You should apply natural oils as a good hair care routine. In the simplest terms, the fibers of low porosity hair are tight-knit. It refers to the hair’s inability to absorb moisture, and it’s helpful to know whether your particular hair is low, medium or high porosity, so that you can manage it accordingly. However, when it comes to dealing with low porosity hair, you’ll need to switch it up. This is the same reason people with low porosity have a hard time with their hair absorbing moisture. Hydrating deep conditioning treatments work well on low porosity hair… Natural Hair Types Natural Hair Care Tips Natural Hair Regimen Natural Hair Growth Natural Hair Journey Natural Hair Care Products 4c Hair Growth Fine Natural Hair Low Porosity Hair Products. Your hair takes a long time … Low porosity hair: this types of hair has tightly closed pores. The Low Porosity Hair Regimen (at a Glance) 1. My Current CGM Routine For 2b Hair. Common oils such as coconut, olive oil are not recommended for this type of hair. Tagged: dry natural hair, low porosity, low porosity hair, moisturize low porosity hair. Hair that is dry and crispy despite attempts to deep condition can sometimes be protein sensitive, especially if it is low porosity. 2b Wash Day Routine. Hair with low porosity is something that we, with our Afro American heritage, often suffer from. Super-hot H2O can dry out your strands, which is the last thing low porosity hair needs. 2. You may not know it, but the truth on why products will or won’t work for you depends largely on your hair’s porosity level. Aug 20, 2019 - Having low porosity hair is a blessing and a curse.Since the hair cuticles are so tight, it's hard to get moisture in, but once it's in it's easy to retain. Clarify. DOs 1. If the hair floats… You have low porosity hair: The cuticles are tightly closed. Then, integrate your new moisturizers into your regular maintenance routine. 4. So, creating a routine that maximizes their hair’s ability to retain moisture is key. Also read: 5 Important Signs of Too Much Protein In Your Hair. Holds different styles well. If your hair is difficult to manage and it feels dry and lifeless no. Should one curate a wash and care routine specific to low porosity hair? How to moisturise low porosity hair. However, for low porosity gals you should only use henna once every 4-6 weeks (for high porosity girls, we only recommend twice a month max) because it can be too strengthening and lead to breakage and dryness. Henna . Heavy Oils Buildup (Wrong Treatments For Low Porosity Hair) Coconut oil on low porosity hair. Hair with low porosity is more resistant to chemical processing, such as perming or coloring than hair with normal or high porosity. Diluting the conditioner this way, helps it get more easily absorbed by the cuticle. For instance, a lightweight oil like Jojoba Oil has the ability to absorb into hair strands, easily providing a healthier environment for growth and increased moisture levels. Grow long and healthy natural hair with these 6 steps! Lastly, hair that sinks to the bottom almost immediately would be considered porous hair or high porosity. Roux Porosity Control is a low porosity hair nightmare. Low porosity hair care regimen High porosity hair has a unique struggle – the art of retention. Deep condition. When conditioning low porosity hair, apply conditioner to hair that is already wet, then work it into the hair in sections, while continuing to add water. Those with low porosity hair may find their hair is difficult to moisturize. Should you decide to add an oil into your low porosity hair routine, it’s best to go with a lightweight oil. Adding a bit of heat to your deep conditioning routine is a simple trick you can use every wash day. It is formulated to close the cuticle and make them lay flat(ter). Low Porosity Hair Regimen Find out what types of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products are best suited for this hair type. While “Low Porosity” hair has a closed off cuticle layer which makes it difficult for water to enter and be absorbed. Pre-poo. See, unlike low porosity hair, water has no problem entering high porosity hair strands. You have normal porosity hair: The cuticles are normally opened. The signs of low porosity hair are easy to miss. Very little maintenance required. Although co-washing provides a light moisturizing cleanse, it’s not effective enough to remove the product buildup your low porosity hair acquires. Of all the three hair porosity types—low, normal, and high—low porosity hair can be such a nuisance sometimes. I would recommend deep conditioning with a protein-free conditioner and removing all protein-containing products from your regimen for a couple of weeks to see if … So it may tend to feel brittle, dry, and tangled. The key to beautiful hair is knowing your hair type, texture, porosity, and sensitivities and adopting a regimen and products that allow your hair to flourish. Using heat throughout every process will help your dry low porosity hair become moisturized and full of life! The other day we shared a proper hair care routine for high porosity hair and since we are never in the business of leaving anyone out of the TNT convo we had to do a post on a proper hair care routine for low porosity hair as well. Use these tips to build a regimen perfect for your low porosity hair and enjoy moisturize hair that grows. Porosity, in general, is the hair's ability to absorb or retain moisture. With low porosity hair, it is difficult to absorb and retain moisture. Henna is a great Ayurvedic ingredient that promotes hair growth and slows down the splitting of your hair’s ends. Find out which grooming products are the best on the market for low-porosity hair in our comprehensive guide. Normal porosity hair: Normal porosity hair allows a right amount of moisture to penetrate the hair. Don’t fall for the hype. This means… if your hair is low porosity, please follow the correct regimen for your hair type! I have been getting requests to film a shower product application video and here it is! Below you’ll find my low porosity hair routine … Subscribe to read future blog posts. 3. Apply Hair Mask You can treat low porosity hair by using a nourishing hair mask. A short while ago, we discussed how to achieve the ultimate low porosity hair routine.. Now, we’re doing the name for our high porosity naturals. GET FAMILIAR WITH SERUMS. Low porosity hair has closed, flat cuticles already, thus Roux Porosity Control just closes the cuticles tighter which makes it even harder for moisture to absorb into the strands. Here’s what I do in my personal wash day routine for mostly 2b hair: My hair is low porosity because, even with it being so fine and thin, it still takes an entire day (and half a night sometimes) to air dry. In short, low porosity hair does not need protein. The Third way to grow low porosity hair is through Clarifying your Hair! Hair that remains at the top of the water is categorized as low porosity hair. Heavy oils – like their name imply, are heavy and lazy. But with low porosity hair, you should use only lighter oils such as almond oil, babassu oil, or grapeseed oil. Here are some dos and don'ts for low porosity hair care. Your hair has bounce and elasticity. The Shea Moisture Low Porosity line is pretty darn awesome when it comes down to the business of low porosity hair care and exploring the world of protein-free hair products. I know it seems obvious because of course, we all shampoo our hair. It can be a pain trying to get moisture into low porosity hair. The best low porosity natural hair regimen to upgrade your curl game! However, low porosity hair is very prone to build up. which prevent moisture and tends to create it is a major cause of hair loss here we discuss in detail that what actually it is and how to tackle it. Here are a few tips for you: 1. With low porosity hair, it’s not easy for moisture to penetrate the hair. 6. If you are dealing with resistant hair, keep in mind that it will take longer for chemicals to penetrate the cuticle to work. Get our expert advice on navigating the options and choosing the most effective products for your hair type. Low Porosity hair is known for having closed cuticles which makes it hard for moisture to enter and exit hair strands. Finding the perfect low-porosity hair products can be a difficult task, as low-porosity hair requires very specific care. ... Best products for low porosity hair . It helps aids in the creation of a simple regimen that is highly beneficial to your hair as well. 3. Taking care of low porosity hair is never enough. For example: Coconut oil; Castor oil; won’t help to moisturize hair with flat cuticles. If you have high porosity hair, head over to Madisen’s post: 6 WAYS TO CARE FOR HIGH POROSITY HAIR. I’m finding more and more products, but these are our favorites so far. Keep it light. It's a really simple process. What is Low Porosity Hair? A low porosity hair routine should consist of water-soluble products to reduce build-up. Wet your hair, generously apply the mask, and work gently to ensure it penetrates into the hair. According to Gorkhom, “Low porosity is hair that is in relatively good condition and therefore does not need the same conditioning power as high porosity hair, which is damaged. Knowing your hair porosity and creating a haircare regimen based around your hair porosity is what’s going to give you the best results for your hair no matter what hair type you have. Knowing your porosity aids in bettering your selection and success rate when buying products. ... By simply understanding the porosity of your own hair and which products are best suited, you can create a hair routine that restores your hair to optimal health. All of the products I use in my wash day and refresh are CG-friendly! Make sure you pre-poo before washing your hair. When redesigning your hair care routine according to your hair’s porosity, the steps after deep conditioning are the ones who might suffer the most modifications. Previous Article « Here’s How To Raise Your Vibration During Coronavirus Pandemic. If you have low porous hair and you use heavy oils, this aggravates the problem instead of fixing it. Use a Satin bonnet or Slap Cap. Use a heated cap or hair steamer. It’s a good idea to have a low porosity hair regimen in place if you know you have low porosity hair so that you make sure your hair is always at its best. Article by Nappy by Natural. Low porosity hair can get weighed down easily with most products, so consider using "film-forming humectants" for moisturizers. For this reason, I had to rebuild my daily regimen to include only the best low porosity hair products. Turn down the dial to help your locks retain moisture. Shampoo’s are your friend!! Tips for dealing with Low Porosity Hair. The LOC method that stands for Leave-in — Oil — Cream, usually won’t work its best with low porosity hair. It helps your conditioner bind to your hair, getting the most out of your treatment. What is Low Porosity Hair. The strand of hair that flows midway in the glass is classified as average porosity. 4k.
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