At meal times he was cranky. Latch is not the issue. Feeding time should be fun and messy! magdalena (9) Posted on 16-03-2008 at 7.14PM . August 05, 2018 | by EliseBau anyone else with a very distractable baby that is difficult to feed during the day? Don’t worry if your toddler eats only one thing — for now. For the fastest help on, More posts in "Solid Foods and Weaning" group, Create a post in "Solid Foods and Weaning" group, Breastfeeding: the trick to a comfy latch. She latches, suck for a bit and pull away on repeat. She ate. Reply. Don't push it just make sure he eats his 3 or 4 bits of everything. It may well be that he's getting his calories and nutrients from the milk and not the solids. With bf you can carry on bf on demand as long as you want but it's possible that the very high iron content in formula can cause constipation if he's taking a high volume. Oh and personally I … Even if the room is quiet she's like that. Group Owner Posted 31/12/2012. We did baby led weaning so by 11 month my LO (little one) solely fed her self. My 15 month old eats a lot of variety, but is easily distracted. If he doesn't want to sit in the highchair then don't stress him by forcing it. Feeding time should be fun and messy! Usually these jags are short lived. Will sometimes calm down and eat but usually have to find him a toy or something to hold and then he lets me feed him. Loads. ). Some might not. I have to rock her to sleep and then she eats without a peep for a good 30 mins or more. If a child is distracted and not as aware of their food, then they might not learn to eat certain textures, might not learn to enjoy certain flavors, and might not accept new foods to try later on in life. Babies may also rub their eyes when they turn too dry. Log in. One of the best times to feed a distracted baby is when they are sleepy. If he doesn't want to be fed then again, I wouldn't force it. Thus the distraction with toys,whe she is playing or looking at the magazine for ezample, she can eat the whole jar of food! It might just be the child's makeup. FTM here. My lo is 14 months and we have to distract her with toys and books too, but normally it is half way through meal times just so she can finish her food. My 11 month old (prevoiusly good eater) has recently become fussy at mealtimes. Your baby is … Anytime she is awake, it’s so hard to feed her..she fusses and pulls away every few seconds and starts crying. He has been the biggest baby about it in the history of babies. Having been poorly or having a pain from teething can put them off solids for longer than you think too - has he been poorly/teething? As long as it’s not cotton candy, it’s fine to let your toddler go on a “food jag,” as toddlers are known to do. Posted 31/12/2012. X, Oh and personally I would let him cut his milk down on his own x. I bf but would also say let him drop milk at his own rate. My baby is 11 months now… last time I messaged you, he was 6.5 mnths old… from that time some days he would take milk without causing trouble and some days went by like no means no…. Whether your baby is enthusiastic about adding solids to his diet, or takes only a spoonful or two each day, it’s important to keep mealtimes relaxed and pleasant, Evers says. Im mainly concerned because he’s only … Because your baby eats more solids and becomes more active around this time, they may also show less interest in breastfeeding   or become more distracted during feedings. We were worried he wasn't eating or … Driven me absolutely bonkers. sam_drew. Jen_Phil. My Nieces do need to be distracted I put they're favorite cartoons and feed them if or when they bored during that time I have some toys they also love to have in they're hands to play with. Try to create a healthy and distraction-free environment (preferably at a family table) for your baby … Distracted baby: Bub started getting distracted while feeding at 5-6 months, wanting to look around and watch people or just try new things. This would not only distract him but also teach him how to feed himself?? If your baby has been breastfeeding well for several months but then becomes a fussy baby at four months (or five or six or older!) LO only eats food when distracted? She is now crawling and standing so she is a little busy body. BabyCenter aims to share products and services we hope you’ll find interesting and helpful. And then 2 days ago, I got the same darn cold as well. If nothing seems to be wrong with the milk or the bottle, check if it’s something to do with your baby: Is your baby unwell? I can't feed while out at all (have to sit in the car), hubby can't even talk to me when I feed her etc. You could try witholding the milk and sort of starving him into eating your choice of food (solids) but it sounds stressful to me and I would expect him to drop weight. South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg hit … My baby fusses or cries during nursing – what’s the problem? He is only 7 and I bet when he hits 9 or 10 he will start or if not then about 13 and then he will eat you out of house and home. ; Is your baby getting distracted during feeds? For example, we go across the road to the park for breakfast, eat lunch out the front of our house, go out for dinner and he will happily eat so much food. Tips on breastfeeding or bottle feeding a distracted baby While you probably won't be able to get your baby to eat as transfixed as she did when she was a newborn, there are several things you can do to reduce the the eating-distracted-eating shuffle. My 3.5 month old is EBF but she only feeds when she is asleep or drowsy. Wondering if this is happening to you as well and what you are doing? He eats so much during the night that he's not hungry until noon during the day. My baby’s father works out of state and I’m visiting him with our 5-month-old son. My LO just turned 3mos and this past week i find that while feeding she gets distracted so easily. But the pros of distraction feeding can sometimes outweigh the cons. hi, my 11 months old girl does not like to be spoon fed and since she has been weaned it has been hard to put any food into her mouth. Eyes are dry. Get expert guidance from the world's #1 pregnancy and parenting resource, delivered via email, our apps, and website. only eats when watching tv - posted in 6-12 Months: So my DS has been a little unwell. Breastfeeding your newborn — what to expect in the early weeks, COVID-19: Current Recommendations at a Glance, COVID-19: Resources for Lactation Professionals, COVID-19: Mental Health, Anxiety, and Social Stresses. But staying organized can be a lifesaver for today’s moms and can help a baby adopt a schedule that works better for the family. I have tried valiantly not to murder my big baby husband while he mopes around the house like he's the only sick person, but okay. baby eats only when distracted by toys . All good, I can work through a cold, I'm used to it. So I switched the tv on (mikey mouse clubhouse) and fed her. Does he have snacks throughout the day too (fruit etc)? 4. If I put her in her high Chair she will only eat 3/4 bites then says she's done. ... We did baby led weaning so by 11 month my LO (little one) solely fed her self. Make sure she's actually hungry. X. Then ask to be bf which is what I'm trying to cut down. Baby eats all night still: So for the last few weeks my LO has been getting up to eat four or five times at night. from the last week…. Of course, it’s not ideal if a toddler only eats when distracted. It's only gotten worse and she is almost 8 months now. One thing led to another and now that's the only way she eats. She smiles at me when she pulls away like she wants to play. Food Safety Do’s and Don’ts. Many babies will feed very well about 15-20 minutes prior to a nap. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Just remember each baby is different and they will do it at their own pace. But flexible baby schedules–that set approximate times for … Of course, he eats every 2 1/2 hours around the clock, but he seems happy and well nourished, and is a good weight. baby eats or at night than day? You’ll get him or her latched on again, and then two minutes later, he or she’ll whip off again to watch big brother or sister run by with a ball. Finger foods get thrown over the side! FOR DISTRACTIBLE BABIES: If your baby’s a distracted eater, Miriam has these recommendations to offer: “When reverse cycling is related to a baby being distracted we want to encourage the baby to take more calories during the day. His meal times have all shifted and I don't know how to shift them back. Because sleepiness dulls the senses, your baby is less likely to be distracted by noises or sights in these moments. I followed the "food's for fun until they're one" approach and realised that my son was totally fine just with bmilk and whatever solids he fancied. 4) Eating environment is too distracting: If your baby is distracted by toys, music, screens, or siblings (perhaps trying to play with the baby), she may become too distracted to focus on her food. He has had a cold and teething..also a change of lifestyle. Yes, your baby may take in less during the day if they’re distracted by all that goes on around them, but they will make up for it in other ways. When my child eats in he’s high chair he has a few bits and then wants down to play… how do I change this? Babies aged two to six months are notorious for pulling off the breast at any distraction (real or imaginary) and tend to forget to let go before they turn around (ouch! 11 month old will only eat when distracted, HELP! Information is provided for educational purposes only. He starts to fuss and cry as soon as he siots in his high chair/sees the spoon. If your baby is under 12 months of age and you are not continuing to breastfeed, wean from breast milk to iron-fortified infant formula. I don't know what's going on but he is drinking tons of milk (4x8oz per day) which I think I need to cut down. Of course, rigid schedules that ignore a baby’s cries are unnatural and unloving. If your baby is 12 months or older, whole cow’s milk is appropriate. I'm not going to go into the boring history but basically I was desperate to get lo to eat. I think this distracted eating sounds just like the issue as this all began about two to three weeks of baby miniature puppy interloping their home. Baby may get more easily distracted. If you are struggling with getting your excitable baby to eat, try catching him or her just before sleep or right as they are waking up. Babyhood is full of Flip-worthy moments, like your child's first gummy smile, first spoonful of rice cereal, and first time rolling over. it can be puzzling to find a reason for the change. Train driver crashed when he was distracted by texts from family about childcare as schools went into Covid lockdown, accident report finds. South Dakota AG was 'distracted' when he struck and killed a pedestrian thinking it was a deer, state secretary of safety rules. The eyes are protected by a tear film, which evaporates when it is exposed to air for a long time .This results in dry eyes, causing discomfort to babies, and they instinctively try to comfort themselves by rubbing their eyes. he has reduced his night feedings to half… only taking 2oz a time, that too forcefully even while sleeping. This product is displayed based on comments within this post. We are staying in a motel room and about a week ago my baby will only eat 3 ounces or so when he usually eats 7 ounces every 3 to 4 hours. Your comments help! Baby feeding issues can range from a sudden spray of spit-up to a smear of carrots in the hair to a refusal to eat. my baby is 6 months and 1) is very distracted whenever I am trying to BF. Baby may start to wake more at night, asking to feed, to make up for the milk he/she missed during the day. Baby distracted while feeding: Hi all! Anyadvice how I can get him to relax and be a good enthusiastic eater againwould be much appreciated, Why can't you give him a loaded spoon so he can feed himself or give him finger foods?? Don’t try to force your baby to eat more than he wants, even if it doesn’t seem like much. I depends on the baby some babies do need to be distracted as you have said. Baby starts to nurse and just as soon as your milk starts to let-down, baby pulls off and wiggles around in your lap. Please flag if you think our product match is incorrect. You are passing a message to a BabyCenter staff member. Suddenly everyone began to stop eating except for their morning treats for breakfast. Just so you know, we may earn a commission if you buy something we’ve linked to here. Babies cry for many reasons outside of hunger. I was thinking to give the fresh pet stews fo a change but that can get pricey with four dogs one a puppy. Around 6 to 10 months, baby will be nursing along and then suddenly pull off to point and squeal at a plane going by overhead. He screams when he thinks he’s done, yet if hes distracted he eats a lot more. I don't know about stopping mid-feed issue,by my baby has always (he is 6 months old) only nursed on one breast per feeding for 7 minutes total per feeding. : hi all, my 8.5 month old son will only eat food when he is distracted I have recently discovered. It can be frustrating to know if your little one is attempting to wean or is just showing a normal part of growing up and wanting to be “on the go” more. They may find it uncomfortable or painful to drink or eat if they have a cold, an ear or throat infection, or thrush.See your doctor if you think your baby has an illness that's putting them off their feed. If he's not constipated then I wouldn't worry about it and let him live on milk with a little solid food when he wants it. Only files 8MB or smaller of the following types are supported: JPEG, PNG, GIF. I would also think about cutting a bottle out and maybe reducing the amount of 1 of the other bottles (the one b4 his teatime meal) as he might not be hungry. First cold.
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