'Hawaiian Torch' is discussed in this post, Background, Color, Foundation, Framing, Quick Effect, Sculptural Form, Space Division, Specimen, Relatively inconspicuous, 0.1"-0.3" wide, cream-white. The vibrant bracts and green leaves both have a certain glow to them in the sun that makes the colors stand out in the landscape. Family: Phyllanthaceae Breynia disticha Photo by Matthew Gaston Native To: Vanuatu and New Caledonia  Landscaping Information Plant Type : Treelet, Shrub Texture: Dense Form: Upright-broad to even Weeping/Irregular, but usually seen trimmed into a hedge Height (on average, in landscape use): 2'- 4' (can reach 10' in ideal conditions) Height to Spread Ratio: 1:1 to 1:2 Growth Rate: Medium to Fast Landscape Values: Accent, Background, Border, Color, Edging, Facer, Filler, Foundation, Framing, Hedge, Mass, Quick Effect, Specimen Outstanding Quality: Foliage Color Breynia disticha between a fence and. A Growing Collection of Landscaping, Botanical, and Horticultural Information on Tropical Plants, T ropPlant Accession Number (TPAN) : 0002 Botanical Name: Graptophyllum pictum Common Name: Caricature Plant Cultivars: 'Igneum', 'Lurido-sanguineum', 'Tricolor'/'Waimea', 'Eldorado' Family: Acanthaceae  (Acanthus Family) Graptophyllum pictum   Photo by Matthew Gaston Graptophyllum pictum 'Igneum'  Photo by Matthew Gaston Graptophyllum pictum 'Lurido-sanguineum'  Photo by Matthew Gaston Graptophyllum pictum 'Eldorado'  Photo by Matthew Gaston Graptophyllum pictum 'Tricolor' (believed to be the same as Graptophyllum pictum 'Waimea') Photo by Matthew Gaston Native To: New Guinea Landscaping Information. Photo by Matthew Gaston, T ropPlant Accession Number (TPAN) : 0037 Botanical Name: Microsorum scolopendria (syn. This was 100% of all the recorded Bougainville's in Canada. If you searc… SCIENTIFIC NAME: Bougainvillea sp. Photo by Matthew Gaston Landscaping Information Plant Type : Shrub Texture: Dense Form: Mound, Cushion Height (on average, in landscape use): 1.5' - 4' Height to Spread Ratio: 1:2 Growth Rate: Fast Landscape Values: Border, Color, Edging, Facer, Filler, Foundation, Framing, Hedge, Indoor, Lanai, Patio, Space Division, Groundcover, Specimen Outstanding Quality: Foliage and Form; often used for Bonsai  Ficus microcarpa var. Flowering plant in Santiago, Cape Verde Photograph by: Xandu Public domain. Flowers are found in axillary clusters of three, each flower with a purple, red, pink, or orange bract beneath. The extract and decoction of this plant have been used as fertility control among the tribal people in many countries. Botanically, the plants are classified as woody vines, although they often behave more like shrubs. Lower surfaces are softly hairy with prominent venation and slender petioles. This variety can be kept as a shrub if pruned regularly. Because she was n… 'Gold Rush' (Bougainvillea ‘Gold Rush’) Bring a little golden glow to your garden … Below are some of the more common hybrids in cultivation. Bougainvillea glabra. Bucida buceras 'Variegata' (Dwarf Variegated Geometry Tree), Ficus microcarpa var. Developed by Matthew Gaston. Bougainvillea glabra, the lesser bougainvillea or paperflower, is the most common species of bougainvillea used for bonsai. Mature: Yellow G, Too Many Plants! Bougainvillea plants are native to Brazil. Type of plant : Perennial. Stems have long narrow thorns in the axils of leaves. In 1766 the French government commissioned him to sail around the world, finding new territories for France. It has medium green leaves that have a warm bronze cast to the new growth and very colorful bracts that turn from gold to pink as they mature surrounding the small white flowers. Sun loving. Josepha augusta Vell. It is pollinated by night moths, bees, and butterflies. Drought tolerant once established. The Plants Database includes the following 3 species of Bougainvillea .Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. French botanist Philibert Commerson discovered them in the 1760s. This is anything but an all-inclusive list, but it gives the reader some idea of the variety of colors and what is available. Outdoors, bougainvillea can experience a few pests, most notably bougainvillea looper caterpillar, which feeds on the leaves of the plant. Thrives in hot, sunny areas that receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day It needs a dormant period and benefits from "neglect". Young/immature: Yellow Green with a slight bronze hue. Leaves are small and compact for the genus. Mealybugs appear most often on the stems and leaves of a plant, identifiable by the fuzzy, … COMMON NAME: Bougainvillea *NOTE TO BUYER* The colors currently available are: Purple, Variegated Red or Red (photo). Great Bougainvillea. Young green stems mature to a gristle brown-gray with small, frail thorns. Quebec had the highest population of Bougainville … carruthersii (syn. crassifolia (Wax Fig), Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var. Bougainvillea. Bougainvillea virescens Choisy. Bougainvillea 'Rosenka' - Rosenka Bougainvillea Pretty colored flower bracts are gold in color when young and age to a rosy pink. Common Name: Paper Flower. Within the genus, colors include white, peach, salmon, orange, red, magenta, and pink. Cooper. This plant also has modified leaves called bracts (that may look like petals) and give the appearance of flowers. Branches are covered with long, soft hairs. Pseuderanthemum reticulata) Common Name: Variegated False Eranthemum, El Dorado, El Dorado False Eranthemum, El Dorado Eranthemum, Yellow Veined Eranthemum Variety: carruthersii (See Additional Notes at the bottom of the page) Family: Acanthaceae Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var. T ropPlant Accession Number (TPAN) : 0005 Botanical Name: Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var. Bougainvillea Spectabilis. It can be found cultivated and naturalized across Asia, Africa, tropical America, the West Indies, the Mediterranean region, and on many islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans in tropical and warm temperate regions. Flowering plant in Santiago, Cape Verde Photograph by: Xandu Public domain. UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS: Bougainvillea is … Common Name: Bougainvillea glabra Watering Requirements: Dry Light Requirements: Part Sun Bonsai Available in: 5" pots , 6" pots , 7" pots & 8" pots. Bougainvillea brasiliensis Raeusch. Phymatosorus grosus ) Common Name: Musk Fern, Maile Scented Fern, Laua'e Cultivar: N/A Family: Polypodiaceae Microsorum scolopendria  Photo by Matthew Gaston Native To: Oceana, Tropical Africa, Asia, and Australia  Landscaping Information Plant Type :   Rhizomatous Fern Texture: Dense Form: Mat Height (on average, in landscape use): 0.5'-1.5' Height to Spread Ratio: irrelevant: spreading groundcover. It is best tied to a structure such as a  fence, wall, or pergola for support. Distribution and habitat: Bougainvillea glabra is an evergreen, climbing shrub with thorny stems. Called a “flowering machine” by some, the bougainvillea species (Bougainvillea glabra) are vining shrubs, regular vines or small trees that grow in USDA plant hardiness zones 9b to 11. Once established, they are drought resistant. Other Common Name: Pokok bunga kertas, Bougenville. It also is believed to have anticancer, antihepatotoxic, anti-inflammatory, antihyperlipidemic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antiulcer properties. The Bougainville family name was found in Canada in 1911. Family: Nyctaginaceae. It is a woody climber that can support itself on other plants by means of curved thorns carried in the leaf axils and by quasi-twining stems and should be kept away from high traffic areas as the thorns can be painful. The Spruce / Letícia Almeida "Bougainvillea" doubles as a botanical name (genus name) in plant taxonomy and as a common name. Common name Bougainvillea Botanical name Bougainvillea Group Evergreen climber Flowering time Summer to autumn Planting time Spring Height and spread 4-8m (13-26ft) height and 1-1.5m (3-5ft) spread Aspect Bright light with protection in mid-summer Hardiness Half hardy (required heated glasshouse; may be grown … Common name: Paper Flower, Paperflower, Lesser Bougainvillea, Bougainvillea. A beautiful plant. The calyx is tubular with 5 lobes approximately 2 cm long. Bougainvillea 'After Glow' (left photo htop) Bougainvillea 'Alexandra' (center photo kniphofia) Bougainvillea 'Bambino Baby … However, when indoors, you may want to keep an eye out for mealybugs, a common indoor pest. :Tevfik1958 Creative Commons … Bougainvillea 'Rosenka' - An evergreen shrub that can reach to 3-4+ feet tall by 4-6 feet wide but can be kept much lower with trimming. Bougainvillea spectabilis is a tropical perennial shrubby vine grown as an annual or container plant and makes an excellent addition to a pool or patio space. It is a member of the Nyctaginaceae family with close relatives being the four o’clock and the sand … T ropPlant Accession Number (TPAN) : 0016 Botanical Name: Ficus microcarpa var. crassifolia Common Name: Wax Fig, Taiwan Ficus Variety: crassifolia Family: Moraceae Native To: Southern Taiwan Ficus microcarpa var. The epithet 'glabra' comes from Latin and means "bald". Lesser Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra) has distinctly 5-angled (pentagonal) floral tubes and short floral bracts and is distinguished from Great Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spectabilis) which has rounded floral tubes and longer floral bracts but they are otherwise very similar. Bougainvillea spectabilis contains pinitol, which has an insulin-like effect and has the potential for development as a treatment for diabetes. COMMON NAME: Bougies, Dwarf Bougainvillea SCIENTIFIC NAME: Bougainvillea GROWERS HINTS: A bundle of color, Bambino™ is the baby that happily does not grow up. Worth noting is that plants of this genus are frequently grouped and referred to together by landscapers. Full sun (6 or more hours of direct sunlight a day). Cooperative Extension prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex (including pregnancy), disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and veteran status. Flowery. It is possible that the first European to observe these plants was Jeanne Baret, Commerçon's lover and assistant, who was an expert in botany. The actual leaves are green. Super floriferous tropical vine produces multicolor blooms, perfect for adding color to sunny spaces. crassifolia  as a hedge/groundcover below a tree  Photo by Matthew Gaston Botanical Descriptions Flowers/Fruits: paired figs, sessile, 0.2"-0.4" long, glabrous, purple to black when ripe. Scientific Name: Bougainvillea spectabilis. Botanical Family: Nyctaginaceae. Mature: Bright Medium Green to Dark Green, and even slight Blue-Green. Bougainvillea glabra “Variegata”. Admiral Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, Comte de Bougainville, was a French soldier and sailor. Family : Nyctaginaceae. Preferred Scientific Name; Bougainvillea spectabilis Preferred Common Name; great bougainvillea Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota Kingdom: Plantae Phylum: Spermatophyta Subphylum: Angiospermae Class: Dicotyledonae; Summary of Invasiveness; Bougainvillea spectabilis is an aggressive climbing vine or shrub … Cover Image of Lana'i by Katherine Gaston. It’s important to note that many people misspell the name of the plant so they refer to it as bouganvilla. The cultivated hybrids have produced a considerable variety in size, color, form and numbers of showy bracts. Foliage Color: Young/immature: Yellow Green. Bougainvillea glabra (Bougainvillea, Lesser Bougainvillea, Paperflower, Paper Flower) | North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox. Read our Commitment to Diversity | Read our Privacy Statement. *. At first glance, the leaves seem to glow by reflecting light. Hybrid bougainvillea flowering shrub is ideal as an effective privacy hedge or draped along trellises and pergolas. Provided by Smithsonian Institution, Department of … Flowering branches Photograph by: tr:Kullan?c? Booganbel. Bougainville was a famous lawyer, mathematician, and explorer from Canada. » Search the Bougainvilleas Database: by characteristics or by cultivar name « See the general plant entry for Bougainvilleas (Bougainvillea) « The Bougainvilleas Database Front Page « The Plants Database Front Page Product Details: Smaller, more elliptic leaves with pale purple bracts. TropPlants began as a digital plant portfolio for TPSS/ARCH 634 (Fall '18) course at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. crassifolia leaves. When using it as a common name, I do not capitalize. The colored bracts are the source of visual appeal. The colors of 'Hawaiian Torch' are bright magenta-pink. He found this colorful vining plant and he named it after his captain and friend, Louis A. the Bougainville. [4] Bougainvillea glabra Common Name. Common names in Spanish: Buganvilla, Bugambilea, Napoleón , Veranera, Trinitaria , Santa Rita, and Papelillo. click on a thumbnail to view an image, or see all the Bougainvillea thumbnails at the Plants Gallery ©G.A. Bougainvillea is a genus of thorny ornamental vines, bushes, and trees with flower-like spring leaves near its flowers. Common name : Bougainvillea. A bougainvillea you don’t have to prune to keep it from taking over your house! Tip: Reduce water and fertilizer and prune if necessary after flowering. The best looking tree will be selected for you, if you have a desired preference please leave a note when checking out. Common Name: Bougainvillea white and pink variegated bangalore flower show 2015 The tube is the same color as the bracts, with white lobes approximately 3 mm long and 5-10 stamens. Leaves are elliptical or ovate with the apex acute, obtuse, or acuminate and the base obtuse, rounded, or attenuate, slightly asymmetrical. NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to Leathery, glabrous, waxy, somewhat succulent, and seemingly smooth, but with fine hairs. Cold-sensitive. Winged achenes are 1-1.5 cm, elongate, 5-ribbed containing 1 seed and are distributed by wind and water. English Name. The other species, B. glabra and B. peruviana were introduced much later. TropPlants is a reference with landscaping, botanical, and horticultural information on plants that grow in tropical and subtropical climates. Mao Bao Jin, Jiu Chong Ge, San Jiao Hua, Ye Zi Hua. Scientific name : Bougainvillea spp. Chinese Name. TropPlant Accession Number (TPAN) : 0083 Botanical Name: Bucida buceras 'Variegata' Common Name: Dwarf Variegated Geometry Tree, Variegated Madagascar Almond, Spiny Black Olive, Oxhorn Bucida Cultivar: 'Variegata' Family: Combretaceae Native To: Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean, and Northern South America Bucida beceras ' Variegata' growing in a Malaysian neighborhood parkway Photo by Mahmud Yussop of Laman Kambatik Plants List Landscaping Information Plant Type : Broadleaf Evergreen Tree Texture: Fine, Open Form: Upright-Narrow to Spreading, somewhat Irregular Height (on average, in landscape use): 5'-8' (As a house plant), 30'-60' (Outdoors) Height to Spread Ratio: 1:1 to 2:1 Growth Rate: Fast Landscape Values: Accent, Street Tree, Color, Framing, Indoor, Lanai, Patio, Sculptural Form, Specimen, Windbreak, Erosion Control, Shade Outstanding Quality: Foliage Color, Variegation, TropPlant Accession Number (TPAN) : 0151 Botanical Name: Breynia disticha 'Roseopicta' Common Name: Snowbush, Snow bush, Ice-Cream Bush, Calico Plant, Sweetpea Bush, Foliage Flower Shrub, Laukalakoa (Hawaiian) Cultivar: 'Roseopicta' is likely the cultivar seen in the images on this page. Bougainvillea "Miss Alice" is known by many names, including "Singapore White," "Mauna Kea White" and ‘Moonlight." Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Bougainvillea is best suited to a hot, dry climate and should be watered deeply but allowed to dry out between waterings. The name bougainvillea is based on the scientific name for the genus, Bougainvillea. Lesser Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra) has distinctly 5-angled (pentagonal) floral tubes and short floral bracts and is distinguished from Great Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spectabilis) which has rounded floral tubes and longer floral bracts but they are otherwise very similar.
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