is folded up, secure it in the middle by tying the ribbon tightly around it. The end knife-edges are adjusted and tightly jammed into exact position by means of wedge pieces and set screws, and the beam is furnished with delicate adjusting weights at its top. The fled from the room, and ran through the market place, the bloody dagger still gripped tightly in his hand. He could only keep his teeth from chattering by holding his jaw. The flat dressing frame is a box or frame holding a certain number of book-boards from the filling engine, which boards when full of silk are screwed tightly together in the frame.
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