2- Provide even one peer reviewed paper that refutes natural variability as the cause of recent, or any, global climate changes. Is your world-view in jeopardy or why bother? (2016) at Petermann Glacier and Zachariæ Isstrøm, respec-tively. The main goal was to increase the understanding about potential pathways of relative warmer water influx towards Greenland’s many outlet glaciers. The Holocene retreat dynamics and stability of Petermann Glacier in northwest Greenland Nat Commun. Researchers from the Canadian Ice Service located the calving from NASA satellite images taken on August 5; Patrick Lockerby re-posted cropped NASA images with interpretations on the internet the same day. 1. The island is 1.8 km (1.1 mi) long and 1.2 km (0.75 mi) across. Both data and interpretation of Petermann’s forward motion are accurate as demonstrated earlier by Muenchow et al. Glad you nailed down the specific amount. A long crack at the site had been observed by NASA satellites for several years prior to the split. Andreas Muenchow of the University of Deleware told the Washington Post that he stopped being a … A huge new crack has appeared on the Petermann Glacier, a large ice shelf in northern Greenland. Even the “elastic” component of the rebound takes a long time, and the unelastic part takes millennia. Also, how did “UHI” or “tampered series” managed to melt glaciers, ice sheets, sea ice as well as cause (accelerating) sea level rise? Mass loss in Antarctica CANNOT be human induced. That’s because you believe in the unproven hypothesis of AGW. Petermann Glacier, Greenland The Copernicus Sentinel-2A satellite takes us over the Petermann Glacier in northwest Greenland in this false-colour image captured on 16 August 2017. [1], Ship-Based Science Explorations 2003-2015. In 2010, a section of 100 sq miles, and in 2012, 50 sq miles. Res. Johnson, H.L., A. Muenchow, K.K. Can Arch above EVERY year except 2012, 2013, Baffin Bay above EVERY year except 2013, 2014, Kara Sea above EVERY year except 2013, 2014. The ice sheets are losing mass – get over it. The glacier and its fjord are named after … And yes, Greenland’s glaciers FLOW to the sea. Petermann Glacier (Danish: Petermann Gletsjer) is a large glacier located in North-West Greenland to the east of Nares Strait. After the 2010 and 2012 large calving events, the glacier has actually moved faster where it is afloat. It connects the Greenland ice sheet to the Arctic Ocean at 81°10' north latitude, near Hans Island. Great Lakes water temperatures skyrocket after weekend of record warmth, Coast Guard: Great Lakes waters still dangerously cold, Just depends on which lake your talking about.https://www.weather.gov/greatlakes/. For 4,500,000,000 years climates have always changed, naturally. Glaciers are “RIVERS” of ice.. they flow, they calve.loss is ONLY from Western peninsula, over the volcanic area. I’ve been wondering why you don’t publish anything in the literature – is it because you know your “blog-science” cannot withstand public scrutiny? With only a little over 30 days left to the melt season, the Greenland melting scam is facing catastrophic collapse. Accelerating Sea Level Fraud In Climate Science, Arctic Sea Ice Unchanged From 60 Years Ago, Extreme Fraud In The National Climate Assessment, Extreme Wildfire Fraud In The National Climate Assessment, Fraud In The National Climate Assessment (Part 1), Fraud In The National Climate Assessment (Part 2), The Five Top Arguments Against Climate Alarmism, The History Of The Modern “Climate Change” Scam, The Malicious Intent Behind Climate Alarmism, Why Climate Science Peer Review Is Worthless, https://www.aol.co.uk/news/2018/06/26/lewis-pugh-to-swim-length-of-english-channel-to-urge-stronger-pr/, New Video : YouTube Terminates Free Speech, GHCN V3 Unadjusted Data Shows Bahia Blanca, Argentina Had A Cooling Trend Since 1880. Using observations starting 1876, I show that the glacier grows seaward at about 1.1 km per year or 10 feet per day. The sea level is not accelerating, either. Located on the northwestern coast of Greenland, Petermann Glacier covers 1,295 square kilometers. Dubbed "Greenland Grand Canyon" by media, the bottom is below sea level, and the canyon is likely to have influenced basal water flow from the ice sheet interior to the margin. NASA says Antarctica is gaining ice. Given that several floating ice tongues have been lost from neighboring glaciers in northern Greenland (Hill et al., 2018), and the rapid nature of Petermann Glacier's Holocene retreat from the fjord mouth (Jakobsson et al., 2018), it is possible that the ice tongue will continue to calve episodically and in the not-too-distant future collapse entirely. ", "Enormous Ice Block Breaks Off Greenland Glacier", "COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut", "Greenland's Mega Canyon (narrated video)", Huge ice sheet breaks from Greenland glacier, US House of Representatives Aug.-10, 2010 Briefing on "The Greenland ice sheet: Global Warming's impact in Arctic regions", Canadian Ice Service information page on the Petermann Ice Island (2008), "Iceberg twice the size of Manhattan breaks off Greenland glacier - Technology & Science - CBC News", "NASA just snapped the first photos of a mysterious crack in one of Greenland's largest glaciers", Satellite Imagery of Greenland from Danish Meteorological Institute, Satellite images of the Petermann glacier 2010 and 2009, Video Interview 2009 on Petermann Glacier, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Petermann_Glacier&oldid=986620889, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 00:17. They are talking rancid anti-science nonsense, just for the GULLIBLE AGW cult-fools. However, once you get an historical perspective of the fakery it becomes clear that climate alarmism is just the newest platform for advancing a world view that I fear, yes. A large fraction of glaciers in Greenland have been shedding significant mass in the last 20 years. Different orbital parameters for one. An ice tongue forms when a valley glacier advances rapidly out into the ocean. Warming in the satellite era has come ONLY from El Nino events. Petermann Island is a small, low and rounded island, lying off the northwest coast of Kiev Peninsula in Graham Land, Antarctica, a short distance south of Booth Island and the Lemaire Channel. Required fields are marked *. The Petermann Glacier in Greenland has grown several kilometers since late summer 2012. The Petermann Glacier grinds and slides toward the sea along the northwestern coast of Greenland, terminating in a giant floating ice tongue. There is nothing unusual or unprecedented about our climate, or how we got here. There is no tipping point to a warmer regime. But lake Erie and Ontario are both plenty warm since we have had a good heat wave. AGW is NOT CREDIBLE in any sense of the word. even in the 6 months of winter darkness. About two weeks later, Landsat 8 also got a look (top image). So for the last 78 years we have had 18 years of warming. 18 Sep 2017 – “Greenland’s most famous glacier, the Petermann Glacier, has grown more than 5km over the past five years,” says Tony Heller. terak,You are obfuscating. 2017, updated 2018. Both moved out of the fjord and then southward to the Atlantic, where they were tracked from space. The only possible link to climate change would be increased precipitation, thus deposition, at higher elevations. We set out to determine at what point future calving events at … You believe that Inuits, whose lives have improved greatly over the past century, are suffering and dying like the millions you climate alarmists starve to death every year. Andreas Muenchow of the University of Deleware told the Washington Post that he stopped being a skeptic due, to what he saw at the Petermann glacier since late summer 2012. the Petermann Ice Shelf lost another two Manhattans of ice in 2012, and Muenchow decided to see for himself, launching a project to study the ice shelf intensively. Rignot, E. and K. Steffen, 2008: Channelized bottom melting and stability of floating ice shelves, Geophys. Your email address will not be published. The actors are on record encouraging each other to fake the temperature data, and they’re even bragging about it, and explaining their motives for doing so. 2012 2018. A science conceived in deception, nurtured by parlor tricks, financed by haters of the human race, and perpetuated by fools and opportunist jerks. [6] A large chunk estimated to be 100 square miles (260 km2) calved off the glacier[7] in August, 2010. Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI. “Mostly man-made”. Still quoting fake GRACE data, which even NASA acknowledges is worthless. You are publicly scrutinizing it…. I cannot think of anything. Right: Sentinel-2 image taken July 31, 2018, reveals newly developing fractures. (2014). You are an anti-science propagandist. The US Coast Guard icebreaker "USCGC Healy" entered the fjord on August 11, 2003 to survey bottom topography, ocean currents, and ocean chemistry as part of a larger program funded by the US National Science Foundation to better understand rates and mechanism by which Arctic sources of fresh water may impact the climate states of the North Atlantic. In contrast, Petermann Glacier in Northern Greenland does not have any distinct bed troughs or localized geothermal heating associated with its onset, making it an ideal site to investigate the basal thermal state and examine its role in the onset of Petermann Glacier. [3] Petermann Glacier marks the western limit of Hall Land and the eastern of Daugaard-Jensen Land. He was back again in late August, no longer a skeptic, In Greenland, a once doubtful scientist witnesses climate change’s troubling toll | The Washington Post. Supraglacial lakes on Petermann glacier in Greenland. The people who are claiming otherwise are profiting from it personally, or are waging expensive lawsuits they hope to win, or have a much larger geopolitical goal in mind, but I BET he chooses the comfort of a warmer region than Siberia, and uses lots of fossil fuel sourced heating in winder. Zero instances of “fraud” uncovered in temperature data. And climate scientists of course continue to lie about it. Yes there is warming in the ocean and the atmosphere, the sea levels are rising and so is mass-loss from Antarctica. During the summer of 2015, the Swedish icebreaker Oden served as the platform for the research carried out in the sea, on the glacier and on land. Holy crap, the Greenland DMI chart is crazy! The Petermann Glacier calved in major ways in 2010, and 2012. There is ZERO empirical evidence that CO2 causes warming. Climate scientists and the press responded to this growth by doing what they always do – lie about it. Credit: Dave Walsh/VWPics/Alamy Stock Photo. We are just talking ‘past’ one another…. there is no warming, and the sea level is not accelerating. Meanwhile, Greenland’s surface has gained more than 600 billion tons of ice since last summer. In other news IceSAT-2 is nearing launch – godspeed!! Perhaps this year there is no loss, who knows. You could make a pretty good argument that things are cooling, not warming. Left: ASTER satellite image of Petermann Glacier from 2012 shows the calving event. Petermann Glacier , northwest Greenland (81°N), drains ~4% of the ice sheet northwards into Petermann Fjord (Münchow and others, 2014). Here’s some news on climate change in the arctic…, https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/06/barents-sea-seems-to-have-crossed-a-climate-tipping-point/?comments=1. This indicates that the glacier was dynamically stable.[5]. Some people guesstimate that we should keep the warming under 2C. If the Earth warms enough it will certainly destabilize the climate. http://www.drroyspencer.com/wp-content/uploads/Mendenhall-Glacier-tree-stumps.jpg. … wow! Petermann Glacier is the second largest floating ice shelf in the northern hemisphere. Calving simply is not an indicator of glacial degradation. Posted on June 26, 2018 by tonyheller. Located approximately 16 to 2,300 feet below the glacier, the five ocean sensors are connected to a weather station at the surface, creating the first cabled observatory on a floating, moving, and rapidly melting Greenland glacier. Greenland is still losing mass via calving, even if melting would take a break. … yeah, melting my ass! By Katherine Kornei 14 June 2018. so they did the obvious thing and simply erased it. Using psycho-babble to cover up clear evidence of fraud. As it has warmed the “climate” has become more benign. To say that we have had “many decades of warming” is deliberately misleading. 1 Introduction. A program involving both seismic data acquisition, multibeam mapping, coring and seismic reflection profiling was conducted in order to study the past behaviour of the Petermann Glacier. Do not get you info from blogs please. The Arctic warmth of 1939 was troublesome to climate scientists. They won’t tell you this on denialist sites as denialists rarely if ever produce any studies, models or scientific knowledge. “It’s not “alarmist” to say that the recent (many decades) of warming is mostly man-made,”. Greenland is very near the LARGEST area it has been in 8000+ years. It is a popular tourist destination. Petermann Glacier drains a significant fraction of the northern Greenland ice sheet and terminates in a large floating ice shelf that is sensitive to ice-ocean interactions. Petermann Glacier drains a significant fraction of the northern Greenland ice sheet and terminates in a large floating ice shelf that is sensitive to ice-ocean interactions. That island was tracked by the Canadian Ice Service for over a year as it travelled out into Nares Strait and south through Baffin Bay before losing contact with the remnants in Frobisher Bay in July 2009. Growth Of The Petermann Glacier Since 2012. Its floating ice tongue is 15–20 kilometers wide and 70 kilometers long—the longest floating glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. [4] The grounding line is relatively stable with on average 470 m variation over the period 1992 to 2011. Data from Operation IceBridge show a 750 km long subglacial canyon running from the center of the island northward to the fjord of the Petermann Glacier. The canyon predates ice sheet inception and has influenced basal hydrology in Greenland over past glacial cycles.[10]. 1940-1979: Significant cooling1980-1998: Rebound from 1940-1998 cooling1998-2018: Flat. Ocean warming, what tiny amount there has been, CANNOT be human induced. It was named the Petermann Ice Island, because it calved off a glacier … The claims that temperature measurements have been tampered with in unsubstantiated bullshit. You have a severe mental disorder. In August 2010, a giant iceberg measuring 260 square kilometres (100 sq mi) broke off from the floating portion of Petermann Glacier reducing its area and volume by about 25% and 10%, respectively. At least they aren’t likely to find tree stumps under Greenland glaciers. Meltwater lakes are more prevalent and found at higher elevations in recent years, and this image of such lakes forming on Greenland’s Petermann Glacier is no exception. [12], The National Ice Center named the new iceberg, the Petermann Ice Island (2010)[13] to differentiate it from a similar calving event two years earlier which produced Petermann Ice Island (2008). Greenland has lost a lot in the past 20 years, that is not in dispute. We are currently at +1C and the atmosphere is warming at about 0.13-0.15C per decade. It’s not “alarmist” to say that the recent (many decades) of warming is mostly man-made, is likely to continue, and that it will destabilise the current climate-regime unless stopped. Petermann Glacier Images and Data for Petermann Glacier measured between 15.12.2018 and 14.04.2020 Click on the grey box links to switch between ice velocity products from the 220 different Sentinel-1 image pairs for Petermann Glacier from the first image pair starting on 23.01.2015 to the final pair on 08.04.2020. We knows this thanks to measurements with a) altimetry b) gravity c) GPS d) optical and radar observations. The other 60 years either flat or cooling. It terminates in a floating tongue that had an area of ~1000 km 2 in 2016. Just a tiny amount down from the LIA extremes, That’s because its near its COLDEST in 10.000 years. — Richard Feynman. It is not a technology problem, it is a failure to understand basic scientific principles problem. Johansen are glaciologists also satanic reptilian freemasons, or why are you so paranoid? Gravity data can’t measure tiny changes in a two mile thick low density material sitting on top of thousands of miles of dynamic high density rock. And CO2 forcing delta being extremely inconsequential at present concentration in the atmosphere. 1- List all climate forcings, order them from most to least effectual, and then quantify them all. [11] The Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming of the US House of Representatives held hearings on Petermann Glacier and the Greenland icesheet within days of the 2010 break-up. In 2010, an iceberg four times the size of Manhattan broke off from Greenland, becoming the largest since 1962. We need a lot of warming to get back to past temperatures. But the space-based view is not the only evidence of a new crack in the large glacier. Petermann glacier is, again, a point measurement, over a glacier that is known to be in balance (not gaining or losing mass). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Beaufort Sea above EVERY year except 2013. … 40 percent lower than the 1979-2009 mean. There’s no credible alternative to AGW that would explain what is being observed. Yes it can and very easily. Yes, Greenland glaciers are shedding “significant mass” at their termini, but you conveniently omit the fact that the Greenland icecap is gaining “significant mass” at high elevations. Petermann’s tongue has been retreating from the end of the fjord (˘90km from the present grounding line) since the beginning of the Holocene (Jakobsson et al.,2018) and You ignore and fight against all empirical evidence contrary to your religion. Data used. An ice tongue forms when a valley glacier advances rapidly out … Scientific literature is usually behind a 30$ paywall. It was the largest Arctic iceberg to calve since 1962, however, it is unclear whether the event was related to global warming or not. These sort of ridiculous delusions pervade and define climate alarmism. Ms Griff, you are incapable of understanding anything. Significant additional snow is expected over Greenland during the next ten days; forecast map courtesy NOAA/EMC/06Z GFS. This study provides a first demonstration of the capac-ity of a new era of operational radar satellites to provide fre-quent and timely monitoring of ice sheet flow, and to better resolve the timescales over which glacier … Now it is the scam that is collapsing. In 2009, scientists aboard the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise conducted multi-disciplinary measurements at Petermann glacier to document the anticipated detachment of a large area of the glacier to obtain insight into glacier dynamics and to highlight glacier response to ongoing Arctic climate warming ahead of the Copenhagen summit. Eighty years ago, it was the glaciers which were collapsing. Due to the lack of topographic pinning the glacier is subject to higher ice flow speed. Petermann Glacier Picture: Before And After Images Show Extent Of 2010 Greenland Ice Break (PHOTOS) By Timothy Stenovec When a 100 square mile chunk -- an area four times the size of Manhattan -- broke off Greenland's Petermann Glacier in the summer of 2010, scientists knew that it was a historic event. The development can be seen on NASA Satellite Imagery. It connects the Greenland ice sheet to the Arctic Ocean at 81°10' north latitude, near Hans Island. "Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts." The Petermann Glacier in Greenland has grown several kilometers since late summer 2012. The research was conducted at Petermann Glacier’s floating tongue, a long and narrow sheet of ice protruding off the coastline. I think this is very conservative and not “alarmist” in the slightest. Predicting that earth will soon turn into Venus would be alarmistic.. You need to get some perspective on the ocean warming. This event, combined with other natural and not uncommon phenomena, such as the large calving event last week on Petermann Glacier, are part of a complex story." Your email address will not be published. OT: Tony, can you figure this out? Blog-posts are not science but entertainment, and they do not have any direct effect to state of the science. Get out of your troll-hole and look up in the sky. It’s frankly delusional to deny ice sheets are losing mass. This image fade shows how the Petermann Glacier appeared in late July and early August. The Petermann Glacier is a large one located in the far northwestern part of the country that connects the Greenland ice sheet to the Arctic Ocean near 81 degrees north latitude. Petermann Glacier ( Danish: Petermann Gletsjer) is a large glacier located in North-West Greenland to the east of Nares Strait. Location of the Petermann Tongue and the study sites (Source: MacAyeal et al, 2018 ). NASA does not say Antarctica is gaining ice. The Petermann Glacier grinds and slides toward the sea along the northwestern coast of Greenland, terminating in a giant floating ice tongue. and there “guesstimate” is just that, a fantasy number based on fantasy science. Very scientific. The Petermann Glacier lost about one-quarter of its 70-kilometer (40-mile) long floating ice shelf, said researchers who analyzed the satellite data at the University of Delaware. Even the sill depth and location is largely unknown as modern soundings of the fjord, with its mouth located between Cape Morton and Cape Tyson, are still lacking. The Petermann Peninsula flanks its northern end. [15], The Peterman glacier has grown several kilometers in length since 2012. 2018 May 29;9(1):2104. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-04573-2. Jay Zwally, the author of said NASA study very recently said that increased ice loss from other parts of Antarctica is offsetting possible gains in EAIS. Since the northern end of the glacier is floating, calving is expected from time to time. Hence the P-38 “Glacier Girl” recovered from the Greenland icecap under 82 metres of ice. DMI says Greenland gained ice last year. Boulder, Colorado USA. This is cottage country for the Grifftard … with GLOBALONEY warming he can now tan year round in the arctic …. [2] Rough mass balance estimates using these scales suggest that about 80% of its mass is lost as basal meltwater, yet little oceanographic data are available to connect Petermann Glacier to its fjord and adjacent Nares Strait. The program was continued as part of the Canadian International Polar Year projects when the CCGS Henry Larsen entered the fjord in 2007 and 2009. (A) Glacier catchments/basins for the GIS and seven regions overlaid on a composite map of ice speed (). Here, we apply lake boundary/area and depth algorithms to Landsat 8 imagery to analyse the inter- and intraseasonal evolution of supraglacial lakes across Petermann Glacier's (81°N) floating tongue from 2014 to 2016, while also comparing these lakes to those on the grounded ice. Humans CANNOT cause El Ninos, even in your feeble fantasy mind. IceBridge BedMachine Greenland, Version 3. Stop your mindless cherry-picking and bed-wetting, griff. Fig. Jakobshavn glacier has several areas of basal melting scattered in the 17 Dec 1939, Page 15 – Harrisburg Sunday Courier at Newspapers.com. Description. Yes, CO2 is increasing due to human activity, but a pretty convincing argument can be made that this is helpful, not harmful, to plant and animal life. One of us is delusional, and it isn’t me. Yes it is, particularly as its a load of scientifically unsupportable BOLLOCKS. Greenland is still losing mass via calving, even if melting would take a break. This means there has been a set precedent, and the burden of proof falls on natural climate change deniers like yourself. Terak: It’s my understanding that the temperature record is either nonexistent over much of the globe, or has been purposely, fraudulently faked. Over recent years Tony has shown the Petermann repeatedly advancing and calving. NASA and DLR built and launched a replica-mission GRACE-FO (Follow On) since the data was so highly valuable. English: Petermann Glacier is a large glacier located in North-West Greenland to the east of Nares Strait, and is the northernmost glacier in the world. Robert what is stopping CO2 making this interglacial as warm as the Eemian, with sea levels 5-6m above present? The purpose of the Swedish-American research expedition was to collect multibeam bathymetry and sub-bottom profile information along the western continental shelf of Greenland in order to characterize the shape of the seafloor and uppermost sediment properties. What is observed is TOTALLY NATURAL slight warming out of the coldest period in 10,000 years. Or can you point to ANY studies arguing so convincingly and with any scientific impact? It’s been much colder than average in most of Canada and so Lake Superior is cold. Just to advise that Lewis Pugh seems to have dropped the failing AGW and melting poles in favour of the new cause du jour Ocean Pollution and will swim the length of the English Channel rather than the more normal attempt on the width from coast to coast in yet another display of………stupidity?https://www.aol.co.uk/news/2018/06/26/lewis-pugh-to-swim-length-of-english-channel-to-urge-stronger-pr/. Earth has been FAR warmer, even in the lay 10,000 years, and it is NOT destabilised. Any increased warming above the natural interglacial temperatures is forcefully resisted by the natural thermodynamic governor that is our water world. mains, at what point will Petermann Glacier lose its ice tongue and how might its complete removal impact ice dy-namics? Calving is a result of glacier advancement. Blogs are accessible to everyone. Morlighem, M. et al. In early April, remote sensing scientist Stef Lhermitte examined Sentinel-2 satellite images and saw a new crack developing on Greenland’s Petermann Glacier. The research was conducted at Petermann Glacier’s floating tongue, a long and narrow sheet of ice protruding off the coastline. The glacier and its fjord are named after German cartographer August Heinrich Petermann. The distance of this rifts or cracks back from the terminus has diminished for this time period also and may serve as a precursor to natural ice calving from Petermann Glacier. Past temperature data has MOST CERTAINLY been tampered with. Its a tipping point for that particular sea into a new state, I understood…. So calving is an indicator of glacier advancement fueled by snow/ice accumulation at the head of the glacier. A series of satellite images from 2002 through 2009 illustrate that the terminus of the glacier has advanced towards the ocean, however, several lateral rifts have developed also. Therefore, loss of tens of meters of ice is very easily detectable. That is weak…, I don’t understand your reply. It always amazes me that some (usually alarmists) think glacier calving is the centrefold for ice sheet shrinkage. Petermann glacier is found to have frozen and thawed regions explaining the process of ice alternate movement by friction and freezing. Are Great Lakes temperatures soaring, or are they dangerously cold? [14], On July 15/16 2012, a 130-square-kilometre (50 sq mi) piece (about twice the area of Manhattan), calved from the northern tip of the glacier. Griff,When they start fantasizing about tipping points, even you should be a skeptic. The Danish Meteorological Institutes maintains an archive of imagery of Petermann Glacier and adjacent coastal areas of Greenland[8][9] from both European and US satellites and sensors such as Envisat, MODIS, and AVHRR. Thanks to science and technology we have satellite altimetry, gravity and SAR measurements on a regular basis. Terak: there’s nothing wrong with earth-science, it’s incredibly fascinating… thanks for making that distinction, above. Introduction. It’s not only alarmist, it is propaganda. Petermann Glacier is one of Greenland’s larger and faster flowing marine-terminating outlet glaciers (Fig. Let., 35, L02,503. Read more about that image here. Sci-hub removed the paywall, last I checked it was at sci-hub.nu and elsewhere too. Draining ∼4% of the Greenland ice sheet (Münchow et al., 2014), Petermann Glacier (PG) is one of the major outlet glaciers in northern Greenland.Being the second largest floating ice tongue in Greenland, it loses ice primary through bottom melting (80%) and secondary to surface losses and calving events (Falkner et al., 2011; Johnson et al., 2011; Rignot & Steffen, 2008). Location of the Petermann Tongue and the study sites (Source: MacAyeal et al, 2018). Climate scientists and the press responded to this growth by doing what they always do – lie about it. It connects the Greenland ice sheet to the Arctic Ocean near 81 degrees north latitude. Instead, you should direct your worries toward the onset of the next ice age. (B–D) For 1972–2018, the percentage (B) thickness change, (C) acceleration in ice flux from each basin, and (D) cumulative loss per basin.The surface area of each circle is proportional to the change in ice discharge caused by a change in (B) thickness or (C) speed; the … There is no evidence of glaciological fraud. Paleoclimate studies show only two climate regimes, glacial and interglacial. Always worth consider this photo of the Mendenhall Glacier that shows it was many many degrees warmer around a few thousand years ago. [1], The tidewater glacier consists of a 70 km (43 mi) long and 15 km (9.3 mi) wide floating ice tongue whose thickness changes from about 600 m (2,000 ft) at its grounding line to about 30–80 metres (98–262 ft) at its front. Like other glaciers that end in the ocean, Petermann periodically calves icebergs. That is BS. Falkner, and H. Melling, 2010: Ocean Circulation and properties in Petermann Fjord, Greenland, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "Grounding line migration from 1992 to 2011 on Petermann Glacier, North-West Greenland", "What links the retreat of Jakobshavn Isbrae, Wilkins Ice Shelf and the Petermann Glacier?
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