Ingredients. In addition to the substitutions above, there are some other savory variations you might want to try… Broccoli Apple Salad: Replace the celery with a mixture of broccoli (or spinach, kale or fennel), carrots and red onion. Wash and dice Granny Smith apples. The grapes are coated with a luscious creamy dressing that’s a perfect blend of tangy cream cheese sweetened with a touch of sugar, making this salad a cool and refreshing addition to just about any meal. If you use Cool Whip topping or yogurt, then it will keep a couple of days in the refrigerator. If i hadn't added the grapes we would have been eating only cool whip and cream cheese with a garnish of grapes! This recipes comes from a cookbook I found at grandmas’s house, a cookbook put together by the Indiana Farmers Union in 1984-1986. So you should never have to worry about what side dish make, this grape salad with cool whip will be a party hero and only take minutes to make! Cook Time 0 minutes. Stir in Cool Whip. Author Blair. Add the cranberries and sugar to a food processor or blender and begin blending together. It has all those flavors of fall with apples and cinnamon. It’s very fresh, with simple ingredients, and there are a few key steps why it’s so good. This Creamy Grape Salad is one of the most addicting fruit salads on the planet. Aug 16, 2014 - Grape Salad... 1 cream cheese 1 tub of cool whip 1 cup brown sugar grapes and pecans. Crush the cranberries. Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes. Begin by cutting up the apples into bite sized pieces. Trust me, you’ll be praising my name for sharing this recipe with ya. Green apple; Mini marshmallows; Whipped cream (or cool whip) How to make cranberry salad. Prep Time 10 minutes. This time I used my KitchenAid Artisan Mini Twighlight Blue Mixer! Apple Salad Variations. Snicker Apple Salad features bite sized pieces of delicious tart green apples and chopped Snickers bars in a sweet creamy dressing. Let cool some then add vinegar and dash of salt. This Cranberry Fluff Salad with Apples and Walnuts is AMAZING! Open and drain all canned ... large bowl. Add in mustard and mayonnaise to taste, mixing thoroughly. Stir together until no lumps remain. Grape Salad with yogurt. The whole salad is drizzled with caramel sauce to finish it off. Servings: 10 People. This has been a traditional salad on our Thanksgiving table for many years. Tart juicy cranberries, sweet pineapple tidbits, walnuts, tasty green grape halves, diced, unpeeled apples, marshmallows and coconut in a simple cool whip base is what makes up this fabulous fruit salad. Snicker Apple Salad without pudding. Keyword apple fluff, apple salad, cool whip salad, snickers salad. Sweet Potato Salad. Calories 320.2 kcal. by Kendall Smith. I add a touch of vanilla to the dressing which makes this dish reminiscent of a grape salad recipe with Cool Whip or a grape salad with marshmallow cream. Allow apple grape salad to chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes. 1 container Cool Whip (8 ounces) 1 cup milk 16 mini Snickers bars (adjust to taste) Directions: In large bowl, mix vanilla pudding and milk. I added about 2 tbsp. Carefully chop up Snickers bars into bite sized pieces. Put the pieces in a large mixing bowl. This sweet, cool, refreshing, and healthy 3-Ingredient Grape Salad is just the answer! Over medium heat, cook until thick, stirring so it will not scorch. Serve immediately, and garnish each serving with ground cinnamon, if desired. Crushed graham crackers as a topping on grape salad add a little sweetness, with or without the brown sugar topping. It was easy but probably not one I would rave to my friends about. Vanilla yogurt or plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt works just as well in this grape recipe. I’m pretty sure grape salad is fairly common wherever you go. Stir into pudding mixture. The next morning, thinly slice a banana, and halve enough red grapes lengthwise to fill about a cup (about 20 grapes). Mix the banana and the red grapes in with the rest of the fruit. Pistachio Salad is the perfect dessert recipe made with pineapple, marshmallows, cool whip, grapes and pistachio pudding mix. Jul 12, 2015 - Grape Salad - red and green grapes tossed in a sweet creamy sauce and topped with brown sugar and pecans! How to Make Fruit Salad with Marshmallows. Graham crackers. SALAD: Pour the cream over the marshmallows and set aside while preparing the apples. But during the winter when the quality of fruit just isn’t the same, we often make this sweeter, creamy fruit salad with cool whip or whipped cream version instead. Plus, it's ready in just 5 minutes! A vegan, gluten-free and Whole30 dish that can be served several ways, including as a salad, side dish, or as an appetizer dip with chips and crackers on the side. SAUCE: Combine all the ingredients in a sauce pan. I was surprised at the sweet, tangy combination of this ‘salad’, when I was a kid, but didn’t really question it- just loved it for what it was. We ate this salad, or a variation of this salad a lot growing up. Gently fold in the homemade whipped cream or coconut whipped cream (if vegan). This Sweet Potato Salad with avocado, tomato, onion, lime and cilantro is SO easy to make and is guaranteed to be a huge hit in any group! Easy Cherry Pineapple Cool Whip Salad, Cool Whip Salad, Cool Whip Salad, etc. Slice grapes in half and add to the mixing bowl. Like our other popular creamy dessert salads (like Watergate Salad, Ambrosia Salad and Grape Salad), this “salad… Of course, any time of year is a good time of year for fruit salad. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten and an absolute must for your Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner. Servings 10 cups. Enjoy as a delicious side dish or as a snack. This recipe tasted good. Chilling Time 1 hour. And it has a make-ahead feature that is most welcome at this busy time. We love fruit salad and during the summer months I make a fruit salad with a honey lime poppy seed dressing that is so fresh and bright and yummy.. There was no such thing as seedless! This salad is so much less work now that I don't have to seed the grapes. Scrape down the sides and blend a few more seconds. Best holiday salads. Plus, it's ready in just 5 minutes! 1 (8 ounce) container frozen whipped topping (such as Cool Whip), thawed; 1 (3.4 ounce) box vanilla instant pudding mix; 5 medium Granny Smith apples, cored and … (Mom and Aunt Barb, both on the right:) Of course you use real whipping cream (it’s not ambrosia salad, so no Cool Whip and no marshmallows). I love the mix of tangy, sweet and creamy flavor in every bite! Ingredients. Grapes are … cool whip, apples, instant vanilla pudding, snickers bars, milk and 2 more Grape Salad Stockpiling Moms sour cream, brown sugar, cream cheese, vanilla, granulated sugar and 2 more Holiday Cranberry Salad The Greek yogurt dressing isn’t too heavy and adds just the right amount of sweetness to this fruit salad … Add the apples, nuts, and pineapple; stir. This classic salad is perfect for potlucks, holidays, family parties, or fall. If you like this recipe please share and follow: Pinterest Facebook Instagram. Chewy, creamy, tart and sweet, the perfect potluck summer dessert. APPLE FRUIT SALAD. Most family picnics and barbecues included this scrumptious, fruity recipe. This Fruit Salad is a simple, refreshing side dish that complements just about any meal! View top rated Cool whip salad grapes recipes with ratings and reviews. I do know though that my Grandmother was from Long Island and was only introduced to the idea when she married a man from the deep end of southern Georgia. Mix Cool Whip and dry Jell-O (just the ... chilling the fruit salad for 30 minutes to an hour before serving is best. This is so delicious and perfect for summer partie Creamy Grape Salad. Ambrosia Waldorf Salad is an absolutely scrumptious fluffy fruit salad recipe. Caramel Apple Salad (Printable Recipe Below) Caramel Apple Salad is a fluffy, creamy, subtly caramel flavored salad that is filled with tart Granny Smith Apples and Milky Way candy bars. of sugar and 2-3 times the amount of grapes. Snickers Salad made with vanilla pudding, Cool whip and crisp Granny Smith Apples. Grape salad tastes best when it’s chilled, so keep in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. And it really is delicious -- so different . I think this is a perfect fall fruit salad. How Long Does Grape Salad Last in the Fridge. While many versions are made with instant vanilla pudding mix and whipped topping (aka Cool Whip), this Snicker apple salad with cream cheese and fresh whipped cream is outstanding. How to serve Grape Salad: This salad is at its best when placed on the table when its icy cold. Wash apples and grapes well. To give you an idea of how long, the only red grapes I could get at first had seeds in them. You want the cranberries to be cut into small pieces, but not liquid. Fruit Salad with Cool Whip and Pudding.
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