Buy DOM benedictine in Singapore,Singapore. View Entire Discussion (9 Comments) More posts from the alcohol community. Some of my favorites are the Preakness (a Manhattan variation), and the Vieux Carré, which is a dressed-up old-fashioned with cognac and rye.Both drinks feature just a quarter-ounce or bar-spoon dose of Benedictine. It is developed by Alexandre Le Grand in the 19th century. My hubby drink DOM alternate days. The DOM on the label stands for Deo Optimo Maximo, which in Latin means "To God, most good, most great." You can always make it a long drink, instead of serving it in little brandy or wine glasses, and so make it go further. Benedictine DOM is also widely enjoyed as a drink simply mixed with brandy, creating a drink aptly called the B&B, or Benedictine and Brandy. Lv 7. Fast forward to 1863 and a gentleman named Alexandre Le Grand who was a merchant and collector of religious art, discovered the lost recipe for this elixir in his collection. SKU: IT000338 : Gift Message: Quantity Product Description. So this is a fairly potent drink, depending on how much OJ you are using. It's a simple mix of 3 years ago. The recipe is a very closely guarded secret known to only three people at any given time. 0 0. (He’s the guy who set a policy goal of having everyone in his kingdom be able to eat meat at least once a week. But it'd be great in all the ideas you're getting. Source(s): Benedictine DOM. The B&B is a famous brandy cocktail and one that every brandy lover should know. I am more partial to Benedictine and Brandy, it is more a smoother drink, but it is not a sweet either. You will also see this drink named as DOM cocktail (without the dots). 5 Benedictine Black Monk Edition What is bénédictine d o m liqueur what is d o m bénédictine and how to use it recipe liquor loungerati what we re drinking benedictine from monte cassino d o m bénédictine a review. Bénédictine ist ein Kräuterlikör, der seit 1863 kommerziell in Frankreich hergestellt wird. DOM Benedictine cocktails. … I only drank the soups with Dom Benedictine tonic added during my first confinement period. Get answers by asking now. Dom Benedictine Liqueur 750ml. Posted by 2 days ago. The Home of Benedictine Liqueur Distilled and aged in the Palais Bénédictine built in Fécamp in tribute to this unique liqueur. Every bottle of Bénédictine has the initials D.O.M. Bénédictine (French pronunciation: ) is an herbal liqueur produced in France. Add pimms cup no 1 and coffee into a wine glass. I also and a fan of Green Chartrese, it is a ncie herbal taste, and it is based on the same principals, an if your can get a hold of a bottle absinthe, it is quite a potent brew also. Or, over ice cream or pancakes or waffles. Create the perfect Café Dom with this step-by-step guide. Get A Benedictine D.O.M + D.O.M Miniature. Kundendienst +41 44 520 09 09 Still have questions? Bénédictine is a popular herbal liqueur beverage developed by Alexandre Le Grand in the 19th century and produced in France.. Pimms Cup No 1, Coffee, Cream Benedictine Dom Liqueur, 70cl: Grocery Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. In fact, this drink was so popular that the manufacturers of Benedictine started producing their own blend of B&B. Benedictine; 49 Recipes. 0 0. Bénédictine is a herbal liqueur drink. on … Both men and women can drink it everyday but best to remove the alcohol so not to cause any liver problem in the future. Dom Benedictine tonic is added to soups to help the post pregnancy body recuperate. Legend says that the original recipe for this sweet French liqueur with strong herbal flavors comes from a Benedictine monastery. The D.O.M cocktail is a drink made with Gin as base spirit and Bénédictine herbal liqueur. It was developed in France in the 19th century. There's already sugar in it, so adding sugar would be overkill. Benedictine is a herbal liqueur created using a blend of 27 herbs and spices. Hover over image to zoom. The alcohol evaporates in the cooking, but drinking the Dom Benedictine tonic neat increases its efficacy. It is claimed that Dom Bénédictine is made from a traditional recipe from the Dominican Order of Monks (D.O.M) of 1510, lost then later rediscovered by wine merchant Alexandre Le Gran in the 19th century. Amaretta. The drink is pretty refreshing with the orange juice, which is one of the major ingredient. on the label. It's most commonly used in cocktails such as the delicious Singapore Sling, made infamous by the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. I first drank Dom Benedictine in 1968 and have been drinking it ever since. Bénédictine is a herbal liqueur from the 19th century which is produced in France. This stands for “Deo Optimo Maximo” which means “To God, most good, most great”. Benedictine becomes especially useful for me in the fall months, as cooler weather calls for sturdier, more contemplative drinks. Whats people lookup in this blog: Dom Benedictine Drink Recipes 0.7L 40% alcohol liquor good for confinement tonic brand new and aged Get great deals on Beverages Chat to Buy Float cream. Thanks. Flavoured with twenty-seven flowers, berries, herbs, roots, and spices, it was developed by wine merchant Alexandre Le Grand in the 19th century, and marketed as having been derived from an original recipe of Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Fécamp in Normandy lost in the ashes of the French Revolution. It was a top secret (and no I’m not kidding) herbal infusion developed to extend the life Henry the V of France. DOM steht dabei für "Deo Optimo Maximo". ... Bénédictine is united by a quest to achieve the extraordinary that begins with benedictine monk Dom Bernado Vincelli and the Abbey of Fécamp in Normandy, France. It's less sweet than Benedictine, better for sipping, I think. Add them to a list or view the best cocktails made with the DOM Benedictine cocktail ingredient Pregnant women should not drink it because it could harm the baby. Nancy December 12, 2014 Add it alone to coffee or tea for a winter toddy, or iced drink. The story starts in 1510 at Fécamp Abbey when legend has it that the Benedictine monk, Dom Bernardo Vincelli, created a secret elixir which met with such resounding success that the Benedictine monks at Fécamp continued to produce it up until the French Revolution, a troubled era in the course of which the recipe for the famous elixir was lost. Benedictine is a liquer, not a medicine. Cointreau and DOM Benedictine have a high alcohol content, at 40%. Die Rezeptur soll jedoch auf wesentlich ältere Elixiere der Benediktinermönche zurückgehen, woran das voran- oder nachgestellte Akronym D.O.M. Here, the Benedictine monk, Dom Bernardo Vincelli, created a secret medicinal aromatic herbal beverage which was produced until the Abbey’s devastation in the French Revolution. 539. Today Dom Bénédictine is one of the world’s favourite liqueurs. It is produced in France. I seem to remember it was much paler when I first tasted it, but I'm still very fond of it. I … It's wonderful. She say can drink everyday and it's actually good for the body. The recipe is a closely guarded secret and known to only three people at any given time. Each bottle of Bénédictine has the initials D.O.M. I usually put one cap to 1 cup of hot water to remove the alcohol as taught by a famous chinese physician. $37.99. The Benedictine is a brilliant cocktail to make this Christmas; Cognac, Benedictine liqueur and lemon juice - the perfect winter warmer. Dom Perignon -- a vintage Champagne -- is named after a Benedictine monk who made important advances in the production methods and overall quality of sparkling wine. I'm now 68 and I don't drink it every day, but I have it at least 6 times a year. Back in the 1700’s however when Benedictine was first produced by a Venetian monk, sourcing 27 botanicals including angelica, hyssop, juniper, myrrh, saffron, aloe, arnica and cinnamon must have been quite the challenge. Drinking Dom Benedictine Daily. All the cocktails you can make with the ingredient DOM Benedictine. Ask question + 100. 7 years ago. CHF 37.90 ... Benedictine Typ Kräuterlikör Anwendung ... DRINKS.CH / Silverbogen AG Eichstrasse 44 8152 Glattbrugg Schweiz.
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