Octopus solution: Strangle the shark … But these demonstrate feats of strength against man, not each other. And I want the octopus dead because I want to eat her. GIF via National Geographic/YouTube. Squid ink is sometimes used as an ingredient in foods such as black pasta. Many have died from eating live/raw octopus because as they’re going down the throat, their arms latch on and suffocate their victims. // ]]> You might think that’s your dear mother serving you dinner, but look again. Normally, they will stay near their den, and tend to flee from conflict or utilize camouflage to hide (High 1976). With Eric Roberts, Kerem Bürsin, Sara Malakul Lane, Héctor Jiménez. Fuller, N. J., M. S. Fewtrell, O. Dewitt, M. Elia, and JC K. Wells. If they can do that so easily, what makes you think they won’t be able open that door with a few twists? To find out what was killing them, the aquarium recorded a shark swimming through the waters, and caught this incredible interaction between the huge fish and a giant Pacific octopus. Directed by Declan O'Brien. Join a Shiver of Basking Sharks, Article: Phenomena on the size of marine animals | Learn to Dive Today Blog, Why Great White Sharks Getting Smaller Should Scare You, Why you should give a damn about a giant clam, Largest Flower Looks Like a Penis and Smells Like Death, Leatherback Turtle Has the Scariest Mouth in the World | Oddity Central - Collecting Oddities, My New Year’s Resolution? Octopuses have also been known to kill sharks. 75 per cent of … [CDATA[ They do not feed or prey on humans. yesThe great white shark can eat a octopus just because a octopus is is bigger then a shark doesn't mean the shark can't eat it. So, are you finally convinced that octopuses are a true danger to humanity? Two-thirds of an octopus’ neurons reside in its arms, not its head, so says the Smithsonian. Some, such as the California two-spot octopus, appear to fare relatively well in captivity. Analysis of octopus’s diet suggests that octopus mostly eat bivalves in addition to some crustaceans and small fish (Mather et al 2012). My sophomore year at Duke I took Marine Mega fauna and the movie, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus became a running joke in our class. ... Crested rats can kill with their poisonous fur. the shark can eat a octopus with its really sharp teeth. Although octopuses usually go after prey smaller than themselves, they can use their strength to overpower substantial adversaries, including … They can be employed to wrap around and squeeze the life out of prey before pulling it towards that sharp beak. Let us know in the comments below. This is exemplified by a study found which suggested that of 13 Pacific sleeper shark (Somniosus pacificus) stomach contents that were analyzed, only 5% of the content was from E. dofleini (Yang and Page 1998). In the film, the strength of both the Mega Shark, Image from http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/megashark-vs-giant-octopus, Image from http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/mega-shark-vs-giant-octopus. If you’re not terrified of octopuses, this will change your mind, aren’t afraid to jump out of it to attack us (and crabs) on our turf, wrapping its arms around you in a warm embrace, These eight-legged creatures learn by observation. They’ve been known to kill, yes kill, sharks. Part of this is because of the octopus’s timid nature. Join a Shiver of Basking Sharks, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This is very complicated job,and take extra care octopus is a giant killer and very very strong more then you can imagine.10 pounds of octopus can tie your both hands and legs.To kill him must have a sharp object like stick or iron rod then you can inside out his head but make sure his tooth doesn't torch you,and that is done Which means when you see an octopus looking the other way, don’t let your guard down. It can drag the shark down and kill it with the water pressure. Wide-eyed prehistoric shark hid its sharpest teeth in nightmare jaws. 1. IMDb.com, n.d. They can leap out of the water and kill you. However, observations of sharks and octopuses today would suggest otherwise. you. Web. And by anything we mean, that gap under your door, your kitchen sink drain and your vents. Most octopus hunters use spear guns to capture them close to shore, although they can get tangled in a fisherman’s net. Personal Photo First off, the movie suggests that the two creatures fighting are a Megalodont and Tusotutheis, but because they are extinct, the behaviors and actions I suggest will be based on extant sharks and the Giant Pacific Octopus. Sharks do not eat humans as part of their normal diet. http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/animals/AnimalDetails.aspx?enc=VsGX Lst7QYFrKIYw3JEKQ. But based on the best available science who would actually win if Mega Shark did fight Giant Octopus. And even he can’t escape the death-like grip of one angry octopus. ‘Morons’ hold world’s deadliest octopus with enough venom to kill 26 people. If you think a hostile octopus is trying to make amends by wrapping its arms around you in a warm embrace, think again. http://animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu/accounts/Enteroctopus_dofleini. Monterey Bay Aquarium, n.d. BRIGER: There's this moment that's really hard to watch in the film where a pajama shark actually attacks the octopus and rips off one of her arms. Although the likelihood of conflict is low, observations have found that octopuses can be aggressive if their den and or territory is threatened (High 1976). “It was more like giving the sharks less options.” Earlier this year, remarkable footage hit the web showing an octopus leaping from a rock pool to grab a passing crab. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9A-oxUMAy8. They won’t be raining down from the skies, they’ll emerge from our oceans. Sharks are vicious and supposedly invincible creatures, but octopuses don’t care — and that makes us worry. There is footage of a large octopus grabbing a passing shark of about 1.5m (4ft) and killing it after a short wrestle. http://www.montereybayaquarium.org/animals/AnimalDetails.aspx?enc=VsGX Lst7QYFrKIYw3JEKQ. Völgyi, Eszter, Frances A. Tylavsky, Leiting Xu, Jian Lu, Qin Wang, Markku Alén, and Sulin Cheng. For a true depiction of what may occur, testimonial from national geographic provides what is to be a likely scenario. “Shark vs Octopus.” YouTube. Additionally, octopuses are boneless, which makes it easy for them to squeeze through very tight and narrow spaces. If they can take out sharks who have insanely sharp teeth, what hope do humans have? Mollusca (Snails, Clams, Squids, Octopuses, Chitons), Echinodermata (Urchins, Crinoids, Starfish, Sea Cucumbers), Urochordata (Sea Squirts, Tunicates, Salps), Vertebrata (Fish, Sharks, Rays, Amphibians, Reptiles, Mammals, Birds). There are reports out there of lone octopuses taking on sharks and winning. Check out what happened when a real shark and a real octopus were placed in the same aquarium tank.. But I feel that if these opponents really met there would be a different outcome. We’ll admit that they’re super cute as babies, but as adults they’re a force to be reckoned with. They possess several unique features, including eight arms and bulbous heads. So, yes… Web. “Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus.” IMDb. Dannecker. The slimy creepy-crawly creatures have eight limbs, three hearts and a beak to bat. Most notable is the blue-ringed octopus, which lives near Australia. And, these slimy creatures clearly aren’t afraid to jump out of it to attack us (and crabs) on our turf. the shark can eat a octopus with its really sharp teeth. Scientists have also observed a female octopus eating her mate after they did the deed. Giant Octopus had it rough! It won’t be long before they’re living (and plotting) among us. Well, at least they can’t survive on land like octopuses. When you hear the title, of course the question is how does it end? Now that I find myself researching the Giant Pacific Octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini), which happens to be the largest extant octopus species today, and wonder who would win. At Pete’s Aquariums & Fish we stock a variety of Octopus for your aquarium community. Octopuses are ocean creatures that live in coral reefs, small crevices, and under rocks on the ocean floor. After all, intelligence can help an otherwise defenseless creature create new defenses, as Blue Planet II’s shark-defeating octopus so ably showed. We really don’t need 10 octopuses brandishing knifes, but it’s bound to happen. When you spear an octopus, you have to humanely and quickly kill it. “Bone and Body Segment Lengthening and Widening: A 7-year Follow-up Study in Pubertal Girls.” Bone 47.4 (2010): 773-82. “Animal Diversity Web.” ADW: Enteroctopus Dofleini: INFORMATION. But for some reason, they kept dying at an aquarium. The greatest threat to humanity isn’t terrorism or global warming, it’s these real-life sea monsters. Time and again, evidence has shown that octopuses are powerful enough for acts of extreme brutality. Hartis, Coleen. Researchers knew that the blue-ringed octopus packed venom. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1350498. Who Would Actually Win If Mega Shark Fought Giant Octopus? They can be identified by their yellowish skin and characteristic blue and black rings that change color dramatically when the animal is threatened. In order to avoid being killed after copulation, male octopuses have special adaptations to help them. * There are many ways to kill an octopus. When a dolphin attacks a shark, the dolphin usually prevails, owing to its superior agility. But based on the best available science who would actually win if Mega Shark did fight Giant Octopus. “Segmental Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis in Children Aged 8-12 Y: 2. Some octopuses are more dangerous to humans than others. Schneider, Klaus, and Ronald F. Zernicke. Emma MacNeil, the female oceanographer in the film suggests that the two would fight when brought into contact because they are natural rivals. 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