In addition to producing fresh and processed fruit, the banana plant has the potential to be used as feed for animals such as sheep. The nutrient content of banana stems varies, as dry matter content ranges from 3.60-9.80%, crude protein ranges from 2.40-8.30%, crude fat ranges from 3.20-8.10%, extract material without nitrogen range from 31.60-53.00%, ash ranges from 18.4-24.70%, crude fiber ranges from 13.40-31.70%, neutral detergent fiber ranges from 40.50-64.10%, acid detergent fiber ranges from 35.60-45.50%, cellulose ranges from 19.70-35.20%, hemicellulose ranges from 4.90-18.70% and lignin ranges from 1.3-9.20%3. Soil exchangeable K and leaf-K concentration must be monitored in order to avoid K deficiency in banana plants. The waste transformation could reduce the energy deficit and create jobs opportunities. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Banana stems vary in size, averaging at least five centimeters in diameter when sold in markets, and are cylindrical to elongated in shape. This study aimed to determine the nutritional value of a banana stem of anaerobic fermentation product supplemented with nitrogen (N), sulphur (S) and phosphorus (P). Parameters were measured to determine the response from the treatment being tested, including water content, dry matter, organic matter, crude protein, fat, crude fiber, material extract without nitrogen and ash5. After harvesting of banana bunch, we are chopping pseudostem and adding it into the field. CABI., New York.Widyastuti, Y., 2008. Jembrana and Bangli. Banana yields are highly responsive to the available K content in soil (Fig 3). Design (RAL) consisting of 9 treatments and each treatment was repeated 3 times. It is known for its high fiber content which makes it a super food for weight loss. The banana stem is loaded with ample amount of fiber and is thus known to benefit in preventing constipation and also ulcer in the long run. This research used 5 treatments and 4 times repetition. Nutrition facts for Bananas, raw, recommended daily values and analysis. Find out more about the nutrients that bananas provide and get tips on how to use them. Bananas are one of the world's most appealing fruits. results, Banana represent food materials which popular enough in Indonesia. Bananas are a tropical, starch-rich and affordable, wholesome fruit, pre-packed hygienically by nature. Максимальна кількість ферментів утворювалася при використанні 300 гл -1 бананових відходів (Musa sapientum) та 250 гл -1 відходів сапотових видів (Achras zapota), які замінюють 10 гл -1 глюкози. Bacillus amyloliquifaciens MTCC1488 was used to obtain alkaline protease. cultivation should be preceded by a land suitability evaluation study. When fermentation was evaluated over time, significant, Introduction and aim: The water content of the fermented product of the banana stems was relatively high, at approximately 90.30-90.87%. Like most African countries who are producers and exporters of banana, Cameroon is facing a major energy deficit. The spoke for dietary fiber is colored green, protein is blue, vitamins are purple, minerals are white, and yellow represents a group of commonly overconsumed nutrients: saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Teknologi mikrobial. Pectins are unique and complicated types of fiber. Максимальное количество ферментов получали при использовании 300 гл -1 банановых отходов (Musa sapientum) и 250 гл -1 отходов сапотовых видов (Achras zapota), заменяющих 10 гл -1 глюкозы. Tarmidi, 2009. Supplemental nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus aimed to supply the nutrients in the formation of microbial protein. Under this condition, the stability of the nutrients was achieved in the fermented feed material. This study aimed to determine the nutritional value of a banana stem of anaerobic fermentation product supplemented with nitrogen (N), sulphur (S) and phosphorus (P). This paper aimed to identify the potency of several banana bunches cultivar as vegetable tanning agents. Key words: alkaline protease, agricultural waste, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. A field experiment was carried out in a Yellow Oxisol to investigate the effects of biosolids application on soil chemical properties and on banana leaf's nutrient concentration during the first cropping cycle. According to McIlroy et al.8, incomplete emphasis on the process of anaerobic fermentation (ensilase) can cause excessive respiration and overheating, which results in a loss of dry matter, conversely, excessive emphasis on the feed material with a high water content can cause reduced heating, thus resulting in bad odors from the fermented products. According to Yunus et al.13, combined supplementation of 5 and 0.60% urea molasses improves the nutritional quality and fermented of grass harvested at a young age and increase the nitrogen content in silage. Research materials: The research materials consisted of stems of banana plants obtained from Pasirlaja, Cijeruk, Pamulihan, Sumedang. 402,750 tons of dry matter. This is because as a banana ripens, the starch begins to turn to sugar. Asian-Aust. Within their total fiber content, bananas also contain pectins. Soil analysis (pH, organic matter, resin P, exchangeable Ca and K. Javan Munia (Lonchura leucogastroides) is recently common bird species in southern Sumatra, but no breeding record reported in Sumatra. Banana leaves and petioles are sometimes called banana tops. Calorie Goal 1,987 cal. PENGARUH KONSENTRASI DAN LAMA PERENDAMAN AIR KAPUR From other side its value high him, its cheap price and also supply of banana which do not know season. According to Wina3 the dry matter content of fresh banana stems range from 3.60-9.80%. Erfie, F.D. Methodology: Research was carried out using the experimental method and a completely randomized design. Specifically for crude protein, crude fiber, and organic matter. The Dhalika et al.4, showed that part of the banana stem has a very broad variety of food composition, such that water content is very high, especially on the banana stem that ranged from 87.01-94.11%. Leather tanning with natural tannin sources is expected to reduce environmental issues. The use of EM4 (P < 001) has a real effect on decreasing contain of organic matter. Thus, greater phosphorus supplementation can increase the protein content of fermented products. Banana leaves, which grow continuously from the center of the stem, are broad blades, 1-4 m long x 0.7-1 m wide, with a pronounced supporting midrib. Results showed that kepok produced highest tannin levels between 0.87% – 2.04%, while Raja between 0.04% – 0.67% and Ambon were between 0.05% – 0.33% at the standard solution concentrations of 20 – 100 ppm. They generally employed as a vegetable in savory dishes many parts of Asia, Africa, Caribbean regions. significant limiting factors. Productions of this renewable energy or biofuel also constitute a new area which could assure an important source of income for the banana cultivators and the entire country. Plantains are different from fruit or dessert bananas, being more starchier than sugar-rich fruit bananas. Ilmu Petemakan Indonesia, 11: 20-27.Direct LinkYunus, M., N. Ohba, M. Shimojo, M. Furuse and Y. Masuda, 2000. 1st Edn., Tarsito, Bandung.Kung, I., 2000. To obtain optimal Where treatment of A2B4 (concentration calcify 0,2% in 1 litre irrigate with long of immersion 6 clock) giving best treatment at carbohydrate rate and water rate, while at treatment of A2B3 (concentration calcify 0,2% in 1 litre irrigate with long of immersion 5 clock) giving best treatment at vitamin C rate. The dry matter and organic matter did not differ significantly among treatments, such that the process of anaerobic fermentation did not change the content of dry or organic matter. The Biochemistry of Silage. First, as mentioned previously, a medium-size banana contains about 3 grams of total fiber. In addition to producing fresh and processed fruit, the banana plant has the potential to be used as feed for animals. available B, DTPA-extracted micronutrients, and heavy metals) and index-leaf analysis (B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Cd, Cr, Ni, and Pb) were evaluated. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. in Cameroon. The treatment consisted of P1 (inoculum dose 0.2% and 48 hours fermentation time), P2 (inoculum dose 0.4% and 48 hours fermentation time), P3 (inoculum dose 0.6% and 48 hours fermentation time), P4 (inoculum dose 0.2% fermentation 96 hours), P5 (inoculum dose 0.4% and 96 hours fermentation time), P6 (inoculum dose 0.6% and 96 hours fermentation time), P7 (inoculum dose 0.2% and fermentation time 144 hours), P8 (inoculum dose 0.4% and fermentation time 144 hours) and P9 (inoculum dose 0.6% and fermentation time 144 hours). Copyright However, the use of banana stem as feed for ruminants has not been optimized due to constraints, such as the perishability of high water content, the tannins in the banana stem compounds that may affect consumption and the binding protein that could reduce the quality and efficiency of feed. Results showed that characteristics of banana peels adsorbent met SNI No. production according to their genetic potential, the development of banana Fat 67g--/ 67g left. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the creative commons attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Pengantar Budidaya Padang Rumput Tropika. Log Food. Direktorat Jendral Bina Produksi Hortikultura. The results of variance indicated that the treatment of dose inoculum and fermentation time had a significant effect (P <0.05) on dry matter content, organic matter and crude protein. and Benny Maruli Tua Saragih SPt. Integrasi domba pada sistem pertanaman pisang (Musa paradisiacal Val) sebagai upaya peningkatan produktifitas dan konservasi lahan kering di jawa barat. The present study was conducted to evaluate a change in nutrition composition of banana peel fermented by commercial effective microorganism (EM4). 0 %--Protein. Variable tied is the quality of plantain sale (carbohydrate rate, vitamin C rate, and air rate) also organoleptik, each treatment repeated 2 times. Bananas may help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing cancer. National Academy of Science, Washington DC., USA.Steel, R.G. Cavendish is the most common cultivar type among bananas globally. Results: Supplementation with a combination of N, S and P had no significant effect (p>0.05) on water content, dry matter, organic matter, crude fat, crude fiber or material extract without nitrogen and ash: However, there was a significant difference (p<0.05) in crude protein content. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Banana requires high amount of nutrients, which are often supplied only in part by the soil. All the parameters needed for the optimum production of the enzyme was found out. In addition, phosphorus formed phosphoprotein, an acid compound that was bound in the form of phosphate ester on radical residues of amino acid serine or threonine of constituent simple protein. Each treatment was repeated four times. Banana can consume by all society coat from various age level. Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pertanian, (SITTRRD'07), Indonesia, pp: 169-175.Djajanegara, A., 1995. Wartazoa. Result of research indicate that there is influence concentration and long immersion of whitewash of Ca(OH)2 to extract rate, vitamin C rate, rate irrigate and banana sale organoleptik. One type of banana plant grown by the community includes Ambon green bananas, these banana plant stems contain 12.99% dry matter, 4.07% crude protein, 3.80% crude lipid, 36.33% crude fiber, 47.21% material extract without nitrogen and 8.59% ash4. Information about Banana Stem including applications, recipes, nutritional value, taste, seasons, availability, storage, restaurants, cooking, geography and history. Bull. Determination of tannin content using 10 grams sample with processing conditions temperature were 70°C and 60 minutes extraction time using spectrophotometer at wavelenght 700 nm. Bananas have high potassium content; K is reported to be essential for keeping human blood pressure normal … Они включают в себя данные об оптимизации параметров, таких как инкубационные периоды, влияние различных субстратов, размер инокулянта, температура, количество субстратов, концентрация NaCl, дополнительные источники углерода и азота, скорость смешивания при глубинном брожении. Banana crop requires 7-8 Kg N, 0.7- 1.5 Kg P and 17-20 Kg K per metric ton yield. Banana is one of the most well-known and useful plants in the world. Anaerobic fermentation technology can be used to prevent the decay process as well as reduce tannin compounds. Additional tools needed include a forage chopper, scales and a measuring volume. According to Kung14 to stimulate good fermentation, various additives must be added to improve the nutrients that might be lost during the process of anaerobic fermentation (ensilage). The Mineral Nutrition of Livestock. [Silage fermentation and probiotics benefi t of silage to the ruminants]. Molasses and nitrogen sources (urea) were obtained from KSU Tandangsari, Tanjungsari, Sumedang, while sources of sulphur (Na2SO4) and phosphorus (KH2PO4) were obtained from PT BRATACO in Kelenteng street, Bandung. Raw - Banana Stem. According to McIlroy et al.8 and McDonald et al.10, acidity can prevent unexpected fermentation, for example, in butyric acid fermentation, butyric acid-forming bacteria will stop the growth at a pH of about 4.2 and butyric acid content that was inside anaerobic fermentation products (ensilase) must not exceed 0.10%. raja (Musa paradisiaca) fermented with Rhizopus oligosporus. The tender inner stem of the tree is very nutritious too. Structurally, it has a protective outer skin layer enveloping around delicious, sweet and tart, cream white edible flesh. According to Erwanto17 methionine is a component of a compound called metionine formyl transfer RNA that is required at the initial phase of protein synthesis in the microbial cell. To read the full-text of this research, you can request a copy directly from the authors. One medium sized banana contains around 105 calories, 0g of fat, 3g of fiber and 2g of protein. Program Pascasarjana. Byproducts of the banana plant, such as leaves, tillers and stems, can produce 11.20 t ha–11 of dry matter. On 11 October 2015, an active nest of Javan Munia and few juveniles were seen among bunches of Banana (Musa sp) fruits in Sukarejo village, Musi Rawas district, South Sumatra province. Background and Objective: The banana plant (Musa paradisiaca Val) is a popular type of fruit crop that is widely spread throughout the tropics, including Indonesia. The use of 0.4% inoculum dosage and 96 hours of fermentation time (P5) could increase the percentage change of dry matter content by 6.55%, decrease the percentage change of organic matter content by 3.97% and increase the percentage change of crude protein content by 60, 91%. No risk of heavy metal (Cr, Ni, Pb, and Cd) concentration increase in the index leaf was observed when biosolids were applied at the recommended N rate. The high water content in the product of anaerobic fermentation banana stems did not cause changes to the content of other nutrients, since these nutrients were stable under the acidic conditions produced by the anaerobic fermentation process. The dry matter contained about 80,57% organic matter which are not exploited. The stem, fruit, flower of the Banana plant make wholesome food and have many medicinal properties. Supplementation with a combination of nitrogen, sulphur and posphorus did not effect the dry matter or products of the anaerobic fermentation of the organic banana stems, as dry matter and organic matter ranged from 9.13-9.75% and 84.42-85.70%, respectively. It can conclude that compotition of nutrition contain of banana peel change after fermented using EM4, and it has a real effect on changing in compotition of nutrition contain of banana peel. Urea is a nitrogen compound, not a protein, which can be classified as an additive to increase the protein content of feed materials. This study aims to determine the change of dry matter content, organic matter and crude protein in banana peel var. Ключові слова: лужна протеаза, відходи сільського господарства, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Д. Блессон Университет Кералы, Индия ЭКОЛОГИЧЕСКОЕ ЗНАЧЕНИЕ ОТХОДОВ СЕЛЬСКОГО ХОЗЯЙСТВА КАК ЗАМЕНИТЕЛЕЙ ПИТАТЕЛЬНЫХ ВЕЩЕСТВ, ИСПОЛЬЗУЕМЫХ В ПРОЦЕССЕ ПРОИЗВОДСТВА ЩЕЛОЧНОЙ ПРОТЕАЗЫ ИЗ BACILLUS AMYLOLIQUIFACIENS Bacillus amyloliquifaciens MTCC1488 применяли при производстве щелочной протеазы. The process of anaerobic fermentation of the banana stem supplemented with combinations of nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus were conducted in five stages as follows: (1) Chopped banana stems (2-5 cm) weighing as much as 60 kg were appropriated with silo capacity and used for anaerobic fermentation, (2) Weight molasses weighing as much as 5% of the weight of a banana stem was fermented, a source of nitrogen (urea), sulphur (Na2SO4) and phosphorus (KH2PO4) were added and stirred evenly, (3) Banana stems were flushed with a mixture of molasses, a source of nitrogen and phosphorus and stirred until smooth, (4) At each stage of the fermented material revenues, the mixture was poured gradually into a silo in the form of plastic barrel (capacity of 60 kg) to eliminate air as much as possible and (5) After a silo was filled with fermented feed material, it was closed and stored for 21 days. Banana stem and bunches tannin content, based on to the results of chemical analysis, ... EVALUASI KANDUNGAN NUTRIENT KULIT PISANG TERFERMENTASI. Conclusion: Supplementation with a combination of 3.00% N+0.40% S+0.25% P produced the highest protein content (8.98%). Banana leaves grow up to nine feet in length. The results of a study conducted by Lessard et al.11 and cited by McDonald et al.10 showed that the addition of urea increased some types of amino acids, such as alanine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, isoleucine, lysine, threonine and valine. Each treatment was repeated four times. This chapter deals with the fiber extracted from the pseudo-stem of the banana plant. Banana stem extract has also been found to create remarkable changes in the levels of these minerals in the liver tissue . Detection of antimicrobial activity of banana peel (Musa paradisiaca L.) on Porphyromonas gingivalis... Production potentielle de bioéthanol, de biométhane et de pellets à partir des déchets de biomasse l... GIS Based Analysis of Agroclimate Land Suitability for Banana Plants in Bali Province, Indonesia. Banana stem tannin content, based on to the results of chemical analysis, vary depending on the type of banana plants and can reach 4.96 mg mL–1 of water fraction3. 2nd Edn., Chalcombe Publications, Marlow, Bucks, UK., ISBN-13: 9780948617225, Pages: 340.McIlroy, R.J., I. Soerianegara and S. Susetyo, 1977. Substances of fermented food products did not indicate variation compared to the banana stems under fresh conditions. Enset (Ensete ventricosum) belongs to family Musaceae is a plant native to Ethiopia, it is often called false banana for its close resemblance to banana plant. There exist several cultivars of banana that comes in a different size (4-9 inches), color (yellow to brown), weight (70-150g) and taste. Starch is major constituents of the plant and plays a crucial role in pharmaceutical activities including tablet binder and disintegrant, pharmaceutical gelling agent, sustained release agent. ... Banana plant produce high byproducts, such as leaves, tillers and stems. Underwood and Suttle16 reported that sulphur is only important for plants and microbes because only plants and microbes are able to synthesize amino acids and proteins containing sulphur from inorganic sulphur that can be degraded. This study will help researchers to find the appropriate combinations for optimal products. Sci., 13: 1542-1547.CrossRefDirect Link,, Nutrient content of the fermentation product made from anaerobic banana stems, Values are means and different superscripts in the same row are significantly different (p<0.05). The obtained data were analyzed using one-way analysis of variance followed by Duncan's multiple range tests6,7. % (T1), 6 % (T2), 9 % (T3), 12 % (T4)] respectively. The banana bunches used were Kepok (Musa parasidiaca L.), Raja (Musa textilia) and Ambon (Musa acuminata Cavendish). McIlroy et al.8, reported that the lactic acid content in aerobic fermentation products, such as silage, ranged from 1.55-2.5%. However, T2, T3, T4 do not have real differences. and J.H. (ton/ha) Potassium level in soil affects not only the yield, but also plant growth (Tab. Based on the result of this research, it can be concluded that banana peel var. Bananas are the most commonly found fruit in India and are very nutritious. Fibers. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Bananas including 1 oz and 1 extra small. ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication. According to Wina3 the water content of banana stems in fresh conditions range from 75.70-82.50%. Фермент утворювався при використанні відходів сільського господарства, таких як банани та шкірка сапотових рослин – як джерела глюкози. It cleanses our digestive system, promotes weight loss and keeps many diseases at bay. Atun Budiman Banana is one of the components in our multi-species coconut based cropping system. Presently, I am looking for information on analysis of banana pseudostem for its … Heron, 1991. Departemen Pertanian Republik Indonesia.Darwis, A.A. and E. Sukara, 1990. Food Agric., 29: 506-512.CrossRefDirect LinkMcDonald, P., A.R. So, banana stem juice also can help treat gallstones. The banana peel extract was prepared, and the antibacterial activity was assessed using well agar diffusion method and minimum inhibitory concentration was assessed using serial broth dilution method. According to Dervish and Sukara15, sulphur sources that can be used in the synthesis of amino acids and proteins include inorganic sulphur, such as magnesium sulphate or disodium sulphate. Banana stem juice is diuretic and it … on the observed agroclimate parameters, slope is the most severe limiting Almost all the parts of this plant, that are, fruit, leaves, flower bud, trunk, and pseudo-stem, can be utilized. Protein and free amino acid patterns in maize ensiled with or without urea. AOAC., 1984. В ходе исследований были получены все параметры, необходимые для оптимального производства ферментов. EM4 (P < 0,01) has a real effect on increasing contain of crude protein with the best treatment 12 %. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. Pradnya Paramita, Jakarta.NRC., 1976. Between 3-4% increase (Table 1) was observed in the crude protein content of the banana stems due to the addition of a nitrogen source in the form of urea or CO(NH2)2. Sodium 2,300g--/ 2,300g left. Biosolids are relatively rich in N, P, and S and could be used to substitute mineral fertilization for banana crop. (Translator Bambang Sumantri). In addition to producing fresh and processed fruit, the banana plant has the potential to be used as feed for animals such as sheep. The banana plant (Musa paradisiaca Val) is a popular type of fruit crop that is widely spread throughout the tropics, including Indonesia. The crude fat, crude fiber, material extract without nitrogen and ash of the fermented products with supplementation of nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus did not change the product, suggesting that the nutritional content of the food was in a stable condition because the acid situation of almost all bacteria that could affect the food substances did not develop. Supplementation with a combination of nitrogen, sulphur and posphorus significantly (p<0.05) increased the crude protein content of fermentated products in anaerobic fermentation. Banana is used widely because of its nutritional values. Disertasi. As in the production of silage and producing acid, there are less nutrients loss because lactic acid bacteria are needed to ensure the success of anaerobic fermentation, naturally, lactic acid bacteria is found in forage crops. Д. Блессон Університет Керали, Індія ЕКОЛОГІЧНЕ ЗНАЧЕННЯ ВІДХОДІВ СІЛЬСЬКОГО ГОСПОДАРСТВА ЯК ЗАМІННИКІВ ПОЖИВНИХ РЕЧОВИН, ЯКІ ВИКОРИСТОВУЮТЬСЯ В ПРОЦЕСІ ВИРОБНИЦТВА ЛУЖНОЇ ПРОТЕАЗИ З BACILLUS AMYLOLIQUIFACIENS Bacillus amyloliquifaciens MTCC1488 застосовувалися при виробництві лужної протеази. NUTRIENT BALANCE INDICATOR™ This symbol offers a visual representation of a food's nutritional strengths and weaknesses, with each spoke representing a different nutrient. Conclusion: 3). 3. Add some buttermilk and salt, mix well and have it immediately. A… This property makes banana stem juice a crucial part of the diet for anemic persons. Biotechnology, Agronomy, Society and Environment. In addition, posphorus supplementation also increased crude protein content, especially in the supplementation source of lower nitrogen and sulphur, while the supplementation sources of higher nitrogen and sulphur inconsistently increased the crude protein content. Molasses, available as a carbohydrate compound, can be used as a source of carbon frame for the formation of adenosine triphosphate, which is an important energy source needed for enzymatic reactions, such as the formation of glycogen from glucose and acts as an energy source in microbial protein synthesis, phosphorus ions were one of its constituent elements. Nano-fertilizer extract was subjected to physical and chemical analyses for characterization. A high proportion of the starch in unripe bananas is resistant starch, which passes through your gut undigested. Enset is drought-tolerant, multi-purpose crop which has been part of a sustainable cropping system with high agro-biodiversity in Ethiopia. Teknik Analisis Dalam Penelitian Percobaan. Banana plants (Musa sp) as one of tropical plants are known to have a high tannin contents. The enzyme was produced by substituting the glucose source with agricultural wastes like banana waste and Zapota fruit peel waste. This unique method is quite viable for farmers, especially in regions with acute water shortage, saving them from the trouble of shelling out vast amounts of money for various irrigation methods. This study Daily values are based on 2000 calorie diet and 155 lbs (70 kg) body weight . Different levels of N, S and P used were as follows: NSP-A (2.00% N+0.20% S+0.20% P), NSP-B (2.00% N+0.30% S+0.20% P), NSP-C (2.00% N+0.40% S+0.20% P), NSP-D (3.00% N+0.20% S+0.25% P), NSP-E (3.00% N+0.30% S+0.25% P) and NSP-F (3.00% N+0.40% S+0.25% P). Figure 3: Relationship between soil K content (0 – 20 cm.) Serving Size : 100 g. 13 Cal. Since, there are no studies that relate the antibacterial, Potential production of bioethanol, biomethane and wood pellets from lignocellulosic biomass wastes of the banana plant (Musa spp.) [ Read: Effective For Kidney Stones ] Making A Tasty Drink With Banana Stem Juice. There are 105 calories in 1 medium Banana. In the current study, both the tested microorganisms showed antibacterial activity. Pusat Antar Universitas Bioteknologi, Institut Pertanian Bogor, pp: 100-165.Dhalika, T., Mansyur, A. Budiman and A.R. Besides that, a banana is a rich source of Vitamins such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, manganese, folate, choline, biotin, iron, copper, zinc, and selenium. Nutritional Info. Direktorat Jendral Pendidikan Tinggi. aims to evaluate the land suitability based on agroecological parameters such EM4 (P < 0,01) has a real effect on decreasing for crude fiber with the best treatment 12 %. Differences of p<0.05 were considered statistically significant. Ca(OH)2 TERHADAP KUALITAS SALE PISANG RAJA (Musa... Biosolids Application on Banana Production: Soil Chemical Properties and Plant Nutrition, First breeding record of Javan Munia (Lonchura leucogastroides) in Sumatra, Indonesia, EVALUASI KANDUNGAN NUTRIENT KULIT PISANG TERFERMENTASI. Glucose consumption curves showed that L. casei made greater use of the substrate in the enriched banana and control treatments than in the regular banana treatment. The addition of several chemical compounds can also enhance the nutritional content of the stems, particularly crude protein that is naturally present in very small quantities. According to Widyastuti9 fermentation can produce lactic acid as the main product because the lactic acid will act as a preservative in the feed material. Parts of the banana plant, such as the leaves, young plant, rejected fruit and stems, can be used as fodder for ruminants, particularly cattle, sheep, goats and buffalo. Standard strains of P. gingivalis and A. actinomycetemcomitans were used in this study which was obtained from the in-house bacterial bank of Department of Molecular Biology and Immunology at Maratha Mandal's Nathajirao G. Halgekar Institute of Dental Sciences and Research Centre. J. Anim. Based on the content of contained nutrients in banana trees, parts of this plant can be used as animal feed, especially for ruminants. Keywords: Bioconversion, Banana Peel var. Departemen of Animal and Food Science, University of Delaware, Newark.Lessard, J.R., J.D. In past, there are studies that show banana plant parts, and their fruits can be used to treat the human diseases. The maximum production of enzyme was obtained by using 300gl -1 of Banana (Musa sapientum) fruit peel waste and 250gl -1 of Zapota (Achras zapota) waste as the substitute of 10 gl -1 glucose as. Based IPB., Bogor. showed that 257.467 ha or 46.16% of the area of Bali Province has the Official Methods of Analysis. Henderson and S.J.E. Some of the components in pectins are water-soluble, and others are not. Cleanses The Urinary Tract. the way of cheap and easiest despitefully can maintain the quality of banana sale. The higher the K This nutrient-rich fruit makes it a perfect candidate to include in your diet regimen. Denpasar town has the smallest suitable area. the growth media. Bananas’ high content of resistant starch and fiber explains their low GI. Extraction of mixed nano bio stimulant fertilizer from banana peels is the main purpose of this investigation. The main tool used in this study was a silo made of a plastic drum with a capacity of 60 L, which was used to examine the content of nutrients contained in the banana stem of the anaerobic fermentation products. © 2017. Banana stem juice is beneficial to health according to the science of Ayurveda. Prosiding Lokakarya Nasional Pengembangan Jejaring Litkaji Sistem Integrasi Tanaman-Ternak, Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Peternakan. Cholesterol 300g--/ 300g left. Find out why the humble banana stem is your go-to fix for many health problems. Research methods: The study was conducted using experimental methods with a completely randomized design. Suttle, 1999. Maximum productivity was (in g l(-1) h(-1)) 0.13 for the regular banana treatment, 1.49 for the enriched banana, and 1.48 for the control, with no significant differences found between the latter two treatments. According to Wina3 and Dhalika et al.4, banana stems under fresh conditions include 3.3-8.1% crude fat, 13.40-31.70% crude fiber, 31.60-53.00% extract materials without nitrogen and 18.40-24.00% ash. In serial broth dilution method P. gingivalis and A. actinomycetemcomitans were sensitive until 31.25 μg/ml dilutions. factor in banana cultivation, while rainfall, altitude, and dry months are not for their cooperation, so this research could be completed. The production capacity of some banana-producing countries in the world, such as India and the Philippines, have reached 3.65 and 4.60 million t, respectively, while the world banana production has reached 65.90 million t3. The banana stem was a feed material with high water content (Table 1). Local livestock feed resources. This observation is constitute first record of Javan Munia in Sumatra. Methodology: Research was carried out using the experimental method and a completely randomized design. A 1991 study conducted by Abiliza E. Kimambo and H. M. H. Muya of the Sokoine University of Agriculture in Tanzania determined that the banana leaves, fruit peelings and the core of the stem provide sufficient nutritional value to be a highly valuable food for dairy cows and cattle. FAO Corporate Document Repository, Rome.Erwanto, 1995. Sucrose consumption was insignificant (P<0.05), probably because fermentation time was too short. Raja (Musa paradisiaca) WITH Rhizopus oligosporus TO CHANGE OFDRY MATTER CONTENT, ORGANIC MATTER AND CRUDE PROTEIN. Thus, a new theory on these combinations and possibly other combinations, may be explored further. Background and Objective: The banana plant (Musa paradisiaca Val) is a popular type of fruit crop that is widely spread throughout the tropics, including Indonesia. Prinsip dan Prosedur Statistika. Raja, Rhizopus oligosporus, Potency of different banana bunches cultivar (Musa sp) as vegetable tanning agents. Ana Rochana, The addition of chemical compounds as a source of nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus can increase the utility of the food substances. Nutrient requirement (worked out on all India basis) is 10 kg FYM, 200 - 250gm N; 60-70gm P; 300gm K/plant. In Indonesia, there are 74,751 million ha of land for banana plantations, with a production capacity reaching 2,192,060 t/year2. The addition of nitrogen and sulphur tended to increase the crude protein content indicated in the treatments NSP-A, NSP-B and NSP-C compared to the treatments NSP-D, NSP-E and NSP-F (Table 1). 0 %--Fat. Banana stem and bunches tannin content, based on to the results of chemical analysis, vary depending on the type of banana plants. Fiber is a nutrient that helps regulate the speed of digestion, and by keeping digestion well-regulated, conversion of carbohydrates to simple sugars and release of simple sugars from digesting foods also stays well-regulated. Torrie, 1993. differences (P<0.05) were found in the three treatments for each of five variables analyzed (generation and productivity of lactic acid, and consumption of glucose, fructose, and sucrose). Ключевые слова: щелочная протеаза, отходы сельского хозяйства, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens. Banana stem tannin content, based on to the results of chemical analysis, vary depending on the type of banana plants and can reach 4.96 mg mL –1 of water fraction 3. It is concluded that Kepok banana bunches has the best potential as vegetable tanning agent. In well diffusion method, P. gingivalis and A. actinomycetemcomitans showed 15 mm and 12 mm inhibition zone against an alcoholic extract of banana peel, respectively. It will be a little astringent and bitter in taste. Under the sustainable development, which is linked to environmental protection, the biotransformation of these residues can potentially produce about 93,800; 92,133; 447,500 tons of bioethanol, biomethane and pellets respectively. 100 %2 gCarbs. Based on the large biomass potential of the banana plant, efforts should be made to optimize its utilization despite limitations. This study discovered the possible synergistic effect of supplementation with a combination of nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus on anaerobic fermentation in banana stems that can be beneficial to increase protein content. Фермент получали при использовании отходов сельского хозяйства, таких как бананы и кожура сапотовых растений – в качестве источника глюкозы. Supplementation with a combination of nitrogen, sulphur and posphorus had no significant effect on the content of crude lipid, crude fiber, extract material without nitrogen and ash of fermented products of banana stems. development of banana plants, followed by Karangasem, Tabanan, Thus, microbial protein synthesis occurs more frequently such that microbial population increases, leading to higher nitrogen requirements, inorganic nitrogen added can be converted into a microbial body protein. Nutritional values and major food products of enset, namely koch, amicho and bulla along with medicinal values encompasses; anti-microbial, anti-nematodal diseases of humans, expel of a placenta, healing bone fracture are some nutraceutical applications of enset. This research aim to: 1) knowing influence of konsentrai and long immersion of whitewash Ca(OH)2 to carbohydrate rate, vitamin C rate, irrigate rate and banana sale organoleptik 2) knowing concentration and long of immersion at whitewash condensation of Ca(OH)2 yielding the quality of best banana sale. Even when enriched, diluted banana purée is an ineffective substrate for L. casei, probably because it lacks nutrients. Two treatments consisted of substrates of diluted banana purée, one of which was enriched with salts and amino acids. and banana yield (B. L. Smith, South Africa, 1995. ) Calories-122 per 100 g, folates-22 μg (5.5% DV), pyridoxine-0.299 mg (23% DV), vitamin-C-18.4 mg (31% DV), vitamin A-1127 IU (37.5% DV), potassium-499 mg (10.6% DV), … Saver and S. Mahadevan, 1978. Yet, the country is generating annually about 4,500,000 tons of fresh banana plant lignocellulosic waste biomass matter equivalent to, The need for bananas in Bali far exceeds the production. Crude protein content of banana stems of two types of plants, green and white bananas are 4.07 and 5.33%, respectively4. as rainfall, altitude, dry month, slope, and considering current land use. Crude protein content ranged from 6.29-8.98% and the crude protein content of fresh banana stems ranged from 2.40-8.30%3. 13 / 2,000 cal left. Вони включають у себе дані про оптимізацію параметрів, таких як інкубаційні періоди, вплив різних субстратів, розмір інокулянту, температура, кількість субстратів, концентрація NaCl, додаткові джерела вуглеводу та азоту, швидкість змішування при глубинному брожінні. [Principles and Procedures of Statistics]. Optimalisasi sistem fermentasi rumen melalui suplementasi sulfur, defaunasi, reduksi emisi metan dan stimulasi pertumbuhan mikroba pada ternak ruminansia. Actual daily nutrient requirements might be different based on your age, gender, level of physical activity, medical history and other factors. Recommended land use for the development of PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Jakarta, Indonesia, Pages: 748.Underwood, E.J. activity of banana peel against periodontal pathogens. Lambert told the Daily Mail: "Research suggests that in underripe bananas, starch constitutes 80-90% of the carbohydrate content, which, as the banana ripens, changes into free sugars. Banana stem is rich in fibre and it can help the body feel fuller sooner and for longer .Every part of the banana is packed with nutrition and health benefits . Global banana exports reached about 18 million tons in 2015, according to the United Nations. Each treatment was repeated four times. Enset plant contains starch and other minor/trace elements which contributes in its nutraceutical applications. Femina. Tanaman pisang sebagai pakan ternak ruminansia. Banana stem juice is rich in iron and vitamin B6, which are responsible for increasing the hemoglobin content in blood. The tree provides a canopy in many tropical climates. It is also good for people suffering from kidney stones as it helps reduce the size of stones. Material and methods: Banana in a state of fresh can only stay few days, will be able to outwear if processed in the form of other for example : banana sale. У ході дослідження були отримані всі параметри, необхідні для оптимального виробництва ферментів. Cooking bananas are banana cultivars in the genus Musa whose fruits are generally used in cooking. The control treatment comprised a substrate suitable for L. casei growth. The data obtained were processed using statistical analysis of variance tests followed by Duncan’s multiple range tests. It keeps you full for a longer duration. Technique analyse data use test of Normalitan, Homogeneity test test Anava two factor, test Duncan’S and test of Friedman. The study was conducted for three weeks, using Completely Randomized. Statistik hortikultura. Sulphur is an important element that affects fermentation and is required as a precursor for the synthesis of essential amino acids such as methionine and cysteine. Results: Supplementation with a combination of N, S and P had no significant effect (p>0.05) on water content, dry matter, organic matter, crude fat, crude fiber or material extract without nitrogen and ash: However, there was a significant difference (p<0.05) in crude protein content. Urea on Other Non Protein Nitrogen Compound in Animal Nutrition. Daily Goals. These included the optimization of process parameters such as the effect of various substrates, incubation periods, inoculum's size, temperature, amount of substrate, NaCl concentration, supplementary carbon and nitrogen sources, and shaking speed of submerged fermentation. The data obtained were processed using statistical analysis of variance tests followed by Duncan's multiple range tests. Amazing health benefits of banana stem Banana stem or the flower stalk is high in fibre content. Minerals. Based on the concentration of the standard solution and the absorbance produced, the standard gallic acid curve regression were y = 0.0063x + 0.1082 with R2 = 0.8543. J. Sci. The research design used in this research is Complete Random Research, it is EM4 [0 % (T0), 3, BIOCONVERSION OF BANANA PEEL Var. The study was conducted by analyzing the tannin levels of banana bunches extract from three banana plant cultivars. potential to be planted with bananas. This fermentation research used anaerob fermentation. raja bioconversion (Musa paradisiaca) with Rhizopus oligosporus can increase percentage change of dry matter and crude protein but there is decrease of organic matter content. Research type the used is research of eksperimental true (true-eksperiment), that is existence of treatment of control by using Complete Random Device (RAL), desain the used is The Post Test- Only design group control, because assumed in a certain population every its unit have is homogeneous. The author would like to thank the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Padjadjaran University on research grants through the program of faculty research, Head of the Laboratory of Animal Nutrition Ruminants and Chemical Feed for providing laboratory facilities and Wahyu Nuralim, Spt. The treatments being tested included anaerobic fermentation of banana stem with combined supplementation sources of nitrogen (2 and 3%), sulphur (0.20, 0.30 and 0.40%) and phosphorus (0.20 and 0.25%), as follows: NSP-A (2.00% N+0.20% S+0.20% P), NSP-B (2.00% N+0.30% S+0.20% P), NSP-C (2.00% N+0.40% S+0.20% P), NSP-D (3.00% N+0.20% S+0.25% P), NSP-E (3.00% N+0.30% S+0.25% P) and NSP-F (3.00% N+0.40% S+0.25% P). Based on the large biomass potential of the banana plant, efforts should be made to optimize its utilization despite limitations. While banana production is a fruit crop, it generates large amounts of forage material that can be used to feed livestock. Analyzing silages for fermentation end product. This study aimed to determine the nutritional value of a banana stem of anaerobic fermentation product supplemented with nitrogen (N), sulphur (S) and phosphorus (P). To make this juice, combine chopped banana stem, some water and grind in a mixer till smooth. Banana stem juice doesn’t exactly taste like a delicious fruit juice. Supplementation with a combination of nitrogen, sulphur and posphorus did not affect water content, dry matter, organic matter, crude fat, crude fiber, material extract without nitrogen or ash, however, it did increase the crude protein content of the fermented product. banana plants is garden, grass, rain-fed rice field, scrub, bare land, and moor. Different levels of N, S and P used were as follows: NSP-A (2.00% N+0.20% S+0.20% P), NSP-B (2.00% N+0.30% S+0.20% P), NSP-C (2.00% N+0.40% S+0.20% P), NSP-D (3.00% N+0.20% S+0.25% P), NSP-E (3.00% N+0.30% S+0.25% P) and NSP-F (3.00% N+0.40% S+0.25% P). consisting of 2 free variable that is whitewash concentration (A), Long of Immersion (B). Effects of adding urea and molasses on napiergrass silage quality. 14th Edn., Association of Official Analitycal Chemist, Inc. Arlington, Virginia 22209, USA., pp: 152-164.Anonymous, 2003. Conclusion: Supplementation with a combination of 3.00% N+0.40% S+0.25% P produced the highest protein content (8.98%). and N.F. The addition of urea not only produced a dual effect on the formation of the pure protein but also occurred during microbial protein synthesis. Fermentasi silase dan manfaat probiotik silase bagi ruminansi. Furthermore, to create fermented (ensilase) products, preservatives are needed under conditions with high water content to serve as a fermentation accelerator. Banana genotypes from Papua, New Guinea, had the highest levels of β-carotene with values as high as 2594.0 μg/100 g edible pulp . Biosolids can completely substitute mineral N and P fertilizer to banana growth. ANDI KURNIAWAN DWI SAPUTRO; Results: From results of the study, it is suggested that an alcoholic extract of banana peel has antimicrobial activity against P. gingivalis and A. actinomycetemcomitans. This alternative represent. Media Peternakan, 31: 225-232.Direct LinkWina, E., 2001. Banana contains important nutrients, which could be recycled into useful materials to be reused in different purposes. Banana stem (or Plantain stem or Banana stalk) is mostly used in Southern parts of India. Hence, the aim of this study is to determine the antimicrobial activity of banana peel extract on Porphyromonas gingivalis (P. gingivalis) and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans (A. actinomycetemcomitans). Further laboratory studies are needed to determine the quality of tanned leather resulting from banana bunches tanning. All rights reserved. Tannin extraction were assessed using shoxhlet extractor with 70% ethanol. Supplementation with a combination of 3.00% nitrogen+0.40% sulphur+0.25% phosphorus produced the highest protein content, which was 8.98%, with an increase in crude protein content that reached at 4.91% compared to the fresh conditions. Buleleng Regency has the widest area for the Tidi Dhalika, Tannin level data were analyzed by descriptive analysis. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Gasversz, V., 1994. Biodegradable & Moisture-Rich, Banana Stems Are Great For Growing Veggies at Home! UDK 63 © ECOLOGICAL RELEVANCE OF AGRICULTURAL WASTE AS NUTRIENT SUBSTITUTE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF ALK... Photochemistry, pharmacology and nutraceutical potential of Enset (Ensete ventricosum), Using banana to generate lactic acid through batch process fermentation. This research took place over 8 days. Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan. Banana peel is a part of banana fruit that also has the antibacterial activity against microorganisms but has not been studied extensively. It could improve food and health security in the country especially where other options is low. and Kurnia A. Kamil. We evaluated the usefulness of waste banana for generating lactic acid through batch fermentation, using Lactobacillus casei under three treatments. According to Widyastuti9 certain factors must be considered in the process of anaerobic fermentation. Keywords: First, observation, nest, Javan Munia, Sumatra. According to McDonald et al.10, the addition of urea may increase the nitrogenous components of silage, such as crude protein, pure protein, free amino acids and ammonia. For fructose intake, the enriched banana treatment showed significantly better (P<0.05) results than the regular one.
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