Serial number/code identifi cation and location The appliance serial number/product code uses a specifi c format which will help identify the correct number/code for warranty registration. How does the Bosch dishwasher model number structure work? The first format of a Buderus serial number has four series of numbers separated by dashes and looks like this: 63036333-00-7080-3241. Uses a typical model number. April Scavenger Hunt…. H- means 24-inch width tall tub product. Example: The format of the appliance serial number/product code for the Bosch Greenstar 151 combi - ZWB42-3A23S3123 boiler would be: Here is an example. Below are examples of major tool brands and how/where to find their model and type numbers. Bosch Model Numbers…. One drawback is the cost of post-warranty maintenance of equipment, in case of failure of this cost, the repair cost can reach more than half the cost of a new washing machine. Bosch ADS 325 – Part # 3925 Serial number located on the back of handset / tablet. On a Bosch dishwasher, the serial number can be found on a sticker inside the top of the dishwasher door, on the right-hand side. Question: What feature on our 300, 500 & 800 series dishwashers contains leaks and works 24/7? Directions: Use the chat function at with the #Bosch to submit your answer. The serial number can be found on the interior of unit in the locations indicated in the fi gures provided. For Example, the serial number of my Bosch Dishwasher is FD911100449. Bosch dishwashers follow a logical model number structure. The breakdown for Bosch Serial Numbers is: 1st and 2nd Alpha Characters = "FD" 1st Numeric Character = Decade -2 2nd Numeric Character = Year 3rd and 4th Numeric Characters = Month . Hint: To find the answer, go to the website and use its training resources! That one doesn't have a sn on it, to register it you just need the info:- charger type:- AL 1820 CV no of charger:- 2 607 225 42[35] year of production:- 2009, etc Bosch *Click for Larger Image. Let's break it down for Bosch dishwasher SHXM65Z55N: S- stands for dishwasher. The manufacturer also uses the serial number to keep track of warranty and repair history for the appliance. Move to the fourth character (this will be the year) Then move to … Read also: Serial number of Bosch and Siemens washing machine, how to find and decipher 1980-2019 Washing machines can be described as a thoughtful, user-friendly technique. 1. Bosch engineering numbers usually start with 0601 or 0603 In indirect light however, only black and silvery structures can be seen. The Year of Manufacture can be determined by using the 1st numerical digit of the 2nd series of digits. Ignore the FD and the first number after the FD. To verify whether the product is genuine, first check the holographic properties of the Bosch Secure Code Label. Produced from 2012 on. Consist of 23 digits with clear, consistent patterns divided by dashes. For genuine Bosch products, the secure code and logo on the Bosch Secure Code Label should glimmer in rainbow colours when it is exposed to direct light. The first sequence of numbers is the product part number- … Serial number guide Serial number located on the back of handset / tablet Characters f 18 characters fSecond digit is a number f Fifth digit is a letter Last two digits are GR Bosch ADS 625 – Part # 3970. Bosch calls their type numbers "engineering numbers" Model number is almost always to the right of the Bosch logo. Description: BOSCH® Serial numbers only beginning with “ 2940-“. Serial number location Bosch Greenstar Wall Hung Boilers Figure 16 Serial number location Bosch Greenstar Floor Standing Boilers Figure 17 The format for the serial number depends on the product manufacture date. Determine Bosch and Thermador appliances age by the serial number: Example serial number FD81025564 The serial number will start with FD. 2= 2012, 3 = 2013, 4= 2014, 5= 2015, 6= 2016, etc. To determine the decade, add 2 to the first number, if the sum is 10 or 11 disregard the first 1.
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