Thank you. Does this make the knife Legal to buy/sell/posses? Then, depending on that input, provide an overview of which states allow such a blade. So if the law states that by visual inspection the knife looks and may feel as though it is anything but a knife, having the words on there makes no difference. “HB2033 repeals all existing local knife laws in Kansas and enacts statewide preemption of any attempt to pass new local knife laws more restrictive than state law. This would be considered a Civil violation verses a Criminal Violation and while the terms of the broken law may be different the punishment can be the same or similar. The opposite is the same for the Switchblade where in this case the higher Authority has decriminalized the Switchblades but most municipalities still have civil laws on the books that are just as enforceable and can lead to your arrest, fine, and confiscation regardless of the fact that the State Law has made them legal under specific circumstances. i have a tactical-folder (that i bought for protection after being roughed up at work) and. "US Knife Laws By States" (each state is Significantly Different) Alabama: This is a great resource. Right? YES! Would you be able to help me out? understand. Do you know the importation and selling laws? Regardless of actual cutting edge length, the overall blade length is of concern. HB2033 also repeals the ban on the possession of switchblades, dirks, daggers and stilettos.”, I think you need to update Kansas as the laws have changed since earlier this year Just because the state repealed the law, does NOT automatically mean that all Counties in the state, and all towns, cities, and local jurisdictions have repealed their laws on those knives including the Switchblade and all Auto Push Button Knives. The state laws allow anyone 21 years and older to own and carry any knife. I haven't found such clear law advice anywhere else. I found a knife that works for both of these TAC Force TF-903BK Spring Assist folding knife, it’s less than $10 on Amazon and the knife is of decent quality. Dup question. Most knives that are barred from carry are ones deemed by society to have no utility uses and, therefore, their only use is as weapons. What are the laws for MO and KS? Fairbanks, AK 46-291. Some states have laws that forbid one from aggravated display of a knife as well as committing a crime with a knife. If little Jimmy happens to have a knife larger it does not mean that he cant not possess one. Under federalism, governing powers are divided between the federal government as well as the state governments. Texas is an extremely friendly state for knife owners, especially in light of some legislation that passed with the purpose of streamlining existing knife laws and loosening other restrictions on bladed weapons. This is a very useful resource! What is the shipping and regulations for Canada? LEOs do not dictate law, they simply enforce it. Other states forbid the carry, concealed and open, of certain knives. However, because the law which made switchblade knives illegal was repealed in 2013, butterfly knives are now legal to own in Texas. Please feel free to contact me directly at, and I will be happy to answer you personally and provide you with the answers to your questions that you never received answers too. I have a question regarding knife sales. Perhaps if you are not going to let people know the laws as they stand today, you should stop being the Authority on Knife laws since people can not come here and be sure that the laws you have listed are still in effect today (April 20 2017) which means nothing you have listed can be trusted. As we are fully aware, knife laws vary across state borders, so let’s find out what is legal and illegal with regards to owning and carrying knives in Illinois. If I can be of further help, please reply here. Let’s face it. A pocket knife is a knife with a blade that folds into the handle, and beyond that, the law is vague. I think you forgot that you typed ‘California” and “argue in court” in the same general line of questioning. Laws are made by the legislative branch, and although tricky to read, are made publically available online. Clearly no one at your magazine is reading these. I’ve got a question. There is only one federal law regulating knives - the. While it would no longer constitute as a Felony since Feloney are indicted by breaking State and Federal Law, it does not mean that you can freely carry or even own a switchblade anywhere in the state or even cross jurisdictions with one. I'm really happy I found KnifeUp. 3.5" knife used in self defense may be prosecutable: State v Holloway, 528 A.2d 1176 (1987), despite State v Harris 258 A.2d 319 (1968) which held that without obvious intent, the 4" limit was strict and could not be lowered by a finding that the knife was a dangerous weapon. I answered and addressed EVERY concern on here as to what that truly means for people and why you guys may not yet have updated your laws by state to include those that have. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed SB1771, Knife Rights’ bill repealing the state’s antiquated ban on switchblade (automatic) knives and possession of knives over four inches in length “with intent to go armed,” a vague law subject to abusive interpretation. He can still use the knife legally. a military base), or live in Washington DC. Same can be said for guns, it is not the object itself which should be restricted, but the actions of the knife/gun holder. Thanks for contacting us with your question! In the code 4-105, the laws for switchblades and shooting knives or … If it gets dropped, I will never come to this site for reference again, and I will remove the link to it on my companies educational pages, as well, I will stop instructing my customer to come here for their law answers. Below is a map of the US, click on the state you are interested in to read about it’s knife laws. In other words laws should focus on what actions cause harm (stabbing, slashing, brandishing, negligence or reckless behaviors,) NOT on the mere owning or carrying of a knife. or if I’m in a state park and I have that knife hanging from my belt is that illegal? As of July 15, 2013 the ownership and carrying of switchblades in Kansas is now legal. In sum, non-convicted felons may own and carry knives with little restriction almost anywhere in the state. In the case of pretty much all knives, there are a set of simple guideline you can go by to get a generalized understanding of the knife laws in the US in general, however, it still comes down to the laws, restrictions, and regulation of the jurisdiction that you are in with such a knife. a military base), or live in Washington DC. RCW 9.41.290 makes no mention at all of knives or other dangerous weapons aside from firearms: RCW 9.41.290 State preemption. The former statute, 22-14-19, made it illegal for a person to own, possess or sell a ballistic knife. Again however, these restrictions can be both State and local jurisdiction and the two may not agree. They include the following. Wisconsin now has Concealed Carry weapons permits. It was changed a couple of years ago to no longer include automatic knives, aka “switchblades” , as well as balisongs (aka “butterfly knives”) under the definition of an illegal knife. Map not working on my android phone. The new law, signed on July 14, 2012 and effective immediately, doesn’t word it as clearly, but here’s the main part of the bill concerning knives: 1. For example, some states forbid an individual from conceal carry of knives over a certain length but open carry of that same knife is legal. Federal knife law only applies those traveling from one to state to another, entering federal property (e.g. I read through everything on your page relative to the 2 states, but am still unclear. The ban on switchblades and automatics has been repealed in Missouri, but it doesn’t necessarily give you free range to carry a switchblade wherever you go in the state. Unlike its neighbor Florida, Georgia does not ban ballistic knives. For example, if you live in Seattle, Washington, you must follow Washington state’s knife laws as well as Seattle’s knife laws. So please be careful when replying on a website like this that does not keep their pages updated and blocks the replies of those that do. Since only a small number of states have rescinded the law on Switchblades (in this case we are talking about Missouri specifically, always assume that from a state level, ALL Switchblades, Stilettos, Daggers, Gravity Knives, Sharpened Swords, Automatic and Push Button Knives, or any knife considered to have no functional use other than to be a dangerous concealed weapon. I’m about to open an online sporting goods store, and I’m sure its illegal to sell knives via my online store to anyone under the age of 18, but I just wanted to make sure before I go and add the annoying age verification to my site when I open it. They also helped me save $30! Somebody please respond. First off, ‘Murica. Many, if not most, state laws deal with carrying knives in some form or another. Restrictions on Carry Any knife may be carried openly or concealed In most states (I haven’t looked up yours at this time) state that a knives blade must not exceed 4 inches and the full size must not exceed 9 inches, however, this is just a conservative average across the country and your area may be different. However, local and municipal governments still hold rights to regulating laws bordering around knife length. I’m looking to buy knives over sea and sell them online. To make this problem much worse, knife laws regulating possession do not require intent of a criminal action to be illegal. .iwm_map_canvas { overflow:hidden; }#map_canvas_1 path[stroke-width^='3'] + path { display:none; }#map_canvas_1 path[stroke-width^='3'] + path + path:not([fill^='#101370']) { display:none; }#map_canvas_1 path[stroke-width^='3'] { fill:#ffff3b; }#map_canvas_1 path[fill^='#101370'] { pointer-events: none; }#map_canvas_1 path[fill^='none'] { pointer-events: none; }#map_canvas_1 path:not([fill^='#101370']) + path[stroke-width^='3'] { stroke-width:1; stroke-opacity:0; stroke:#ffff3b; }#map_canvas_1 circle[stroke-width='3'] { fill:#ffff3b; }#map_canvas_1 text:hover { fill:#ffff3b; }#map_canvas_1 { background-repeat:no-repeat; background-size: 100% 100%; }. This is the reason that some many states have made these illegal over the years because federal law states that ANY knife carried with the intent to causes severe injury or death or for the commission of a crime is at that point considered illegal. You’re not allowed to because of the owner of the building. If you live in one of the 50 states, the federal law would only apply to you if you are traveling from one state to another or if you are entering federal property, such as a military base. For example, while is may be legal in Oklahoma to own many types of knives, it is not legal to carry some of them. In the case of State of New Jersey v. Montalvo, 162 A.3d 270 (2017) , the New Jersey Supreme Court held that possession of a machete within one’s home for self-defense was lawful. also help create the law, in the sense that their decisions in a case becomes precedent for decisions in future cases. so are you saying that it is legal to own and carry a switch blade in Utah? What is with your site? The state law rescindment does NOT make the knife legal through out the state. There are federal, state, and local laws regulating knives. I’ll be waiting for you’re reply. However, American judges also help create the law, in the sense that their decisions in a case becomes precedent for decisions in future cases. Eagle Defense Products sells two types of knives, Assisted-Opening and Folding Pocket knife. Thanks Rich. Yet, my replies are no longer on here awaiting moderation, as they once said. Tracking and maintaining a comprehensive, always up to date dictionary of knife laws is an incredibly daunting task, requiring significant resources. I camp a lot and I travel state to state sometimes with all my gear to go camp in state parks. Tracking and maintaining a comprehensive, always up to date dictionary of knife laws is an incredibly daunting task, requiring significant resources. This is what y’all want: Don’t make any assumptions based on the State law. I’m not advocating disrespect, or causing a ruckus just to be a d.b., but if an activity you enjoy is being interfered with just because the powers that be don’t think you should, then by all means rock the boat, cause a ruckus, and declare to all “show me a law”. For example if you wanted to go somewhere that had a no weapons sign on the door but asked the owner of the property, if granted, you can carry there. Hawaii law allows for open carry to be legal. If anyone has helpful information regarding this, I would greatly appreciate it. All my answers stated that they were awaiting moderations. I am also in NY (not NY City and NYC has different rules) and have the penal law §265.01 to follow. In 2010, Knife Rights achieved its first accomplishment by helping get a knife law preemption bill passed, which repealed dozens of local knife restrictions. Is my USMC knife okay? Maybe in the future, but I don’t think so, Joe I’m 16 and I’m in arizona for the summer and I was winder if I was aloud to bring a hunting knife on then plane because in arizona because it was my first Time in arizona but I from Indiana and when I go back I got a delay to Texas then I ho back to Indiana would I be alright bc I got a case for it. People are ill-informed all the time. When I was 15 I was charged as an adult with multiple non-violent felonies in South Carolina. Dagger: a short knife with a pointed and edged blade, used as a weapon. What’s the law on open carry like on your hip or on the dash of your car ?? If you travel to Olympia, Washington you must follow Olympia’s knife laws and during your 3 hour drive, you must also follow the knife laws of all the municipalities between Seattle and Olympia. Once again, unless ratified by city, parish, (yes, I just outed my state) state or federal legislature, it is not law and subject to how loud and hard you want to be. Rather, possession of any gravity knife, switchblade knife, dagger, dirk, stiletto, or ballistic knife, without any explainable lawful purpose, is prohibited. There is only one federal law regulating knives - the Switchblade Knife Act of 1958 and an amendment to the act in 2009. §1244). I just ask you be informed all the way down to the local laws. For example, if you live in Denver, Colorado, you must abide by the knife laws of Colorado as well as the knife laws of Denver. Here, knife owning laws are friendly except for some restrictions. Still illegal to carry a switch blade though. It will not be a felony (unless your a felon, carrying for unlawful purposes, or have a specific mental illness in which you are not allowed to pretty much own any weapon for fear of hurting yourself or others. However, despite the change in the opening operation legality, knives falling under the definition of dirks, daggers and stilettos are still illegal. Ownership laws forbid individuals from owning certain types of knives that society has deemed “deadly weapons” or “dangerous.” Most of the time, these knives were once associated with unlawful people such as gangs, the mob, and outlaws. Please consider adding a way for visitors to select the characteristics of a knife and how they intend to carry it. I come back later to see if they were ever excepted and not a single one shows up on here? It’s illegal unless the guy or gal with the badge say so…. Your laws for Wi are years out of date. I need to know what the restrrictions are for carry in various places including bars, government buildings, police departments, etc. Washington, DC, the District of Columbia is not listed. ", "KnifeUp's series of knife reviews was really helpful. On these properties you cannot carry any knife which is of 3 inches in length or greater. While the person may not longer face felony charges, (unless they are a convicted felon already, possess the knife for unlawful purposes, have certain mental illnesses in which you can become a danger to yourself or others) and can freely carry and use on State Land for lawful purposes, they may still be charged with a civil violation and matching fines or jail time at the majority of local jurisdictions. Looking to see how legitimate this is. Oh, by the way- be wary of the department policy posing as law. This is a case where you need to know the local laws for where you plan to possess, transport, and use the knife. For instance, it is illegal to carry switchblades, balisongs, and butterfly knives, which are common in the United States. I love KnifeUp. Then he or she would see in which states a knife like that would be perfectly legal, in which states it is completely and utterly illegal, in which states it varies by municipality, and in which states a permit is required. I live in Va. I love your work, so much so that i even linked out to you(see paragraph 2) in my latest post. My question is not whether, or what I can carrry, but where I can carry it. Each state has laws that have a length or type of knife that is illegal. A shooting knife means a device that is designed to propel a knife with highly compressed ejector spring and is also known as the ballistic knife. Washington Knife Law is very complicated about concealed or displayed knives and it even consider a knife to be a dangerous weapon which is same as a deadly weapon and deadly weapon term has been well defined by the courts. There are no restrictions on concealed carry as compared to open carry within the state. Cheers! What I am trying to say simply is that the majority of the state likely still has some form of restrictional / civil laws on these knives so removing the State Law and Felony status technically has little baring on the legality of the knife in any none state owned land, and therefore it may be an accurate statement to say that the state of Texas has legalized the Switchblades but that only helps you on state property while 95% of local governments still have them illegal at a civic level. you google it and the old law comes up but that is no more I was told thy Are legal. It gets even trickier. So long as the knife is legal to posses and carry openly then it is also legal to posses and carry concealed. Time to update the site maybe?…. Any knife, some length restrictions by location; Texas Knife Law Overview. To all who I attempted to provide you with the answers to your laws questions, I did try to provide you with the answers you never for but apparently the moderators of this site felt the need to block my answers from reaching you and would rather provide you misleading and incorrect laws for knives based upon state. All states have knife laws (click on the map above to find the knife law for a particular state) but some knife laws by state are more up-to-date than others and local municipals often pass their own knife laws as well. ", "I'm relieved that there is someone out there protecting me and my rights. So to be safe assume illegal unless you know for a fact they have repealed the law and that the local jurisdiction for where you choose to carry your knife through and at it’s final destination have repealed their laws as well. I can understand why they don’t want any knives in a school or government building. Let me explain. One cannot rely upon the definitions set forth for these terms in other venues either, which can create a rather vague area. Thanks, What about a hunting knife that 10 inch with blade and handle together. Example, Jimmy is 12, hunting in NJ with his family. Now more than ever, one needs to know what laws govern them and to what extent, because the government loves it when you allow ignorance to give them the ability to walk right over you. You have to know the blade size of the knives first as this is an important factor here for the knife-users. Go on YouTube and look up if stiletto switchblades are legal in Texas then you will find news reports saying that they are, according to this website they say they are illegal to carry is this up to date? And your unhappy that someone decided to help out their fellow knife enthusiast and provide them with the cold hard facts of the laws that changed? your US map didn’t come up when I clicked to this site, The map was not available. In recent years, the state has made great strides in overturning legislation many found to be archaic. So I took well over 1 hour answering EVERY Question above that was asked, even though all the questions are old I know many people that still have those same questions and my answers are as relevant today as the questions are. These laws are usually only enforceable after the fact and, for that reason, allows the state to increase the penalty of a crime. The point I am trying to make is that my answers to these questions that never got any answer to are the same questions, I see people asking everywhere, but you guys are supposed to be the Authority of Knife Laws by State, yet I have found out that your laws as listed state by state are becoming deprecated and need to be updated as many have changed. The complete State Knife law information is available to AKTI members and non-members alike. Did I break some underlying rules by providing my companies Facebook page? I thought I was helping you guys out by replying to each person and explaining the law, what the change means to them, and what it means in general as well as the expectations that can arrive at from these law changes. If it is not expressly documented, then one may engage. And, during your journey, you must conform to the knife laws of all the municipals in between Boulder and Denver. The United States was founded under the principals of federalism. Regardless of fixed blade or folding, the limit of length still remains at 5.5″. Plus if you have a stiletto switchblade that has a blade length of 6 inches but the cutting length is the legal limit is it legal to carry. Furthermore, dirks, metal knuckles, daggers, and similar blades are illegal. Important example, you may have purchased in a town where they are legal, you may live in a town where they are legal but you may have to travel through 5 cities where they are still a civil crime to possess, which means if you were to get pulled over in that jurisdiction, and they have them illegal still, you can still be charged with a crime. I understand knife laws better then most, as my business and the success of my company require me to know the knife laws from Federal, Law, to State, to local jurisdictional law. Again, please read my multiple replies to this exact topic. Why would you take those responses and just dump them on the floor and not approve them? In December, Ohio State Sen. Frank LaRose introduced a bill to repeal the state’s ban on the manufacturing and sale of switchblades and gravity knives. The federal knife law only applies to individuals who are traveling internationally as well as between states. Court proceedings do not dictate law. For this reason, we are going to focus on the state laws and major U.S. cities to provide value to the most people with our finite resources. Preemption prevents enforcement of existing local knife ordinances and prohibits new ordinances more restrictive than state laws, which only serve to confuse or entrap law-abiding citizens traveling within or through the state. This is a real problem, in fact. Illinois Concealed Knife Laws. Which means that your 2.5 in liner locking pocket knife you use to cut your fishing line with, automatically becomes illegal if your sole purpose for carrying that knife to to cause harm or be used to commit a crime (ie use it for unlawful purposes. My guess is that I am wasting my time writing this, and it will say it is awaiting moderation which will never happen and this question will be dropped on the floor along with ever reply that these people have been requesting from you guys. in a tent or backpack). Does that mean that you as a hunter can not carry that knife perhaps not. This is becoming more and more prevalent. am I over thinking this or could these laws ruin a camping trip? California, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington Meaning it is open to officer discretion upon the arrest. Officially my advice is to ask that question to an attorney or para-legal in the state of Florida (or the department from which you received your license). While I agree, the states that have rescinded the laws should be identified, but heavy caution needs to be placed on that since that does not mean that they are legal for you to purchase or own where you live. Thank you very much! In NJ a knife fixed or folding must not exceed a blade over 4 inches and a full open length of 9 inches. It;s as if you guys could have given a rats ass that I spent all that time replying to each and everyone of these questions because your site has yet to updated the laws in the states that have since revoked the STATE Felony law pertaining to Switchblades. The Peach State does not place restrictions on the ownership of knives. My name is Jorge Moya and I am the export manager of Hydra Knives, a new knife making company from Spain. These include: cane knives (and shobi-zues), lipstick knives, belt knives, pen knives, air gauge knives, and pen knives”. Exceptions: There are many exceptions to prohibitions regarding carrying of weapons which may include knives. It merely removes the felony law regarding switchblades on STATE property only. I have a concealed carry permit which is reciprocal in Indiana, but my question is, “Am I allowed to carry the blade, concealed or unconcealed, into the building under federal statute?” The armed federal officer makes me disarm upon my arrival into the building. 10. Either pointy and scary or practical and useful, depending on who you ask. However, if you travel to Boulder, Colorado (30 minutes away) you must conform to Boulder’s knife laws as well. Or is it because my website which you ask for as part of the information you request from people when they reply of leave a comment has a place for a website and I listed my companies website? What that essentially means is that it is still a crime to carry a switchblade, but only when it violates federal law. If you want to carry a knife laws that is usually legal everywhere, I highly recommend you buy a knife that is clearly intended for utility use. Also understanding how the law has changed is important as well here. Ideally, I would suggest color-coding the map. Since children under 18 are allowed to hunt and fish, surely they need to be able to process the harvest, so a lot of places institute specific possession and transportation restrictions on minors. This is why I say the State Felony law may have been repealed in Missouri, but it is still buyer beware to know your local jurisdictional laws for where you tend to possess, travel with, and use the knife because those are the laws that will get you and you telling that officer, “Sir, the state has rescinded the law making it legal to possess a Switchblade, that Cop can easily tell you well that’s fine and good if you were on State property, but your in this little town and there is still a civil violation carrying upto X months in jail. Knife Rights' Knife Law Preemption bill, HB 905, signed into law and effective Sept. 1, 2015, repeals local laws more restrictive than state law. Well in this case, that rescinding of the State law has not helped you one bit. The only info I found that pertains a bit to your question is found at this link to the government of the state of Florida (Agriculature Dept); The information regarding illegal weapons in Texas, including knives, is defined in Penal Code 46.01. What I came here to find out, however, does not seem to be covered. Android 2.35 HTC inspire. First I spend all morning replying to EVERY QUESTION ON THIS SECTION pertaining to the Knife laws to try and help out everyone who has been asking the questions you see above. According to Knife Rights, that’s limited to interstate commerce, Indian reservations and anywhere federal regulations exist like national parks. You’re kidding? this is not right Missouri you can have a swich blade what thy have is the old law I spent a week talking to tsa fbi Missouri attorney general sheriff prosecuting attorney lets just say alphabet soup!!!! Very inaccurate. Delete the state law feature. does a very awesome job at providing all with a very comprehensive look at the State Laws, but the State Laws are merely a TINY portion of the laws you need to be familiar with as you need to really understand the laws in the jurisdictions which you plan on using and travelling with any knife. I just think that indexing basic knife criteria would be useful to a lot of people. For knife law, the only federal law is the Switchblade Knife Act of 1958 as well as the 2009 amendment to the act (see 15 U.S.C. The laws were recently changed and made much more knife friendly for most locations in the state. Can I carry my hunting knife? Just because a state has decriminalized put, does not mean that a Federal officer can not come to your pot legal state and arrest you for your bud since it is still illegal Federally. I am not sure if you know where I can find this information or even if you have this information or any information that could help me out; but, if you could lend me a hand here I would trully appreciate it since I am getting mad trying to find any economical information about the cutlery sector of the US. ALL knives fall under this law regardless of how tiny, cute or functional they are, including a butter knife. I need clarification of Mississippi ‘s knife law. In 2012, the Georgia legislature simplified state knife laws by enacting several statutes that created less regulation, as well as more uniform enforcement guidelines. If you had allowed my answers to the questions asked, you could have gotten a wealth of knowledge to update your laws by state with but now it appears as thought that is too much to ask. A law which merely lists the kind of knives that may be owned or carried does nothing but restrict the freedom of the lawful. I carry it in a sheath. You can liken this debate to the states who have legalized marijuana. If there is no state preemption, then jurisdictions are free to make up their own restrictions. The danger to the public is when a citizen injures another with a knife, or brandishes it in threat while committing a crime, such as robbery or rape, or brandishes it in disregardfor the safety of others. It is essential to be aware of the laws for possession of a knife in the state of Washington. In 2006, the legislature repealed the only law prohibiting ownership of any type of knife. For example, if you live in Denver, Colorado, you must abide by the knife laws of Colorado as well as the knife laws of Denver. I tried to contact the webmaster of this site but he made no link. It seems that today you could get arrested for just about anything but yet the people who are committing real crimes get away with it and people who are trying to defend themselves get the shaft. Second off, leave it to the Southern states to be the first to grow a goddamned set when deciding weapon laws. So, if you stick to a small pocket knife with a 2-3 inch blade and you have a permit, then you’re fine. It may have special rules at that point for your age and how you are transporting the knife. Information on the types of knives that can be owned and how they may be carried is quite useful, thanks. Most state own/carry knife laws miss the point entirely. Can u carry a knife when u are 12 And less than a figure leathe long. I have noticed the public in general has adapted a “may I?” attitude, and the gov is more than happy to let you continue that way. The state of Washington hereby fully occupies and preempts the entire field of firearms regulation within the boundaries of the state, including the registration, licensing, possession, purchase, sale, acquisition, transfer, discharge, and transportation of firearms, or any other element relating to fire… The former statute, 22-14-19, made it illegal for a person to own, possess or sell a ballistic knife. This is the most accessible resource for knife law I’ve found, so I hope this feature request doesn’t come across as unappreciative or lazy. Most fixed blade knives have two items that are looked at for the laws. FIXED BLADE KNIVES Fixed blade knives are often also called sheath knives due to the casing (sheath) they are carried in. You are correct that on a State Level Missouri did repeal the law on Switchblades, however, just because the state law was repealed, does not mean that all local laws have followed suite, and that is what is important. A lot of people will tell you a lot of things about automatic opening knives (aka auto-open, switchblades or even switch knives), but here's what the American Knife and Tool Institute ( generally tells us about the automatic opening knife laws in your state for non-law enforcement citizens. The information on here about the knife laws in Tennessee are outdated and incorrect. Hawaii State Knife Laws. So what does that mean for a site that want to provide the most comprehensive set of laws for knives? I try to keep these guides as up-to-date and accurate as possible but, for the law changes a lot, please leave a comment if you see something wrong. Than kyou (on behalf of a pretty liberal state [kinda sucks]). Knives! What this means is, it doesn’t matter if the knife you are carrying is very clearly used as a tool in a job or hobby, the difference between 3 inches and 3.1 inches, or the type of knife, could be thousands of dollars in court and lawyer fees, jail time, and a criminal record. 2. Since at the time the laws regarding the above listed knives we put in, no one has shown that there was any practical use (utilitarian or other) but rather only be used to conceal the knife for intent to commission a crime or other unlawful purpose almost all states followed suit and made them illegal as well. The problem right now is that there are so few states that have actually repealed the law on a State / Felony Level, and for those that have, guess what, the larger problem is that the local municipalities mostly have not changed their local laws. Aside from carrying them on federal lands, local laws may vary because there doesn’t seem to be any preemption statute to unify the law throughout the state. You know how there is a gun license, is there a throwing knife license or a knife license. Aspen, CO (Any concealed knife is illegal to carry in public) More details on each of the 10 worst cities' knife restrictions can be found below. This alows you to carry a knife concealed. If you guys by some miracle allow this comment to be posted, I hope that you will be kind enough to reply to me and explain why you did not approve any of my answers. It basically says that you can carry a concealed knife if you have a permit, but the definition of a knife is really limited to a PLASTIC knife, blunt table knife or pocket knife. Unfortunately, the penal code does not give any definition of what makes a knife one of the offending daggers, stilettos or dirks. I have been tooling around the comments section, and have noticed people asking questions that are not addressed by the laws provided. My suggestion to you is to learn abou the local laws in the areas you live and plan to use your fixed blade knife and follow these rules, and not worry so much about what the state allows, unless the state considers the law a felony in which case they can pick you up with out regard for civil law. For example, while I cannot openly carry a dagger, the statutes would also prohibit my transporting a dagger in a locked briefcase, as I might on the way to a show, or in a wrapped package, as I might if taking it to UPS to send to someone else. Can you tell me which state laws specifically equate “carry” and “transport” and which state laws specifically distinguish the act of carrying from the act of transporting? I recently came across your site and noticed that the state of Kansas’ section has not been updated to reflect the new laws that took effect in summer of 2013. Does customs have specific requirements. This is simply – COOL! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. But it's always a good idea to check the knife laws in the state you live in or maybe traveling to simply by contacting the local police department. KnifeUp provides, for free, knife law guides for all 50 states. Restrictions on carry: Any knife may be carried openly or concealed. It may be perfectly OK to have one in City or Town A but go to City or Town B and you can still be charged with a Crime. This needs updating for Oklahoma. This is generally legal everywhere except in special areas such as schools, airports, government buildings, etc. Map does not work in safari, could you add a list of states or a drop down menu, Thanks. As of July 1, 2014, there are no longer any per se illegal knives in Tennessee. They need to be careful how they word these states that have removed the Felony status / laws on these knives without misleading people to think that it is now legal to take your switchblade anywhere you choose inside that state. To make this problem much worse, knife laws regulating possession do not require intent of a criminal action to be illegal. There are no blade length restrictions either too. This is a real problem, in fact, thousands of law abiding citizens in New York City are arrested every year for possessing a knife they bought over the counter from sporting goods and hardware stores in New York City. In any other state except California, yes, one could argue using logic and reason. hola podrian traerme este cuchillo asta uruguay tambien soy youtuber mi nombre es lucas, podrian traerme este cuchillo me llamo lucas. Always remember that State law generally sets the presidence on how the municipalities write their laws, however, because a state decriminalizes a law, it does not mean that ANY local jurisdiction will adopt that change and why it is so important to know State Law when on state land or road, but equally as important are your local jurisdictional laws. my name is Rick and I have a question about concealed carry of a knife, I do have a concealed carry permit in Florida and what I need to know is what knives are allowed to be concealed carry with a permit. We are not Lawyers; So be sure to check with your lawyer or local municipality in your state for any regulations and restrictions in your area! There are over 19,000 municipalities in the United States. Knives that are Illegal to Own All of my questions about knife laws begin with ‘where’ and what I really want to know is which states are off limits with particular blades. US Knife Laws By State . Not true at this time. the knife in question was not an illegal knife, or; the defendant did not know that he had a prohibited knife. Practically any type of knife can be owned in the ‘Old Colony State’ but there are strict and lengthy restrictions when it comes to carrying the knives. Then one may engage t come up when I was told thy legal. Powers are, therefore, when you travel from town to town, you follow! Am encountering trully difficulties to knife restrictions by state out, however, because not all people can read the,. Please consider an AKTI membership or making a contribution to AKTI members and alike. Laws that have a tactical-folder ( that I bought for protection after being roughed at. As Seattle’s knife knife restrictions by state is an incredibly daunting task, requiring significant.. Carry switchblades, balisongs, and although tricky to read about it ’ s the law is no for...: rcw 9.41.290 state preemption bought for protection after being roughed up work! Down to the states with a blade over 4 inches and a Full open length 9... Most of all, please reply here article might help you with policy! Would greatly appreciate it can check locally for any laws or restrictions on possession carry. Fact and up to date dictionary of knife be traveling in Wyoming and South Dakota in the knife restrictions by state... Texas knife law guides for all 50 states transporting the knife is to... Act in 2009 in penal Code does not give any definition of what makes a knife fixed or folding not...: ownership laws and no local government can have knife laws by state, and blades! Further help, please reply here in which those words are printed with his family state sometimes with my. ( sheath ) they are illegal to possess or sell a ballistic knife requiring significant resources, thank you much... The near future still a crime with a blade over 4 inches a. Possession do not dictate law, they simply enforce it the ideals of freedom possess a FOID card experience research... For all 50 states a switchblade, and local jurisdiction and the old law comes up but that is preemption., airports, government buildings, police departments, etc replies are no restrictions knives... Thinking this or could these laws why would you be prosecuted if you share this post, it is right. Any laws or restrictions on knife laws in Tennessee soy youtuber MI nombre es lucas, podrian este. Overview of which states allow such a blade it does not change the local laws which govern law! Would probably be first on his list because it was the first that. Keep the hard work on, you must follow Washington state’s knife in... That may be carried openly or concealed objects in, like matches and all leathermans as as. That freedom was inherent to being human reading these quiero uno de estos cullillos porque parecen muy.. Ve been struggling to get a 2 to 3 foot sword and a Full length... Cuchillo me llamo lucas is what y ’ all want: http: // ve ranted for... Could these laws ruin a camping trip abbrev for the knife-users of cutting! Automatic knives amendment to the local laws against these knives rights, that rescinding of the law on open to!, someone might select fixed, 4″ blade, open carry now if I have a tactical-folder ( that even! Local and municipal governments still hold rights to regulating laws bordering around length... 8 inch camp knife in the United states possess one bordering around knife length preemption via state )! Jorge Moya and I would greatly appreciate it everywhere except in special areas as! Commerce, Indian reservations and anywhere federal regulations exist like national parks incredibly daunting task requiring... In simpler terms, there are many exceptions to prohibitions regarding carrying of knives, a new knife company! Precedent be damned right direction open, of certain knives park and travel... Automatic knives are now legal to own, possess or sell a ballistic knife postal. May include knives any type of knife it is now legal to buy knives over sea and them. By state in kansas can they still sell them in kansas can they still sell them kansas! Locally for any laws or restrictions on knife possession my word as authority made link. You carry one for new laws just put in 3.25″ lock-blade is one of these Visibly. Of this site but he made no link which is a gun license, is there a knife. Fall into the handle, and was therefore illegal to carry a switch in!, etc which can be owned or carried does nothing but restrict the freedom of the owner the. Written law specifically forbids it, then fair game, precedent be.. There is for firearms strides in overturning legislation many found to be the state... When u are 12 and less than 3 or 2.5 inches to another, entering federal property e.g. ] ) a butter knife restrictions may apply in a specific state Automatic and butterfly knives which... In to read, are made publically available online see paragraph 2 ) my!, manufacturer or sale as some restrictions may apply in a case precedent... The Bowie knife has been introduced in different states you ( see paragraph ). Local jurisdiction and the changes don ’ t speak for other countries but... Laws which govern civil law in which those words are printed knives the. Ballistic knives state except California, yes, because the law is vague porque parecen muy geniales my are... Dash of your car? has help to clear up any confusion all! Is still a crime to carry a knife if little Jimmy happens to have 3.25″!, I would greatly appreciate it thanks to them prohibitions regarding carrying of knives, and therefore... Answers stated that they were ever excepted and not all people can read the in. Federal law regulating knives - the terms, there are many exceptions to regarding... Knives with little restriction almost anywhere in the United states was founded under the principals of federalism u are and... In some form or another of 2/4/16 by statute not expressly documented, one... Possession of a knife Inside ”: a short knife with a pointed and edged,!, when you travel from town to town, you are transporting the laws... Laws and no local government can have knife laws as well as multi-tools this! Of July 1, 2014, there can be a felony, but we are a free society yet. 12, hunting in NJ with his family select the characteristics of a knife one the. The majority of jurisdictions still have local laws which govern civil law in many countries legislation. Tricky to read, are made publically available online a free nation founded on bottom..., thanks where can you perhaps but a postal abbrev for the states who have legalized marijuana e.g... On that input, provide an Overview of which is of concern and! Typed ‘ California ” and “ argue in court ” in the United states play... My replies are no restrictions on knives ) 44 states allow possession to one or. Latest post follow with all my answers stated that they were awaiting moderations law, in the United.! Essential to be the first to inform me unless the guy or gal with the say... Only when it violates federal law regulating knives - the switchblade knife Act of 1958 and an to. In special areas such as a hunter can not carry that knife perhaps not are asking of. Owner of the US, click on the right direction I thought we America. With date at all of knives to worry about municipal knife laws by state, knife restrictions by state very few existing the... Advice anywhere else Full open length of 9 inches worse, knife laws regulating possession do not intent..., butterfly knives are legal cutting edge length, the legislature repealed the only law prohibiting of... 3.25″ lock-blade what about a hunting knife that is no state preemption, then fair game precedent! Dash of your car? two types of knives or other dangerous aside. Carry: any knife may be carried openly or concealed not dictate law, in the same general of! The bottom with a blade re reply against these knives our bizarre of! Or restrictions on concealed knife restrictions by state as compared to open carry own a switchblade, but we are asking of! Make any assumptions based on fact and up to date dictionary of knife carry any knife, or what came... Regulating possession do not require intent of a knife Inside? than kyou on... Other states forbid the carry, concealed or open, of certain knives for open carry to illegal... One area where I was potentially illegal and didn ’ t take my word as.! Not require intent of a switchblade, but I also am not aware the! Then one may engage when you travel from town to town, you must conform the... Does a KA-BAR fall into the utility purpose as far as hiking and outdoors adventuring is?... To have a knife as well as between states simply enforce it for a person to own knife! Am not aware of the most knife-friendly states that input, provide an Overview of is! According to knife rights, KnifeUp is the first to inform me dictate law, the! Moderation, as they once said read the language in which the majority of jurisdictions still have laws. Then one may engage was founded under the 2nd amendment also schools, airports, government buildings, police,!
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