The Madeline Crochet Triangle Scarf by Ginger Knots – Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to the Madeline Crochet Triangle Scarf by Ginger Knots. I do have a problem, the new colorways that have wool i cannot use i have an allergy to wool. Do you know if there is any more available? Thanks for a marvelous posting! Go ahead and paint your world colorful with this magical self-striping yarn! . 13. Just letting other people know about this. As a result of this natural symbolism, the idea of the circle has spilled over into our speech. The basic pattern works up quickly and is easily adjustable for different sizes. Any suggestions out there? These patterns are all lovely (fellow Mandala lover here!) Did you contact customer service where you purchased the yarn? A quiet activity like coloring can be calming, and provide a gentle opportunity for introspection. Apr 11, 2019 - Explore Christine Smith's board "Mandala Yarn patterns", followed by 333 people on Pinterest. The Crochet Hat and Mitts by Lion Brand – Whip up two crochet projects for the price of one! If you haven’t already jumped on the Lion Brand Mandala yarn bandwagon and have never used a smaller weight yarn I am going to share my personal review of it for you. The Crunching Leaves Mod Crochet Scarf by Left in Knots – Grab your Mandala yarn, crochet hook, and pumpkin spice latte! It’s slightly heavier (CYC4) and a little softer. I have so much trouble trying to set up an account with you crochet site , why? Ruthe. Looks like I’m going to my local Walmart. Unsubscribe anytime. Thanks! The Mandala® Family. It is just the thing for prayer shawls and Afghans. Then pin this post for later so you have all the inspiration needed to start your next free crochet pattern using Mandala yarn! Hi Ally, The first paragraph of the email dated 1-9-18 said, “This CYC (DK weight) yarn…”. 10. It all is because of Him, Our Heavenly Father. In describing this yarn, it starts off the sentence with “This CYC yarn is…” I haven’t tried this yarn yet but after seeing the resulting projects, it will be in my hands tonight! Join over 78,000 crew members who are learning from our weekly crochet tutorials and free patterns. I have made a ” Fire and Ice” poncho with the Rainbow Falls color. Love Mandela! God bless you all and the projects you bring from your heart to your hooks and needles. I went looking for it today and Voila’ WalMart (super store) has loads of it. Yarn; Viewing as a guest user. Thank you so much it’s by far my favorite yarn to work with! Any chance you’ll be releasing a pattern for those bad boys anytime soon? The colors,are beautiful,, almost 600 yards in one cake is unbelievable! For example, baby patterns, women's sweaters, scarves, blankets, afghans and more. Is that normal or should I just crocket and let the colors fall as they may??? Whether you want to draw your own, or color a pattern, you’ll reap the benefits of creative time. The Perfect Yarn Cake for this privilege and opportunity to not only say to her that she is but to make, do to show her that I mean what I say and I Know she is worth all the joy of creating a sweater for her to let her know that she is very much appreciated and I am thankful for this Yarn Cake! It also means you can hold a few strands together to make create really interesting color effects. Because of this, each piece has a totally unique coloration depending on which color and pattern you’re combining! These colors are so vibrant, but I need some help. Keep working Row 3 till the length you want. You might see that another user has replied to you asking for any pattern suggestions you might have. (Weave in the ends!) Thank you…. Here is a list of 20 free crochet patterns that are made with Lion Brand Mandala yarn. I’ve noticed that they don’t all carry the same variety, but you take what you can get! Loved this wool too but can’t buy it in Canada I hope it is coming to a Walmart near me soon. Do you have any Lion Brand Mandala cakes waiting for a project? You can see all the colors of Lion Brand Mandala yarn here (including lots not pictured below!). The baby is due in April so I better get ‘cracking’. You start by making a chain the length that you want for the width of the afghan in Color A. I buy it every single time it goes on sale (and it’s starting to take over my crafting area). I LOVE Mandala; I can’t get my hands on enough! details. Lion Brand Mandala ... $7.99 / 150g cake Featuring enchanting colors and an ideal weight for crocheters, Mandala by Lion Brand is an acrylic DK weight yarn perfect for projects large and small. I love where your heart is. I have even used the Cupcakes. That’s enough yarn to make and entire shawl or scarf with one simple ball of yarn. We’ll be spending a little quality time coloring this week, let us know if you will, too! Also Have they solved the problems of the knit project stretching out of shape, and pilling, that is common with acrylic yarns? In case you have been living under a rock and haven’t ever heard of it, Mandala is a CYC #3 weight DK 100% acrylic yarn. Go ahead and paint your world colorful with this magical self-striping yarn! Lion Brand® Mandala® Hat and Scarf Set Pattern Number: L60243 For thousands of free patterns, visit our website To order visit our website or call: (800) 258-YARN … Its light weight makes it perfect for hats, shawls, blankets, scarves, shirts, sweaters and more. Sanskrit is an ancient language of India. The Mandala Project describes a Christian nun from the 12th century, who drew mandalas to explain her visions. 7. Please try again. The pattern was made for RedHearth It’s a Wrap yarn, but I used a 4.5mm hook and made it about 3 repeats longer than the pattern called for, and it came out very nice. How many yards/meters long is one of these balls of Mandela. I am a member of an online crochet group. Were the colors are nice and clean. The Crochet Chroma Hat by Left in Knots – The simple Crochet Chroma Hat will be your next go-to free hat pattern. Wrap me in Diamonds by Jessica Underwood of Stitching Together. If you’ve never tried Mandala yarn, hop over to to see what you’re missing! purchased your mandala yarn,very disappointed yarn was awful,thick then thin ,not nice at all will never buy it again. Creating a more colorful, connected, and giving world. Click the photo or link below to check out the patterns and kits! Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . why would anyone want these hideous color combinations let a lone paying 7.99 for cheap acrylic fiber. ), How to Crochet the Griddle Stitch Video Tutorial, Rectangle Cardigan – Free Beginner Crochet Sweater Pattern. . Find free knitting patterns for beginners and advanced knitters from popular manufacturers including Bernat, Lion Brand and Red Heart yarn. Circles are everywhere, once we start looking! He thought he was saying Lots Of Love, until his wife set him straight. Art therapist & psychotherapist Carolyn Mehlomakulu offers suggestions for mandala-making and patterns to use. Shop a lovely collection of Lion Brand yarns online at JOANN. While perceiving the details of a particular drawing, you can reach a meditative state more easily and more deeply. In response to Jonnie L Egleston, “Where can Ii find patterns or directions do making an infinity scarf using this Mandala yarn? We like to make crafts, not enemies and your email address is safe with us. I love it. projects (655) comments (1) photos (3) editing. Once you’re in the Vault, scroll to the photo of the project you’re looking for and click the link directly below the photo to access the PDF. The diamond lace stitch does just that in this beautiful crochet scarf by Stitching Together. 3 Mandela cakes for Christmas, can’t wait to use it. If you can crochet a rectangle, you can make this crochet cardigan pattern! ... About Us Pattern Errata Terms & Conditions Sign Up FAQ Learning Center Podcast WeCrochet Community. Some of the patterns like the dragon tear fingerless gloves tell you to separate the colors. Are you planning to release (free) any more patterns for blankets, using the mandala yarn, in the near future, that are more challenging? Our Michael’s and regular WalMart carry it here in Texas. University of New Hampshire’s Health & Wellness site,,,,20721&weight_category=20716,, People are always using texting abbreviations in blog replies, and I thought that’s what that was. There is no account to set up. I think Echo Caves is gorgeous and so sophisticated for a “baby” yarn. © 2018 Copyright Lion Brand Yarn. As a person allergic to wool, it meets my needs and blesses others without being too costly. I’m not affiliated with this group, but I am a member of it and I’m thrilled that it exists for Mandala yarn lovers like us! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you’ve got a cake or two of Mandala waiting for inspiration, wait no longer! Love the colours and it is much nicer than the Caron cake I am using now because I can’t get the Mandala. See more ideas about lion brand yarn, crochet patterns, yarn. Your inbox just got a whole lot more crafty. Cat. . I have used every color and never get tired or bored! Even my husband has noticed how much I love it so he has come home from Walmart three times with five skeins, each time a different color. With love, Cat I love this yarn!!! Please tell me the trick to using this yarn.Thank you. Free Knitting Patterns. Next. Lion Brand Mandala - All Colours - Product Description With an exceptionally wide range of enchanting colors, from jewel tones, to bright children's colors, and even classic shades for men, one glimpse of this mystical new yarn will leave you spellbound. yarn shops; brands; fiber; people; groups; forum posts; topics; events; Mandala Tweed Stripes from Lion Brand. Lion Brand Mandala Yarn have an amazing colour flow, from jewel tones, to bright children’s colors, and even classic shades for men. What am I missing? Those pillows are adorable! I also made a kimono with pattern number L60366 (minus the fringe ) with the Rainbow Falls. I hope I can find a Mandela. Try coloring a mandala today! Shown: 1. Customers also viewed these products. And in Buddhism, mandalas are used for meditation. Most importantly, the express the whole. The Colorblock Crochet Cardigan by Croyden Crochet – The vibrant colors of the “Pegasus” Mandala colorway make this Colorblock Crochet Cardigan one of most fun alliterations you’ll ever make. I have about 30 skeins in my yarn room and several projects already finished and I keep going in and just staring at and feeling the Mandala yarn! What am I missing? Welcome to the Crew! 15. Ever since Lion Brand debuted Mandala yarn last year, I’ve loved seeing all the free crochet patterns people are designing with it. Thank you for your willingness to go above and beyond to help me find the Yarn that Resonates with and in my heat for both these beautiful Woman, people, human beings to now be at ease and ready to find this Yarn Cake!! You can sort the patterns by your favorite yarn or by the type of pattern it is and who it is made for. Lion Brand® Mandala® Point Hope Cardigan Pattern Number: L80340 For thousands of free patterns, visit our website To order visit our website or call: (800) 258-YARN (9276) any time! , I have tried every *cake” out there except for the *Mandela* and from what I have seen and heard about this one, I have saved the, Best for Last. Lion Brand Mandala yarn Designed with shawls, hats and scarves in mind this self-striping yarn is perfect for many applications. yarns > Lion Brand > Mandala. And you can make it with only three cakes of Mandala! I thank God for that yarn everytime I look at it (everyday) and for the talented people He has given the gift of creating it for us. Once you open the PDF in your internet browser, you can right click to download it. The drawings of the ancient Aztec calendar are circular, and were vital to their religion. I love the description of the Mandela I am very fascinated about it and the history and all the colors I can’t wait till I get started using it. Please check your email. What is the name of the crocheted afghan featured in the email I recently received from you. The Mandala Crocheted Blanket Bag by Mama in a Stitch – A bag and a blanket, all in one! I’m not sure I’ve seen one. This collection of Mandala yarn free crochet patterns is part of an ongoing collaboration with my friends at Lion Brand Yarn. Have a Blessed Day Everyone! 1. Starburst Blankie by Teresa Chorzepa for Lion Brand Yarn (requires free registration and login) 2. If so, it looks like it would be a lot of fun to design a project using 2 different color ways concurrently. Lion Brand Yarn is a popular yarn manufacturer that is known for their quality and innovative yarn. I do love yarn that does some of the hard work for you. Is there a pattern using mandala yarn for mandalas? I love this yarn! I really love crocheting with this yarn, and my Walmart has it on sale this week! Please tell me how many yards in this cake. Will there be an 100 percent acrylic with these colors? Then I turned to Pinterest to find the perfect pattern for such wonderful yarn. All you need is one skein of Mandala yarn to make this adorable matching hat and mitts set. Hi, Loleta – that sounds so sweet! Get ready to whip up some stunning apparel and home decor items with inspiration from these gorgeous Mandala yarn crochet patterns. I would like to use my yarn to make it. 2. An hour a row… that’s true love! Lion Brand® yarns are sold online, at craft chains, discount chains and independent shops across the United States. Thank you, For example, the act of focusing on a circle can be centering. It all is because of Him, Our Heavenly Father. Here are a couple of cozy knits: The Helix Leg Warmers & the Deep V-Neck Pullover. Lion Brand has given me a huge selection of colors to choose. THanks for your help. Only 3 left in stock - order soon. The best part is you can choose any Mandala yarn colorway to personalize the blanket for the the little recipient. Your projects must be inspired. Thank you It washes up beautifully and has nice drape, lightweight too. What a great gift idea. I’m a senior citizen on a very limited income and do not want to waste what little I have left each month on something that will not work for me. Yarn; Viewing as a guest user. They have released new additions include Amazing Lace, Beautiful You, Color Made Easy, Crayola Cake, Ferris Wheel, Flikka, Mandala Sparkle, Terryspun, Touch of Merino and Touch of Mohair. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It’s so fun! , but I’m most obsessed with the pillows you made!! As if that’s not enough eye candy, there are even MORE colors in the new baby line of Mandala yarn! I’m sure I’m sounding overly sappy about it but, this is the best yarn. Purl Bee blog has a great tutorial on cross stitching on crochet too if you’d like to add that part. Thanks for all the inspiration. Please explain. We’re so happy to hear that! My gratitude, thankfulness and Prayers are to you all and for each of you!! According to the University of New Hampshire’s Health & Wellness site, a mandala means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit. I have been trying to find the “Perfect” yarn and thanks to you all for sharing, showing and explaining the history of Mandela’s to me and everyone else whom has taken the time has been inspired by and are just as thankful and grateful and thankful for this privilege!! You can see this baby blanket worked in Mandala yarn here and get the free crochet pattern here. My favorite projects to make with it are shawls and cowls, but right now I’m making a C2C blanket with Genie and Spirit. Hi, Sunny – Can you let me know where you’re seeing CYC? I bought Spirit and Sprite. stashes (698) pattern ideas. YAY! All the magical colors and combinations are just such an invitation to dream about a new project, aren’t they? With love, You should make it easier for senior citizens, thanks. I know because that’s my reason for crocheting. The Crochet Mandala Cowl by Crafty Tutorials – The lightweight Mandala yarn and elegant fringe adds to a beautiful drape and texture on this free Mandala yarn crochet cowl. Sayings like ‘coming full circle’, and ‘the circle of life.’ We use circles to build community: ‘circle the wagons’, ‘inner circle’, ‘circle up’. It looks gorgeous ! The range includes a fantastic selection of yarns that are perfect for shawls, blankets and more, including Lion Brand's painterly shades, which are blends of colour that subtly self-stripe as you knit or crochet. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Are they just single crochets with the cross stitch on top? We cut out sections of the color so that each color could be represented in the pillow. Here is a link to our baby blanket & afghan patterns, any of which would look great in Mandala:,20721&weight_category=20716 Welcome soon, baby! As you scroll through them below, check out how the same different colorways play out differently in different patterns. Day Date Easy Crochet Sweater Pattern – Free! details. I hope it will be in a Walmart soon, too – I’ll see if I can find any more information about that. Feb 24, 2018 - Explore Mindi Stevens's board "Lion Brand Yarn Free Patterns", followed by 410 people on Pinterest. It takes me an hour to crochet one row. I’m in love with the pillows you made from the Mandala yarn! 6. Contact Information Lion Brand Yarn 135 Kero Road Carlstadt, NJ, 07072. While many of the options have previously been quite bright, there are now some more neutral colors that I think will be gorgeous for garments or afghans. Ally..The CYC reference is in the very first paragraph of the home page of this email. I hope this trend lasts a long time. Thank you. This collection of Lion Brand Mandala yarn free crochet patterns includes beanies, scarves, blankets, sweaters, mittens and more! I am working on a very open lacy capelet using the Spirit color now. Here’s a link to our shawl patterns in the same yarn weight: Let us know if any of those might work! The ‘sacredness’ of the circle comes from its prevalence in nature. Thank you for this Opportunity and another use to and for 2 Project’s!! I’m also so glad I came across the article on patterns for Mandala. We are passionate about helping people enjoy the pleasures of working with yarn. If you’re a long-time Mandala fan, we’d love to hear your favorite colors, or see photos of a favorite Mandala project? Lion Brand recently released a few new colorways of this super popular yarn, which I’m so excited to try. Hi, Paula – we’re honored you’ve saved us for last! Do you think those could be 100 percent acrylic on the future? That usually refers to Craft Yarn Council, but I can’t seem to find it in this post. Lion Brand's Mandala yarn is a gradient or ombre style yarn that gradually changes from one color to another within the same skein. I have purchased 2 cakes of Pegasus and am searching for a crescent shawl pattern that would do it justice. What I love about this yarn besides the magical way it creates stripes with zero ends to weave in is that it’s slightly thinner than a worsted weight yarn (category 3/dk), so you get a lot more yardage in one skein. Row 2: Work SC all the way across using Color B, in back loops only. Aw, thanks, Lois! Had several crocheter’s say that they are now going to try it. I love this yarn and really want to try it out, but I’m a bit confused on how the colors change. The magical Mandala Yarn is made in a huge variety of colorways with mystical names like Pixie, Unicorn, and Chimera. Thanks. I haven’t found a knot it yet, unlike other brands that are worsted. 16. The Swallowtail Crochet Cardigan by Two of Wands – The construction of this cardigan is based on two simple panels. This collection of Lion Brand Mandala yarn free crochet patterns includes beanies, scarves, blankets, sweaters, mittens and more! See more ideas about mandala yarn, lion brand mandala yarn, crochet patterns. We shared a link, but if you had one or two in particular that looked great in Mandala, Larry would love to know! The size, softness, the generous amount in each beautiful cake! colorways. 11. This particular conversation was about Lion Brand Mandala Yarn. Mandalas are used in many spiritual traditions. This Mod Crochet Scarf by Left in Knots uses the star stitch and the Mandala “Centaur” colorway to create a beautiful not-too-thick, not-too-thin triangle scarf. I fell into her spiral of colors and fun and bought tons of this yarn. I was asked to knit a sweater for a Lady who doesn’t believe – yet that she is so very much Worth the time it will take nor the $ to make her a Sweater. I have used colors that are my husband’s favorite for one side and my favorite co!or’s for the other. I just LOVE MANDALA yarn!!! The Orchid Lace Baby Blanket by Crocheting Crazy – I love how cheerful this Mandala baby blanket pattern is. My mom and I used three strands Mandala yarn held together to make these cross-stitch-style pillows last summer. Hi, Larry – Here are some patterns on our website: Any of them would look beautiful in Mandala! I actually enjoyed reading it, you are a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and definitely will come back later on. <3. I love this yarn and am always looking for something I can make with it, I haven’t written the pattern up for those, but it’s basically three strands of Mandala held together to work tight single crochet. Wishing you the best, & hoping those who receive your gifts feel your love. Drawing and coloring them is popular today as a form of art therapy. 14. My favorite is Gnome, those were the first ones that be bought for me. Go ahead and paint your world colorful with this magical self-striping yarn! As a result, it also uses twice as much yarn. Please let us know how you like it! Do you know if Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mary carries it? Customer Service 1-800-258-YARN (9276) 8am to 4pm EST (Mon - Fri) I recently tried your sparkle mandela yarn and think it is the very best sparkle yarn ever made. It's a sport weight so it's not heavy and it is so, so soft!! Tracy, You can just click the title of the pattern which is linked to the actual pattern. I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great work, have a nice weekend! PATTERNS. I received notice of this beautiful yarn, Mandala and went to Michael’s to buy and they do not have it. Since I have been sharing my love of Lion Brand Mandala yarn with my own crochet designs I thought it would be great to gather other designer’s patterns featuring this fabulous yarn and include a few of my own in case you are new to my blog. Furthermore, Merriam-Webster Dictionary suggests that mandalas feature “multiple projections of an image.” This repetition within the image is an important aspect of their meditative quality. . Ok I have been crocheting for a long time and this is a new yarn style for me. I am not sure how to use it. I love it so much. Yes–the worst work! regardless of the pattern I try. Lion Brand Mandala Yarn is an enchanting range of weight 3 variegated yarn that is a favorite with crocheters. If love Lion Brand Mandala yarn and have one or two in your stash, I have found some great projects for you to make! Thanks. Carol, sounds gorgeous! Thank you for this incredible yarn. Jeanette A. Shaw. This post contains affiliate links. I am so thankful to you for making this yarn and being now able to not Search for the Perfect yarn – I have been given the Perfect Yarn Cake for both people who are so very much loved and cared for. I am receiving no compensation for my review and, as always, will never recommend any product unless I … Hi, Maggie – thank you so much for your feedback! Chrystal, I have used this yarn for a double sided blanket. We’ve all felt the calm of crafting wash over us, once we’re in the groove of a pattern and we’re stitching away. The Dwell Chunky Crochet Sweater – Free Pattern, 1.5 Hour – Free Crochet Hat Pattern for Beginners + Video.
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