why, It was the greek leader of the south and egypt that wanted the septuagint done in Alexandriaand to see it done and to keep in his library but later the Christianized greeks changed it and lost it’s true Jewish way of their writing, therefore , no longer a true Jewish bible. by Matt Slick10/17/2014 No one knows exactly how old Jesus was when He died on the cross, but He was probably 33 years of age. What's odd in Genesis is after the fall of Adam, every single main character has a small genealogy. The word Melchizedek in Hebrew means King of Righteousness, so this is a title rather than a name. = Peace, We know from scripture that melchizadek was Jehovah presenting himself before Abram, in which Abram gave him a tenth. Abraham would receive the title after Shem died if there were no other living first born between them. So God gave them the lamb as a temporary Even Christ had a mother and Father. Who is the GREAT I AM that I AM. Also if you read Josephus he describes Yeshua as being a short black man. That rebellion was against God. I think it’s best to view Melchizedek as an ascended master. 7:4) and King of Salem (Gen. The high priests were called Zedekites because of the High Priest under David and Solomon was named Zedek. So when Shem died 75 years later (602 years old – Gn 11:10-11), Abraham was 150 years old, 25 years before his death. Shem is known as children of the name. How Long Was Joseph In Potiphars House? Shem lived 500 years after the birth of Arphaxad. Philo identifies Melchizedek with the Logos as priest of God,[35] and honoured as an untutored priesthood. Was this referring to the order of Melchisedic and those High Priest in that order. For example EGYPTIAN history is established with 10s of millions of facts and artifacts that can be seen in the museums of the world. Hebrews Chapter 7 verses 2 and 4 in the New Testament state that the patriarch Abraham gave a tenth of the spoil to Melchizedek. it was the same as the hebrew Bible of today , had it not been changed by the greeks as they changed the History writings of Flavious Josephus. The meeting site has been associated with Emek Yehoshaphat (the Valley of Josaphat). Not true. This is fascinating stuff. The tenth that is relative to Pie or 10%, cycle is the jubilee year. 2Cor 3:17,18 Yahweh is Ruach haKodesh. Her son Enosh began to call on Yahweh.Noah’s father Lamech could have known Adam for 60 years. Melchizedek is a title, not a name. 13:17-22, etc.) This equates to 3761 BCE marking the creation week (when the heavens and earth were created). Melchizedek is a character in Genesis. (read in the same way we would read “Eternal Yeshua” or “King David”. SHEM was known as children of the Name. Andrea,add again and you will find that Abraham dies while Shem is still alive. Noah for 60 years with Abraham, Shem and Eber lived during life of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. It is true that Shem lived in the time of Abraham. WHAT NAME? And that’s not looking to far away from what I can tell. This is drawn from two main things. Introduction, translation, and notes" (AB 1; Garden City 1964) p. 105; Von Rad, "Genesis", pp. It doesn’t need to be added to nor subtracted from. Noah inherited the title when Methuselah died even though Noah was When he was old, the kings of the earth heard his fame, and eleven of them gathered together and came to see him; and they entreated him to go with them, but he would not be persuaded. It also states he lived another 33 years after Abraham died, and how old was Christ when he died on the cross? [16], Genesis 14:18 introduces Melchizedek a "Priest of the Most High God" (El Elyon), a term which is re-used in 14:19, 20, 22. [37] The last section of the work, the Exaltation of Melchizedek, tells how Melchizedek was born of a virgin, Sofonim (or Sopanima), the wife of Nir, a brother of Noah. Regardless of whether Abraham had the title or not, He was After reading much of the scripture The RUACH HA QODEDH do show you the mystery so therefore as the the Subject about Shem outlived please like Avraham Yitzhak And Jacobs now history will prove it’s self also about him being Melechzadik” now it prove that Shem had own Salem# therefore he is Melechzadik —-”’no doubt on this if all his ancestry had died of course he will be without geological lineage. Read num 6:27 and num 8:11-19. (Aramaic) 1Cor 12:3, Phil 2:11 Yahshua is Yahweh. The Talmud Bavli attributes him (Shem and his beth din court of justice) as pioneers in banning prostitution (Avodah Zarah p. 36a). &) rabbi’s fromthe holy land wrote the bible , 70 different Rabbi’s in seperet private boots and all lettering was the same. Let us examine first these two names and then the arguments for and against the two being the same person. Herod was a fraud – appointed by Rome. God's law specified that only those born of the tribe of Levi could serve as his priests (Numbers 8). Some propose that Melchizedek was actually a pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus Christ, or a Christophany . This is irrefutable with FACTS , which all reality is based upon. Turin is all one piece. Readers and viewers learned one part of Dumbledore’s life through the Harry Potter series, and while some details about his past were briefly mentioned, there was still a lot to learn about one of the greatest wizards to ever live. There is no other name by which we must be saved. We know from scripture that melchizadek was Jehovah presenting himself before Abram, in which Abram gave him a tenth. 14, Genesis Rabbah 46:7, Babylonian Talmud to … What does that mean? The second and final Hebrew Bible mention of Melchizedek is in Psalm 110:4. Abraham was born 352 years after the flood so that Shem died when Abraham was about either 148 or 150. Jesus Christ is there identified as a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek quoting from Psalm 110:4. Just a thought! For example I am a Mother, Wife and farmer. But He can take on any form HE chooses to accomplish HIS will. Funny, the grave clothes were two parts or more, and one part covered the face? This is drawn from two main things. In the strictest sense there would be a first appearance of the title, as far as mans interpretation of time is concerned, however I do not believe that the Hebrew epistle excludes Shem as being Melchizedek. The author of Hebrews picks up this character called Melchizedek, and one of the first things he states is, "This person has no record of either birth or death." The truly orthodox ones have brownish olive color skin , not black , white , yellow , red , or even purple. [54] However, Rashi maintains that the land of Canaan was initially allotted to Shem, by Noah his father, and the offspring of Cham conquered the land by forced expansion. There are a lot of scientific evidences of both events, and granted that there are a lot of debates in science about the reality of the biblical descriptions, it cannot be otherwise explained. The levitical lineage of the tribe of Levi was chosen god himself and given as a gift to. Melchizedek called Jerusalem "Salem." If you have sin, He ever lives to intercede. People who said that they believe in God, FIGHT with God word… It’s like, hard for them to receive the truth. Melchizedek means "King of righteousness" (Heb. "Genesis 14:21-24>as the later verse reads "aside..for what the young men consumed" – Bereishith 14:24, Maharzav (Rabbi Zev Wolf Einhorn; ?–1862; Lithuania), to Leviticus Rabbah 25:6, Maharzav (Z. V. Einhorn) to Leviticus Rabbah 25:6 (since Abraham's demise preceded Shem's by 35 years), Gareth Lee Cockerill, "The Epistle to the Hebrews", vol. Wonderful councelor, Prince of peace, everlasting father!. This means that Adam was born in 4111 BC. Science states a “fact” that is true today, but is changed tomorrow, and that new understanding become “fact”…until the next day. Had the Flood not done a reset on the gene pool, the beauty of the genetic miracle He had wrought in Adam would have been lost forever. The Authorised King James Version of 1611 renders the name Melchizedek when translating from the Hebrew, and Melchisedec in the New Testament. I would rather say Enoch had direct access … First, Jesus was baptized to enter into the Melchizedek priesthood. Due to his sacrifice, this eliminated a continuous reason for sacrificing animals which is why Christ is called (in a similitude) the “lamb of God”. Zedek is a noun describing a state of being. In the Latter Day Saint movement, the Book of Mormon makes reference to Melchizedek (Alma 13:17–19). The respect given to this spirit is Melchizedek. He died for all: colors, nationalities, tribes …. Thus there would be a discrepancy of 60 years. Genesis 14:18-20 Then Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought out bread and wine. (JPS 1985), Another alternative keeps Melchizedek as a personal name but changes the identity of the person addressed: "You are a priest forever by my order (or 'on my account'), O Melchizedek" – here it is Melchizedek who is being addressed throughout the psalm. He doesn’t wear out. The name melchizadek can mean= king of peace or king of righteousness. Shem said, 'He died while he was with me on the way, and I buried him;' and they mourned for him a month of days; but Melchizedek dwelt in that place until he died. “The LORD hath sworn, and will not repent, Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.” (Psalms 110:4) Oddly, even though he appeared in the Old Testament, we discover that more details concerning Abraham’s encounter with Melchizedek are revealed in the New Testament. The word Melchizedek in Hebrew means King of Righteousness, so this is a title rather than a name. Shem was Melchizedek when Abraham gave him the tithe. This is how you translate the Bible exactly how it’s written. Ussher took into account all the verses of the Bible related to a person’s life. By doing this he gives the way he would come to protect all of those who would be the first born in the kingdom when he comes to take us there. Gen. 16:9-13; 31:11-13; Exod. Abraham’s nephew, Lot, was captured in a war between Sodom and several other cities (Genesis 14:1-12). Shem is the Son of Noah (Gen. 5:32), the progenitor of Abraham. Greek Eisous Christos and English Jesus (1638 KJV). but the rebellion of Nimrod was farspread to the point that the religion that was started there (in Babel) spread all over the world. all of the first born in Egypt including even the animals. When reading these two passages, Christians can easily become totally confused and give up. The reference in a Kings 7:21 is to the name of one of the two pillars (Jakin & … But Noah and Nimrod are also included in this. And Terah was a 130 years old when his Grandson, Isaac was born. [72] The Christological interpretation of this Old Testament character being a prefiguration or prototype of the Christ has varied between Christian denominations. "his peace" or in contextual flow "allied with him") in place of the Masoretic שלם (Salem), with addition of a letter ו (vav). Do to Noah as told in history was the 10th and last Patriarch of the seal of God. This can be seen on any News site out of ‘ISRAEL”.. (log onto JERUSALEM POST OR HAARETZ) and check it out. Abel made a worthy sacrifice. He brings out bread and wine and then blesses Abram and El Elyon. You can read more about the different timelines here https://amazingbibletimeline.com/bible_timelines. HALLELU YAH. I think we need to understand what does it mean to be a King and what does it mean to be a High Priest. It takes Shem Melchizedek who dies when Abram is 150 and then says he died 600 years earlier so that Melchizedek is not Shem. (Wooly hair is black man hair) We can believe in the entirety of those events, although our limited understanding of how it happened may be questioned, and the exact accuracy of the writings we have may result in some questioning. THE ALPHA and OMEGA, The BEGINNING and the END, the EVERLASTING FATHER OF ALL CREATION! Just trying to learn understanding with what I read in the Bible. Secondly, that scripture refers to his HEAVENLY appearance. Being that he was a king of Salem or Jerusalem (v If the ideas pointed out in this fascinating article are to be take as true – what is the Significance of realizing that Shem, carried the torch to Abraham? Now-a-days they’re are only a handful of true Jews but most are inter-bred with other peoples. For example in Genesis 11:32, Terah lived a total of 205 years, and Genesis 12:1 may be taken to mean that Abram set out at age 75 after Terah’s death (Gen. 12:4), in which case Abram was born when Terah was age 130 instead of 70. Shem was born 100 years (or 98 years) before the flood and lived for 600 years so that he lived for 500 years after the flood. This allows the author of Hebrews to observe that, when considered only in light of what the Scriptures say about him, Melchizedek seems to have no origin or ending.
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